Mastering your mindset to become your definition of a success in business, in fact in all aspects of your personal life has been identified in research as one of the most fundamental aspects for success in the worlds wealthiest and what we deem as the most successful entrepreneurs there are.

If you’re like me you probably hear all this mindset malarky and wonder how you’ll ever fit all the tips and advice about the things you should (hiss, there’s that word ‘SHOULD’  again) fit into your already crazy busy life.

I used to feel exactly that way. In fact it was only in 2019 when I was introspecting on my life one day and I remember thinking…I reaaaaaaaallly don’t want to feel like this a year from now but I don’t know what to do.

So being the reader that I am I set about and started reading. I read Dana Wilde’s ‘Train Your Brain’ first and it was a game changer. It started the shift in me that I needed. You see I’m a pretty pragmatic person at times and I struggle with a lot of super woo stuff. So the fact that Dana actually gave me the science behind it (I like hard facts) really helped me process this whole understanding around beliefs and why I was in the funk I was in.

So, since then mindset has been a huge area of interest. I really do believe like in the song of the wise man who built his house upon the rocks. He had a solid base to support his house. If we are to achieve our goals and fulfil our desires we need to get our mindset in order to do that and here’s my list of realistic to implement (i.e. they won’t take you ages) each day.

  1. Timeblock in you time
  2. Tap into your why – choose what matters to YOU
  3. Look at what’s holding you back/what would you like to change about the way you feel/think/internal dialogue decide on 1 thing to work on changing.
  4. Journal – write it down, get it out, voice note it
  5. Create some form of routine. It’ll save you and the kids will embrace it. Absolutely you do not have to do a 1 hour whole routine pre kids waking up
  6. Get a buddy – share what’s going on in your head.
  7. Don’t try to fit in new things, build them around what you already do. E.g. I started journaling while my youngest was dropping off to sleep after stories. I’m just sat there anyhow so figured I had to do that every day (bedtime) so why not habit stack
  8. Focus – use a focus timer to stop you getting distracted
  9. Don’t mind others – walk your own path – go on your own journey. Social media – stop comparing yourself
  10. Ask yourself what your fear is.

Don’t let yourself stand in your own way. It is changeable. If you are ready to take the action from today to start making your dream business a reality, then book in a free strategy call with me here.

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