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Viv Guy shows entrepreneurs how to get consistent leads & sales on autopilot working just 20 hour weeks, all without social media – so they can get fully booked, and stay that way!

She is the host of the #1 marketing podcast ‘Marketing Without Social Media’, a public speaker and renowned for her endless energy and

Viv uses a unique, sustainable and sophisticated marketing system ‘Clients in 20’ which has seen her clients go from zero to £10k months in just 1
year without organic social media or paid ads.

Viv uses her background of 19 years in business, having set up her first award-winning 7-figure business from scratch at the age of 22; without social
media or a website (yep, she says she was “clueless but determined and relentless!”). Learning what it is to grow a successful and profitable business
from scratch, not once but three times and her podcast allows her and her guests to share their expertise with her listeners so they can create more
freedom in their lives.

Viv’s here to teach business owners how marketing without social media will help them get a better return on investment (ROI) for their time and
energy and why they’ll want to quit social platforms altogether!

A Yorkshire-born northern lass, Viv is passionate about changing the world of work and getting more entrepreneurs working fewer hours, and having
a better quality of life with balance, boundaries and freedom from the day they start their first business.

She was inspired to change her own business model and marketing strategies after realising that the 60-80 hour weeks she was used to when running her first business weren’t sustainable and certainly no fun! A mother to two daughters, she soon realised she’d have to find a way to set up
and run her new business in a LOT fewer hours!

Viv’s here to teach other entrepreneurs how to get leads and sales on autopilot and help them get the biggest return on investment (ROI) for their
time and energy.

"Be bold, be brave and do it your way."


Viv captivates audiences with her energy, enthusiasm and simple to use strategies and advice. She shares openly and freely.

She can tailor any of her topics to your needs.

Keynote, Interview and Article Topics

“Why social media is stunting your biz growth”

“How to borrow audiences for rapid audience growth”

“20 hour work week. How to build a profitable business in 20 hours a week without social media.”

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