Rita Brewer

From £0 biz income for over 2 years to: booking in her first 2 clients and making a 2x ROI....in just 6 months

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Name: Rita Brewer

Business: Rita Brewer Health & Lifestyle Expert

Problem: Not booking in any sales calls or clients after 2 years of going all in on Social Media.

Success: Nailed her niche and offer, ran her first webinar, and secured her first 2 full paying clients (after 2 previous years without sales).

Before working with Viv

Rita had been struggling for the past 2 years in her business. After working with her first coach to put the structures in place to run her business she’d hoped then that the clients would just come (a bit like Kevin Costner in the film Field of Dreams)…only they didn’t.

Rita then invested in a second coach who worked on her marketing strategy…only it was entirely focused on social media.

Rita worked her butt off doing everything that coach had told her to do…and booked in ZERO clients in 2 years.

She didn’t know what action to take or what direction to go in.

She was determined but wary of being burned again with no results from her investment).

“I was doing everything my previous business coach had told me, and it was a lot of social media marketing, and I did it, because I was told, “this is what you have to do when you have an online business.””

After like 2 years I was like, wait a minute. This is really not working.  I’m spending so much time doing all of this stuff that I don’t even like and it’s not generating clients.”

Rita's Key points and results

  • Nailed her niche and became ultra specific
  • Landed her first 2 FULL paying clients after running her new webinar for the very first time
  • Started developing a network of referral partners and collaborators
  • Stopped relying on social media
  • Increased her confidence in her offer and transformation she helps people achieve.

” You helped me really niche down on my messaging and then revamp the webinar. We went through every slide and what I need to improve on.

Then I did the webinar again and I got two clients from it!”

What were your reservations about working with Viv and how did you get past those?

My biggest hesitation was around making an investment and then not getting the results, as was the case with my previous coach 

What helped me move forwards with making the investment to work with Viv was 

a) I was not willing to give up.

b) I love her personality. I get to meet her. She’s a bubbly, fun person and she makes me laugh every time. And I really love that about her

c) Her experience. She talked a lot about her past experience and success as a business owner, and her confidence in knowing what she’s doing.

d) And then of course, the big part was that she specialises in marketing without social media. So this was a way out for me.  I don’t mind doing a little bit of social media, but I just don’t wanna be on that hamster wheel every single day and posting 10 stories a day.

” you specialize in marketing without social media.”

What would life & biz look like if you hadn't invested with Viv?

I probably would’ve still been spinning in the same circle. And just, just being frustrated with not knowing where to go from there. Because I was doing everything that my previous coach had already told me, and it wasn’t working.

What should others know about Viv?

> Her personality, she’s such an easy person to talk to.

> She’s fun

 > She’s encouraging. There were times when I was in tears because of my frustration and she helped lift me up.

> Her experience.

“You’re no-nonsense. I love it. You’ve got such a wide range of expertise and knowledge and skills. I trust you.”

What would you say to those thinking about working with Viv?

Just get on a call!

You’ll see her personality, you’ll see how she works, and she’ll let you know if she can help you and if she feels she, you’re a good fit.

She knows what she’s doing and she’s very responsive to your questions. There is a Slack channel where all the communication between her students are, and you can ask for feedback and you get your feedback right away.

” Just get on a call!”

Want to get fully booked with 1-1 clients and hit consistent 5-10k months without posting on social media?

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