The Art of Collaboration

W O R K S H O P   R E P L A Y



Why social media is sabotaging your lead generation leading to crappy revenue. In this lesson we covered 3 core things:

Connect – We covered how you can to generate recurring and consistent leads with ease. You learned how making effective and profitable partnerships and collaborations will 10x your lead generation vs social media.

Collaborate – How to actually find and make connections with perfect referral partners. You learned how to design a Collaboration Connect and Convert system that gets that all important ‘yes’ from potential partners.

Convert – Leveraging other peoples audiences is awesome….but only if you have a system in place to nurture and convert those audiences into leads. We be covered the most effective way of doing that to maximise your conversions.

client accelerator application

Want my help to reach consistent 8-10k months without ever posting on social media again?

Lets face it. You could do it alone. Or you could work with someone who’s got this working in their business and can help you get there faster.
I won’t try and sell you on applying for Client Accelerator.
Instead, I’ll simply tell you who it is and isn’t for.
This programme IS for Service Based entrepreneurs & consultants (think coaches, training consultants & therapists)
  • Sell (or wants to) 1-1 services or consultancy & training services of £500+
  • Want to scale their income to 8-10k months
  • Have built their biz on word of mouth, referrals and networking and now wants a more systematic and predictable approach to lead generation
  • or have been consistently marketing on social media but aren’t seeing the results and want a different approach
  • Are in it for the long game and are interested in real marketing that serves deeply vs hyped claims and short term tactics
  • Have invested in 1-1 coaching or group programmes before and know the value of this.
This programme IS NOT for people who:
  • Want to market solely on social media
  • Are just getting started and aren’t selling services yet/don’t have any client results
  • Are looking for instant fast wins vs long term sustainability
  • Not able to commit to working through challenges when you hit them.

Here’s how it works:

You find a time on my calendar below for a 15 Min Client Accelerator Gameplan Call.

In your Client Accelerator Gameplan Call we will:
  • 1. Take a look at your current lead generation and marketing systems to see what is/isn’t working.
  • 2. Look at what lead generation strategy is going to best serve you and your business in both the short and long term
  • 3. Uncover the #1 obstacle stopping you from getting consistent leads.
  • 4. Develop a 3-Step Action Plan so you know what actions are going to have the biggest impact for you to get booked with 1-1 clients and hit your income goals..
This is not a sales call. If we both feel we are aligned and I feel I can help you accelerate your lead flow, we’ll book in second call to talk about how.
Find a time on my calendar below and I look forward to chatting soon:
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