Amplify Your Business through the Power of Your Voice

Public speaking…..does it make you wanna hide under the duvet, puke or are you excited by the very prospect of getting on a stage and speaking?

Well whichever camp you’re in today’s episode with my colleague and fellow northern lass The Queen Bee herself, Dani Wallace is choked full of fantastic advice, help and support for you to help you understand the fears that are holding you back, or for those eager to get out there and start public speaking, lots of advice on how to get started.

I knew this episode would be a giggle, and as much as we tried to keep it clean….well, we just didn’t quite succeed. But I know you’ll have a giggle and take tonnes away from this episode.


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Episode Highlights:

2:11 – Dani’s background as a survivor

9:40 – How Dani became an international motivational speaker

15:40 – What makes Dani’s different as a public speaker

19:54 – How speaking can elevate you and your business

26:27 – Tips for people who want to get started on public speaking

32:00 – The misconception between extroversion and introversion

36:09 – How to use public speaking to grow your email list

39:54 – One actionable piece of advice for the listeners

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