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[00:01:41] Okay. We’re going to dive into the reason that maybe you’re not getting as many coins as you would like, and as consistently as you would like, so. Let’s dive in.

[00:01:58] you’re listening to [00:02:00] mark too, without social media with me, they’ve guide the parks past for people who want more clarity, connections, and cash in that business, I’ll be sharing with you proven techniques for leading entrepreneurs and experts from across the. To help you to lock it without social media come to grow your business in a way that actually feels good to you.

[00:02:32] Let’s just dive right in here. Okay. Why are you not getting more? One-to-one client bookings each and every week and month. Now this is something that is coming up for a lot of people. I hop onto calls with people who come along to my free group, coaching calls, even those people who joined me and work with me on my group program or my one-to-one services.

[00:02:56] It’s the big thing. Why am I not getting more? When [00:03:00] they come to work with me. So here is the real reason behind it because you’re not bringing in enough leads. Okay. That is the main reason you are not getting clients. Okay. We know we’ve talked about this on previous episodes that you need leads. Okay. To get more clients, you need leads to get more customers, whether you’re service based or project based.

[00:03:27] This is the ultimate thing. Okay. So. Why am I not getting more leads then is the question that we should be asking? So let’s work it backwards. Okay. Yes, we could talk about why am I not, you know, I’m bringing in leads and they’re just not converting. That’s a different conversation, but ultimately for most people I speak to, they’re just not bringing in enough leads.

[00:03:52] Okay. And by that again, I’m just going to qualify by leads. I mean, new people. Into your audience and into your world. [00:04:00] Someone who has said, Hey, here’s my email address. Yes, I’ll have that free thing. You are offering me. Okay. So here’s why you’re not getting enough leads and there are three reasons. Number one.

[00:04:14] Okay. And you’re missing these, if you’re missing that one. This is ultimately the problem. So number one, your niche, and this is something that I’ve heard. A lot of people are really struggling with at the moment. So how do I choose my. I, you know, I just want to work with everyone because at least that way I’m bringing in some income.

[00:04:33] If I kind of speak to everyone, I get the logic and I get, if you are really struggling to make revenue that you kind of think what if I just offer it and I’ll do anything for anyone, then at least I’m going to bring in some money. The magic happens when you get more specific. When I started my photography business before who was in the coaching world, I.

[00:04:58] Every single [00:05:00] genre possible. Okay. I did newborns. I did maternity. I did booed wire. I did weddings. I did portraits. I did so many different genres. Okay. And there was no niche. As soon as I niche down into personal brand photography, I only had five K and that’s pounds. Okay. 5,000 pounds recurring months within 10 weeks.

[00:05:26] Of niching down. That is the power okay. Of niching down. So let’s get more specific. Who do you want to serve? And the question here. First and foremost, who would it excite you to work with every single day for the next 20 years? If you are going to have this business for, for the long, long term, who would it excite you to work with?

[00:05:53] Who do you want to help? Who do you want to be a hero to? Who do you want to make a difference? Okay. That’s that [00:06:00] person. But the other thing is with, with your niche and with the ideal dream client, they have to be able to pay you are a business. And many, many entrepreneurs say, but I really want to work with X, but they just haven’t got.

[00:06:16] So pick a niche where people can pay, okay. Pick that niche. And then if there are other people, you know, who you would really, really like to serve, who fall out of that cash, who just do not have the funds available? Well, when you’re making money, you can put in schemes, you can serve these people and give back.

[00:06:36] You can have. S, uh, scholarship type schemes within your business. Okay. You can have these places that people can apply for who are not financially able. Okay. But don’t make those, your core, uh, client base in your niche because they just will not get the bookings. So the first step that you’re missing in terms of being able to get leads is you’re not specific enough.

[00:06:59] Okay. [00:07:00] When you’re not specific, it makes it very, very difficult to identify where those clients are. Okay. So if you don’t really know who they are, how can you know where to find them? How can you decide or where to connect with them? Okay. The reason that people say they are struggling to get leads is because they say, I just don’t know where to find my people.

[00:07:27] Where are they? I’m not sure I’m clueless. Okay. They’re just not there. Well, they are, they are everywhere. It’s about identity. Who they are and where they are. And this is where your niche will help you. Because when you get more specific on your niche, you will be able to identify what these are exactly the type of people I want to work with.

[00:07:50] So for example, let’s say you want to work with well-being business owners. Okay. So you want to, you want to work with them in setting up [00:08:00] their businesses. Maybe you want to. Uh, Mo do marketing coaching, for example, let’s say we want to do marketing coaching with well-being business owners. Okay. That’s very specific.

[00:08:13] So we now know actually, where are these people, you know, where would wellbeing business, um, uh, owners. Okay, where would they be hanging out? What are the services they use? One of the shops they use, where are they? Where do they hang out? Because they will be in lots and lots of places. Okay. So that’s why being specific helps now here’s the.

[00:08:37] When you’re specific with your niche, you know, and you niche down, it does not mean that you cannot work with people outside of that niche. So you may attract people who really like your style, who are not well being business people. Okay. I am a big fan and have learned an awful lot from the wonderful Todd Hargreaves who has been on one of the earlier [00:09:00] episodes, um, which we can link in the show notes for you.

[00:09:03] Um, and Tad’s businesses marketing for him. I don’t identify particularly as a hippie, but I love his style. And does that mean tad won’t work with me now? It doesn’t. I mean, gosh, he’s been a guest on the show because we have, we have very similar principles and philosophies about how marketing and business should be.

[00:09:23] Uh, but that’s not my target market, you know, and I’m not his ideal sort of client, but he, you know, we, I still benefit from what he does and he would still benefit and does still benefit from me as a client or has done as a client in the past. So as I say, don’t think that niching down means you can’t suddenly work with certain people.

[00:09:44] You will build up a reputation for being so good at what you do. That people outside of your niche, potentially it will, you know, word of mouth will spread and other people will approach you. Okay. Trust me on that one. So that’s the first thing. Step [00:10:00] one, you haven’t niched down enough, which means you just don’t know where to find your people or really who your people are, which makes it very easy.

[00:10:11] The next thing is your model and your offer and your pricing. Okay. When you haven’t got clarity over what your actual offer is. So maybe you go, oh, I do this and I do a bit of that. And I do a bit of this, you know, and I have five different offers and I want to do all of this other stuff. That’s really, really difficult because.

[00:10:34] You’re not known for one thing. And then when you actually try to speak to people, so strangers, you know, who we want to bring in as leads into our business, um, we don’t know who we’re actually trying to approach because we don’t know what that core offer is. So we need to ensure that that offer. We create okay.

[00:10:54] And we talk at the people who are going to benefit from the offer. Just kind of say, [00:11:00] Hey, I’m a copywriter. Hey, I’m a marketing coach. It’s too broad. Okay. It’s not speaking to the solution, the result that you help people achieve. Okay. And the pain that you take them away from the problem. Okay. So this is the big thing we need to look at.

[00:11:18] What is that? That often. And once you have the clarity on the offering, that means that the stuff you’re putting out there to attract leads into your business. Okay. Then leads will convert to clients, um, is much, much clearer. Okay. Right now, kind of going, Hey. Yeah, I did copyright. It’s too generic. It doesn’t speak to a problem.

[00:11:43] So you can’t create a relevant freebie training, lead magnet, whatever it is that you want to do, because you don’t have this clear offer and everything has to connect backwards from that core offer. So you must know before you [00:12:00] try and connect with them. You must know what that offer is. What are you trying to sell?

[00:12:06] What is that ultimate thing? And what does it do for people? And here’s the trick? Here’s the secret? Validate it. Okay. Because come on we’re entrepreneurs. We think everything we create is the bees knees in our brains. We’re like, well, this is freaking awesome. Everyone’s going to want it. But actually do they, the reality is you can spend so much time thinking this is going to be what people need and want and they don’t, they don’t want it.

[00:12:34] It doesn’t speak enough to aspirations and desires. They don’t see how it takes them away from their pain enough, their problem, and their challenges. So validate it, validate your idea for your offer before you create anything before you try and generate leads and put out anything to the world. Okay.[00:13:00]

[00:13:00] Number three. Okay. The third thing here is messaging messaging. When you don’t have a clear niche, you don’t have your model nailed in on that offer. You cannot create and speak to your ideal clients. You just can’t, you can’t do it coherently. And in a way that that really is going to get them taking action.

[00:13:27] And this is really important, you know, our messaging. When we are trying to attract in new leads into our business. And then once we get those leads in, when we’re trying to, to nurture and convert those, uh, into hot leads or prospects, and then clients, our messaging must absolutely speak to those clients.

[00:13:46] And the challenge. Okay. That they are facing to the desires, to their, wants to what they actually, what is that massive ultimate transformation, that number one transformation. And again, once we [00:14:00] have our offer nailed, that will really help our messaging. But we need these three components. They work together.

[00:14:08] Okay. If we’re missing our offer, that makes it very difficult. If we’re missing our niche, it makes it very difficult. So we need these three elements in order to then work on the next phase, which is lead generation. So what happens and why people are struggling to get one-to-one clients consistently is generally.

[00:14:32] One or more of these steps and they say, well, I’ve worked on ideal client or worked on my offer, you know? Not in enough detail, you know, 10 minutes kind of scribbling down a client avatar. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve really kind of worked on this. There is more depth to looking at figuring out your niche.

[00:14:52] There is more to figuring out your offer. As I said, you know, the next step would be validating it. And what is that process? And then looking [00:15:00] at how to craft your messaging. So do not skip these steps because. Ultimately, what will happen is you then spend so much time and energy on lead generating activities, social media, content, blogs, podcasts, emails, you know, weekly emails, fortnightly, monthly, um, newsletters, whatever you want to call them to an audience.

[00:15:25] Who don’t respond because you haven’t, you, you know, you have not got the steps nailed. You’re not speaking the language that they want to hear. Okay. So they’re not going to come into your world, or if they have come into your world, you know, already, then they are not going to convert. So these, this is ultimately that first step.

[00:15:48] And I do have people that say to me, well, I joined a bundle and I got a. I didn’t get any one sign up or I got some people sign up, but nobody converted [00:16:00] again. This is where we need to look. Was it the right bundle? I niche. Hello? Where you actually speaking to the right people. Okay. What was your offer?

[00:16:11] What’s your free thing linked to the ultimate thing that you offer and did your messaging speak clearly to the transformation? But those ideal clients want. So they are some of the reasons that you may be struggling to get consistent one-to-one clients. If you want more one-to-one clients, then absolutely do not skip this.

[00:16:33] Okay. Get to work on these elements and it will make your lead generation so much easier. So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you. And as always, thank you.

[00:16:56] Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of [00:17:00] this podcast. And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an episode, speak to you soon. .


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The 3 Important Steps

How to Get More 1-1 Clients with Viv Guy

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In this episode we will talk about the reason why you are not getting more and consistent clients monthly: you’re missing steps 1-3 and jumping straight to step 4, lead gen activities. Listen as we talk about the 3 steps you should take to get more 1-1 clients

Here you will learn:

  • Niching down and its importance
  • Model, Offer and Pricing
  • Nurturing leads through messaging

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