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016 The only 3 ways to generate leads in your business

[00:00:00] Viv: Welcome to the second episode in the lead accelerator series. In this episode, we are going to be diving into the three BS of lead generation, which one is right for you and why it’s right for you. So let’s dive in. Before we dive into today’s episode, I wanted to let you know about the. I was in dollars with a free bus resources that you can get your hands on for free for a limited time.

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[00:01:26] This

[00:01:34] I see people struggle with lead generation so, so much. And the reason I see this struggle is because people just don’t know where to focus their time, their attention, and their energy, because there is so much conflicting information out there. And that’s what I want to dive into. But before we start, I just want to qualify a game.

[00:01:58] What do I mean by [00:02:00] leads in the context of this series, lead generation is fundamentally getting someone to raise their hand and say, yes, I want this free thing that you’re going to give me. And in exchange, I’m going to give you my, my personal information, my email address, my name. So that’s what I mean by lead.

[00:02:16] So growing, you know, your audience of new people and think of it like a, like a fishing pond. Okay. If you fish it apart, And you take the fish, then eventually it will run out of fish. If you don’t keep bringing fresh, fresh fish, more fish into it. And that’s fundamentally what our, what our pool is like when it comes to two audiences and leads, we need to be bringing in new people all the time.

[00:02:40] So let’s look at what the, the ways to get people into your world are. And there are these three key ways to get people into your world and they are built, borrowing. And bought. Okay. So these are the three ways to grow your audience to generate. And we want to think about how this is going to work for us on a weekly, a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, because this needs to be a system and a process that is in place and continually works for us because we don’t want to turn it on and off like a tap.

[00:03:16] We want leads. Or the time I want you to think, like, you’ve just turn the tap on, turn the hose pipe on. And it is continually flowing when we turn our lead generation on and off. This is where we see the patterns of peaks and troughs or feast and famine when it comes to our income, uh, um, booking in clients for our businesses.

[00:03:37] So what we want to do is we want to avoid. So when we talk about these, I want you to think about what actually is something that I can see working for me within my best business consistently every day, week or month. Okay. So let’s dive into the first category built. Okay. So building an audience, this is what I see most people [00:04:00] having tried to do and really struggled.

[00:04:03] It has no. Pay dividends. It has not provided a return on investment for them. They are not booking consistent clients and selling their services. Um, and what do I mean by this? So things like building an audience could be the typical thing I see often is. I’m going to start a business. Therefore I’m going to start a Facebook group.

[00:04:24] How often have we heard this advice? How often have you been told you started a business? You must start a Facebook group. So what happens is people start a group and they try and build an audience in there because. Social media. Our people are there. We have access instant access to lots and lots of people on social media.

[00:04:43] However, we have to attract them into our groups and into our communities we have to build. So that becomes really challenging and really. Now the other thing here is this, this is kind of seen as, as a hustle stage and it’s a lot slower building. An audience is slow growing. An audience is slow. So for example, if you’re on Instagram, if you’re on Facebook, you know that you have to optimize your posts on LinkedIn.

[00:05:10] You have to be reaching out a really. I attracted people on a one by one individual basis and this takes time. So that is in the context of building via social media. The other way we can build our audience is through things like website, traffic. And by that I’m talking about search engine optimization, blogs, YouTube content, podcasts, so on and so forth.

[00:05:35] Now, what we need to think about here is when we look at SEO and when we look at creative. Search engine optimized content. We need to really be ensuring that it is ranking because if you’re you are optimizing things, but they’re not, you know, they’re, they’re at the bottom of page one or beyond and Google, they are not going to be driving much traffic to you.

[00:05:58] And we want to be driving [00:06:00] a lot of traffic. We need, we need a volume of traffic. As we looked at in episode one, we talked about what those numbers might be for you on a weekly and monthly. So we need to make sure we are really optimizing our SEO, our search engine, optimize content when we are building an audience.

[00:06:19] And this is what I see a game. So often people say, well, I blogging, I’ve written tons of blogs, but they’re actually driving no traffic. So you’re not building an audience of through blogging. If you’re not optimizing the same goes with YouTube. And also with things like. Um, so we really need to think about how are we building and that, as I said, can bring eight.

[00:06:41] It’s a massive time commitment for a lot of people. And what I also say is when you’re starting your business, do not focus, uh, in these early, early. The first few months on SEO based content. Yes. We definitely want to bring it in because it has so many benefits, which I’m going to get to in a moment.

[00:06:59] However, we want to get clients in. Now we want to get your income consistent now so that we can alleviate that pressure. We can get you working with clients, finding out, you know, what are the questions, what are the things and the challenges and the problems that they have so that you can create. Really really awesome optimized, um, SEO based pillar content that answers those questions.

[00:07:23] But only when you really are working consistently with people, will you be able to kind of pick up what those trends and those patterns are? So we bring that in and within my group program. And when I worked with one-to-one clients, we work in a two stage lead generation. So we work with the short to medium term.

[00:07:39] And then we look at our longer term SEO based strategies. So what are examples of built strategies? So social media accounts, blogs, YouTube it’s like challenges, um, webinars. These are things, workshops where we’re building and we’re inviting people into our, um, into our committee. [00:08:00] In 12 world. Now, here are some of the pros and cons of built so that the cons are, it can be very slow.

[00:08:09] It requires a lot of hustle for the building. That’s, you know, not particularly SEO based, but for that, that stuff, like I said, social media accounts growing up, you know, a Facebook group, Instagram, LinkedIn, it’s very, it can be slow. It can be painstaking. It can be demoralizing. Uh, and you know, you are hustling, you are hosting, and it’s really difficult for a lot of people to have boundaries and hunting for individual people.

[00:08:34] It just does not feel nice for many, many people kind of trying to connect with people individually. It just feels icky. And then the con of SEO is it’s a long game. Okay. So for Google to recognize your new blog posts, it can take up to six months for that to, to register a rank in Google. And that’s a long time.

[00:08:58] So that’s why we want to ensure that we’ve got our short or medium term lead generation working now so that we can then build out that SEO and introduce that as we go. But it’s not critical to, to argue. So let’s move on to the next one. And the next one is, um, bought audiences. So what do I mean by bore?

[00:09:22] I’m talking paid ads, paid ads like Facebook ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads, Instagram ads. Uh, it could be paid advertising in, um, in press and in magazines. So. What are some of the pros and cons when it comes to, well, the pros let’s start with them because there are many, it frees up time in your business.

[00:09:46] So if you are really looking at having a, uh, a business that does not require you to be involved, As much as you are now, then pay does, could be the way forward because they, they basically take out having to do any of the other [00:10:00] lead gen strategies. You can focus on paid ads. Although I highly recommend you.

[00:10:04] Don’t just put all your eggs in one basket with P does. You do have other strategies, whether it’s blogging, podcasting, YouTube, because paid ads are just, you know, um, bringing people into your world, introduce them, but you want to be able to nurture them. Um, So, um, so paint outs. Yeah. Free up time. They can really, really supercharge like your audience growth.

[00:10:28] It’s like put in a, a rocket underneath your lead gen, like us basically. But they are costly. You are going to have to pay. And the question is, have you got the money to pay? No. Yes, of course you can do as yourself. And you will have some success, but algorithms change things change. And actually by being able to invest an outsource.

[00:10:55] To an ads manager is going to be a much better way of doing that. You know, so you could be looking at around 1500 pounds a month. I mean, really going to want to spend 500 pounds a low, but if you’re outsourcing maybe up to 1500 pounds and my belief is that you do not need to be investing in paid ads when your income is below.

[00:11:16] Certainly five to seven K. Okay. I would recommend getting up to two eight to 10 K before you look to invest in paid ads. There’s no reason for certain services. So I’m talking more one-to-one based services that you need to be investing in paid outs. If you have a business that requires a high volume of leads, because it’s maybe a low ticket, low cost service or product, then yes, you might want to look at ads before that point to really kind of supercharge your growth.

[00:11:48] But otherwise, I would definitely focus on organic. Now, one thing that I just wanted to touch on with, with paid ads, which paid ads do you go for? Do you want to go for Facebook ads or do you [00:12:00] want to go for Google ads? Let’s just look at those two to start with. And I did a lot of research on this. Um, and what came up with was that Google, because people are actively searching in Google.

[00:12:11] They’re putting in a question, you know, how do I, or, you know, for a project. Tents for sale, whatever it might be. So they are actively searching. So they are already a more qualified lead because they are looking for what you do. Okay. So that is a real like plus and a tick in that box when it comes to, uh, to, to qualify leads.

[00:12:36] Hi, qualified leads wherever possible. So Google is great. Now the thing is they are more expensive than Facebook ads, not massively, but there is a price increase. However, Neil Patel talks about this. He does a great YouTube video, which I can link to in the show notes, uh, talking about this price difference, but also the fact that those, those, those leads, those people can, are more qualified, higher qualified leads, and therefore are generally going to invest sooner.

[00:13:04] Uh, Facebook ads are targeting interest based audiences. So it’s a lot, it’s a lot wider. Okay. These are not people that specifically saying I’m looking for help right now with this thing. Okay. So you are going to be spending to, uh, to reach a lot more people. So that is what bought audiences are now. The final one is a borrowed audience.

[00:13:31] And I love borrowing audiences. It is by far the fastest and best way to grow your business, to grow your leads organically. Okay. Now what happens and what I see is people stay in the built stage. So they start a Facebook group. Um, they stay in the built stage, so I’ve got a group. So I’m just going to keep pushing and pushing and hustling to build this group, even though I’m not getting any leads from it.

[00:13:55] Like really engaged because that’s what they think they need to do. And they’re just churning [00:14:00] out tons and tons of content. It’s taking hours. It’s taken so much time. So people don’t then think to move to the borrowed. And I would always say, start with borrowed before you go to building an audience, start with a borrowed audience.

[00:14:15] Um, uh, why is this? Because actually your people, your ideal. We are already somewhere. They are already in a community elsewhere. They were already buying services from somewhere else. They’re already shopping at another place. They’ve already Googling certain things, you know, so they are all ready. There they are, you know, they are looking for, um, support.

[00:14:39] They are looking for an answer to that question. And so they are already in places. So. What about boring audiences and in a non-competitive way. So Gemma Gilbert was on the show a while ago. Her big focus is on getting people to scale from one to one to group programs. My business is I’m getting people to get consistent one-to-one clients and sought their lead generation now so that they can get to that consistent level.

[00:15:07] Actually for Jennifer and I, who could be seen as competitors. It is a perfect partnership because if I can help people get consistent leads and grow, they want to own businesses to the point where they are now at a ceiling, an income plateau, and income ceiling, then they, they can then work and be signposted on to work with Jenna, who’s going to help them scale via.

[00:15:28] Programs. So that is an amazing sort of partnership that we could look at. So, as I said, don’t always think that just because someone does exactly what you do in the sense of, you know, a business and marketing coaching, and my example that that is not, there’s not going to be an opportunity in that you might have a different tape.

[00:15:45] It could be also with a non-competitive business as well. So for example, I could work with, um, web designers. It was someone I worked with a lot when. I was a brunt photographer. [00:16:00] Why? Because when people are on their website, they needed images for their websites. So that was a perk. And obviously the web designer didn’t want their bill to be built, uh, held up because.

[00:16:11] They were waiting for professional photos and they didn’t want crap photos because they wanted it to look amazing. So they wanted to outsource to a really, I refer to a really great photographer. Who’s going to get the images that are aligned with their style with that brand. So think about where you could create sort of opportunities and partnerships.

[00:16:31] Um, Here’s just some ideas of ways to borrow an audience. So I’ve talked a little bit about partnerships, so partnerships and collaborations, things like bundles. So I’ve, I’ve talked about bundles and I’m going to do an in-depth episode where the guests on bundles and how great they are. Summits one-to-one workshops exchanging freebies with each other’s audiences, exchanging workshops or of free pro offers that you’ve got with one another’s audiences.

[00:17:02] Great ideas, guest speaking, speaking on podcasts, speaking in mastermind, speaking in memberships, speaking in free groups. Now I have, uh, thoughts on free groups. I do not love speaking in like free Facebook, social media groups, because. I think again, the reach is rubbish. I prefer people to make that commitment to come to a zoom call and you get a much higher quality of, of lead.

[00:17:26] Again from that, uh, joint ventures, guest blogging events, PR asking people to share. Okay, so just, we need to identify where are your people already hanging out? Who are they already hanging out with and connect with those people that is the key connect, connect connect, and this can really massively accelerate your growth.

[00:17:49] So at the time of recording this episode, nine days into the month, I’ve grown my. By 378 people and [00:18:00] generated a ton of leads just off that alone. So that is off borrowed audiences. It has cost me, it has cost me the time to, um, to set up your, your tech, your landing page, your opt in form. But that is it. So actually you can grow at the same rate as you can with, with investing in Facebook ads, for example.

[00:18:22] And it’s going to cost you nothing. And you’re also going to make some great connections in there as well, not just with prospective clients, but more, uh, more partners, more collaborations in that. So there are so many opportunities, it becomes a real snowball effect, and I cannot tell you, and the same with summits, so on and so forth, really, really worth looking at, um, now pros and cons of borrowed or.

[00:18:49] Getting a foot in the door, getting people to have a conversation with you, finding where your people are, can be a really difficult challenge for people. So if you want to start contributing to bundles, for example, and collaborations or speaking at stomachs, who do you speak to? Who’s running. That is a big one.

[00:19:06] How do you find them not having a clear niche offer or point of view, Cox, this up loads. I see this all the time. I hear people say, oh, I’ve done. Bondos I’ve done this. And nothing happened. I didn’t get any leads. Okay. So that is telling me that you are not being clear enough with your. Your niche, your messaging, which is your point of view.

[00:19:31] Okay. All that. You’re actually engaging with the wrong audience. Okay. So you weren’t in the right place because it is highly effective. So pros are really, you can grow so fast with this and you know, Tautaula graves, who’s, who’s also been on the show, talks about this, you know, We suck at selling ourselves.

[00:19:54] We rarely really do. And the beauty of partnerships is other people [00:20:00] are ringing your bells, singing your praises, and that is fun tastic when you get that opportunity. So those are the three different ways to generate leads within your business. Um, that was before. Bought and borrowed. Now you might be saying, oh my goodness.

[00:20:20] I wouldn’t even know where to start. I mean, with SEO. Gosh, do you start with optimizing the keywords on your website? You start with blogging, you do a YouTube. What do you do, you know, with borrowing an audience? Do I contribute? Do I do swaps? Do I want, do I start with, this is what I happened, happened to hear over and over again.

[00:20:40] So what do we want to do? We want to find the right strategy for you. If you want help finding what’s the right strategy for you. What’s aligned. What’s going to be effective for you for your business. Why not book in a 15 minute lead generation, uh, accelerator call with me, and we’re going to link this in the show notes.

[00:20:59] What we’re going to do in these calls. It’s going to be fast paced. We are going to take a look at your current lead generation, a marketing system to see what is, and isn’t. We’re going to look at what lead generation strategy is best going to serve you and your business in both the short and the longterm.

[00:21:15] We’re going to uncover what the number one obstacle that is stopping you from getting consistent leads right now in your business is, and then we’re going to develop a three-step action plan. So you know what actions are going to have the biggest impact for you to get booked with one-to-one clients all without using social media.

[00:21:33] And hit your income goals. So why not head down? I’m booking one of those calls now. Yes, they are entirely free and yes, I, I’m not crazy. Yes. I am not crazy. And no, I am not crazy. Yes. I give them for free because what happens when I give these for free is I do a bunch of these. And some people love the plan that we co-create together so much that they want my help implement it.

[00:21:58] And if that is you, that is [00:22:00] great. If that’s not you, then that is totally cool as well, because you’re going to go away with a three step action plan. So if you want to get booked, if you work with one-to-one clients and you want to get more leads and hit your income goals book in a 15 minute lead accelerator, call with me now.

[00:22:16] Thank you so much for listening. It was pretty fast paced up today and I’ll speak to you soon. So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today, and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you and as always, thank you.

[00:22:35] Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this podcast. And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an episode, speak to you soon. .

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The 3 B's of Lead Generation

The only 3 ways to generate leads in your business

Show Notes

In this episode we are going to be diving into the 3 Bs of lead generation, which one is right for you why.

There are 3 ways to get leads into your world and today we are going to talk about what they are and the merits of each.

The effectiveness of your lead generation will make or break your business, it will take you from hobbyist entrepreneur to CEO.

We’re in business to make money, right? Money means we need to be communicating our offer, our what we do and our why to as many people as possible in order to convert those leads into clients.

So why is lead generation the thing that is most neglected in business? I love systems and processes so for me creating something that worked and was repeatable vs flying by the seat of my pants on a hope and a prayer every month was always top of my list. And I invested big time in it! But you know what? I made my money back 4x over in that time.

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