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Charlotte Mather is a hypnotherapist coach specialising in working with imposter syndrome with female professionals. She signed up to working with me for my 1:1 coaching and within 6 months has hit her first £10k month (just halfway into the month).

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The following was pulled from Charlottes feedback form and testimonial at the end of our engagement.

What made you want to work with Viv

I was looking for a business coach because I felt like I didn’t have any structure or any sort of goals set out as to how I was going to grow my business. I’d gotten to a place where I was very much working on a one-to-one basis, but I wanted to up level and start working with groups.

What was going on for you?

I was neglecting my social media and I wasn’t doing the tasks that got me to where I’d got to over the last 12 months. So I sort of started to pull back and procrastinate. I wasn’t really sure where my focus should be. I was confused over my message and my market.

For some reason I found myself just in disorganised chaos and with no accountability. It just became too much and a bit of a mess.

I had no balance. When I was working a hundred hours a week in my job and in my business I dreamed about the days that I could get and do yoga in the morning and go for a walk or have a bath or just enjoy some me time. I found that once I quit my job I very soon went into the old pattern of working around a hundred hours a week not really productive work either. I couldn’t tell you what I did in a day other than the client facing work.

What specific results have you Achieved?
  • Booked 10 new clients in just one month while working with Viv
  • Had my first 10K month just 14 days into the month.
  • Dropped my single 1 off sessions and replaced with a longer ‘Rapid Results’ Therapy programme
  • Getting consistent enquiries
  • Doubled my prices
  • Booking in my dream clients
  • Finished running my Beta group Programme and in the process of preparing a full launch
  • Rebranded
  • Upped my visibility by guest speaking in other groups and not just solely focused on posting on Facebook now
  • Refined my messaging and structure of my content marketing
  • Sticking to her time blocked schedule and making time to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that being an entrepreneur allows.
  • Having set times to be intentional on social media and in my marketing, to be intentional with my time in my business and then intentionally out of my business. Having slots of time booked out not think about it and not work to do something that I want to do feels like a massive achievement.
Would you recommend working with Viv?

100% go for it. Just have a call with her and you’ll soon know if she’s the coach for you.

I knew straight away. She’s straight talking. No BS.

I knew that she’d hold me to account where I need to be. I need a bit of a firm hand because I’ll make every excuse Under the Sun for not doing something for procrastinating over it. Giving me those gentle nudges in the right direction without giving me the answer, because I don’t want to feel like I’m being spoon-fed. I want to feel like I’m making decisions for myself.

I learned so much not just from the actual one-to-one coaching experience, but how to run a business how to be authentic and professional.

It’s been amazing. I’ve taken away so much. I feel like I’ve developed as a person and as a business woman, and I feel like my business has grown and its matured. It’s a real business now.

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