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Want to grow a £5K biz in just 20 hours a week?!
You totally can, and it doesn't have to feel icky or like you're selling your soul to the devil.

I'm Viv 'The Clarity Coach' 'The Clarity Coach'

I’m a business coach passionate about helping service based business owners create recurring £5k+ months, WITHOUT social media (bye bye hamster wheel of content!). The best bit. I help you do it all in just 20 hours a week, because, well I believe life is for doing more than working (spent 12 years doing 60-80 hour weeks growing my first biz so can testify it’s not the way and totally unecessary!).

I want every entrepreneur in business to start LIVING their life and business in a way that works for them on THEIR terms, right now?!

>>If that means ditching social media….lets freaking do it.

>>If that means setting up a podcast now…lets do it.

>>if that means figuring out a new niche so that you actually make sales……lets do it.

Sound Familiar?

Are you starting each month, week and day with great intentions? Writing out epic to-do list, only finding that by the second side of that A4 sheet of paper you don’t know where to start….so you:

A: Get ‘busy’ doing and working through your list, creating websites, spenfing hours in Canva creating gorgeous graphics….what ever it is, but realise you never feel like you’re achieving and progressing because you still haven’t booked consistent clients and end the day feeling guilty and crap?


B: Browse social media and the internet to look for the hidden clues of how other people have sucessfully create their six and seven figure businesses and download yet another free guide, quiz or checklist then wonder how the hell you’r supposed to find the time to add in yet another new ‘must do’ (allegedly) for your business?

Whichever camp you fall into, I get it.

You’re trying to run a business without working crazy hours, because like me, you’ve been there and done it…and it’s not happening again. The noise from the digital world and all those experts out there is telling you all the things you MUST, SHOULD & HAVE to do in order to be successful, and you’re wondering when the hell you’re supposed to actually find any time to do any of that, let along client-facing work, let alone run your home, maybe parent your kids and be the partner you want to be.

If this is you then we need to talk!

I’m here to help you to grow your business and design a life that gets you leaping out of bed in a morning rather than starting the day with dread and anxiety.

Wanna ‘ditch the shitty feeling of failure’, ‘park the procrastination’ and ‘unscramble your brain’ so you can start really making your business a reality and LIVING your life and business in a way that works for you on YOUR terms….

right now?!

If I could wave a magic wand and:

  • Get you booking consistent clients every month
  • Get you totally clued up on how to make consistent £5k+ months in just 20 hours a week

• Gift you more quality time with your family (when you’re actually mentally present in the moment!)

• Get rid of the constant voice telling you that you’re not good enough because you’re not earning enough

• Help you end every work day feeling like you’ve accompished something that’s making a difference in your business

…how would that make you feel?

You see, I get it!

So if you are a service based biz owner (coach, consultant, therapist and such) who wants to get to £5k recurring months as a minumum and need some help figuring out what (out of all the information you’ve got overloaded with) to implement to make your dream business a reality then my lovely I’ve got you.


I’m Viv, BUSINESS coach, mentor & strategist

I am sooooo passionate about making business simple for you. Having set up 3 businesses by the age of 40 (2 of those around 2 children under 5), I know that setting up and growing a business in today’s noisy online world can be tough and getting to recurring £5k months feels tough right now.

A born entrepreneur, I set up my first award-winning business from scratch at the age of 22 and grew it to a successful, profitable business with a turnover of £1.5 million a year….and here’s the icing on the cake….all without social media!

From 80 hour work weeks pre-kids to 20 hour work weeks post-kids with my second successful business as a photographer, I discovered that building a profitable business AND having a work-life balance is tough, but totally achievable.

Having transitioned from life as a CEO working crazy long hours and living for my job, my life is now significantly different. I spent years working crazy hours, so, when I went off to have my family, I had already decided I wouldn’t be going back to my old life and long hours. That was a crazy, scary time.

I am all about helping my clients go from stuck to booked in just 20 hours a week.

I live in Lancashire with my 2 daughters (Emily and Beatrice (Bea)), 7 rescue hens and can be often found knee-deep in mud in the garden or sat enjoying a glass of wine on the deck!

If you want to work with a fun, energetic, experienced award-winning, cake-loving coach who cares about you? Someone who will give you the kick up the butt when you need it and the compassion when you need it, all whilst pushing you to get the results you want….then I’m the ‘gal for you.


Viv Guy gardening
Viv Guy with her camera
Viv Guy's children

I’m a middle child and tend to be crazily organised. I love good food (especially Italian food), was probably a mouse in a previous life (given my crazy addiction to cheese), love a nice glass of red wine when at home or am a sucker for a Porn Star Martini when I go out! I don’t drink caffeine (migraine sufferer if I do), I love snuggling up on the sofa with a good book on a dreary day and being out and about when the sun is shining. I’m one of those people who likes to be on the go and doing things……pretty much non-stop (I guess that’s why everyone always reviews my energy as the thing they love about me on shoots!). I was a keen runner and still try and run when I can, but have been doing a lot more strength training these days. I spend time in Australia with my sisters and their families when I can, am a lover of Thailand and love travelling and exploring new places.


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