Goodbye Socials!

How to grow your business without social media

Brain hacking! It doesn’t sound great does it, but this is what is happening to us each and every day with social media and it’s why so often I hear people say “but can I even market without social media”. We are programmed into this belief that the world of business revolves around social media and that just is not the case.

If you feel like you are constantly feeding the content beast that is social media and just aren’t seeing the results that you want then I invite you to consider looking to the multitude of other marketing strategies out there and revisiting how you utilise social media as part of your marketing strategy.

Social media has been a highly effective strategy for so many entrepreneurs who are now big influencers in the online world; but here’s the thing, they started their businesses 4 or 5+ years ago when social media was a very different platform to what it is today in terms of organic reach, when not everyone had a Facebook group and when the average revenue generated from a Facebook group was around £70k vs the under £20k that it is today. 

Are you marketing in a way that feels good to you? Marketing should not feel icky and fill you with dread so that you avoid it. It should excite you and energise you. So I invite you to consider doing things differently. Doing what feels good for you. Because when you enjoy what you do you become more productive, it doesn’t feel like work and you get into something known as Flow state. This is the optimum place where we should be spending our time, and yet, many entrepreneurs never experience this state.

In this episode you’ll lean:

  • Why marketing on social media is not providing you with the volume of leads that you want in your business
  • The negative impact of social media on our health and wellbeing
  • Why email is where you want to focus your business before social media
  • Ways to actually grow your audience through organic reach without social media
  • The key things to address in order to grow your audience
  • Things to avoid with your marketing


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