Understanding Your Brand

Gah! I wasted so much money on branding when I first started my previous photography business.


Because I thought a brand was a simple as someone creating a logo that you liked well enough, business cards, websites etc…..non of which refelcted me or my brand because nobody spent time explaining what was really behind a great brand or how to create and represent that in my visual branding.

Owning a brand is more than just having a cool logo or a unique name, rather it is about understanding what it is at the heart of your brand because that is what will ultimately sell your services to potential clients.

Here to talk with us more about that today, and to help you avoid some of the very costly mistakes that I made in my early days is Katie Cope.

Katie is the founder of Keppel Leopard Creative, an agency that’s passionate about helping female business owners to present themselves and their businesses to the world without ever having to compromise on who they are.

So tune in and listen up as me and Katie talk about branding and what it takes to build a successful one. 

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Episode Highlights:

3:29 – Katie’s background

8:23 – How Katie got into her work with female entrepreneurs

11:11 – Katie describes branding 

18:49 – The difference between branding and marketing

24:28 – Mistakes small businesses make when it comes to their branding 

29:23 – Tips for people who are starting their first business

32:35 – Barriers that female entrepreneurs face with visibility and how to deal with that

40:04 – How to use your personal brand to grow your logo 

43:24 – Why Katie is creating her own online community – off social media

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