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[00:01:35] Well, today is a super duper deep dive with the amazing queen of bundles. Ask anyone who should I speak to about bundles and the name? Kate Doster is the one that always comes up. So Kate is the guest on my show today, sharing everything we need to know about being a contributor to bundles, how to actually find bundles and how to [00:02:00] run your own bundle.

[00:02:01] And Kate is sharing some freaking awesome free resources at the end of this episode. So stay tuned, cuz guys, we are going deep today. You are gonna learn so so much. It’s a phenomenal episode and I cannot wait to hear how much you get from this. So let’s dive.

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[00:03:01] hello. Hello and welcome to the show. Kate DOA. I’ve been so, so excited about having you on here.

[00:03:09] Kate: I’m so excited to be here. I haven’t missed

[00:03:11] Viv: you. oh, thank you. So Kate, you are here and you are gonna talk to us all about bundles, because I have shared my experience as a, a contributor to bundles this year with, with my audience.

[00:03:24] But there are so many more questions as somebody who, you know, whenever you speak to people on this that I say, like, who should I speak to about bundles? So they’re like Kate, Kate, Kate, you are always the right person that people say, speak to Kate about bundles. So I like that. Well, who better to have on the show.

[00:03:38] So welcome. Okay. Let’s dive in then. I’ve got a fair few questions lined up for you. So, um, first question here, it’s something that comes up for a lot of people that I kind of run into, you know, my clients, other people out there who are maybe not in the [00:04:00] businessy kind of marketing, like. To like profession, niche, you know, so health and fitness, whatever it might be, kind of say to me, but how do you find bundles when you’re not like a businessy marketing person?

[00:04:13] Do they exist? How do I find them? So that’s the first question.

[00:04:18] Kate: Uh, they, 100% exist. I would say that you can ask around, but honestly, I’m one of those people do your own I love that. You’re the one, you’re the one that’s going to actually just host it yourself so you don’t have to worry around it. I will say that there is a lot less tech involved with things like a summit again, um, the way that we run our bundle.

[00:04:40] So you can choose if you’re gonna do them free or paid. I always did mine with the goal of growing my email list. So mine were always free. If you wanna do a paid one, by all means that you can, but I would say do it yourself.

[00:04:54] Viv: Yeah. That’s what I often said. If you will do one, but they’re like, yeah, but I kind of wanna be in one first, you know, [00:05:00] so they are out there aren’t they?

[00:05:01] Uh, so it is just ask around. They will be there. Okay. So this is something I also hear from a lot of people. They go, I did, I did loads of bundles, but for me, like either it didn’t work, people didn’t sign up to, to my thing in the bundle, or they did sign up, but nobody converted. I didn’t get any sales or calls or anything afterwards.

[00:05:22] What do you say to people who are kind of finding that? Because I, I obviously, if people know love a good bundle, I’ve had a lot of success from bundles, uh, and contributing to them and I run my own last year. Um, so what do you say to people who are like that? They don’t work?

[00:05:38] Kate: I think that, and I know how we just said that host your own.

[00:05:42] I think that it does come down to two separate issues, ho like who the host is and sort of the theme of the bundle and how it is managed because I have one of my eyeline vest. She gets me in all my bundles because we’re best friends and she’s like, I’ve done a couple of other, like Frid one and paid one.

[00:05:58] And she’s like, I’ve still never seen [00:06:00] results. Like I have with yours because it’s such a well oiled machine. And the way that I make mine a little bit different is I have what I call category pillars. So like, I don’t have eight people that are talking about blogging. I have a person that’s talking about blogging.

[00:06:13] Yeah. So you might need to, if you found that you haven’t had great success with a bundle or I’m not throwing this company under the bus at all, by any means, but like I said, one of the ultimate bundles or things like that, It’s going to be because they are going for sheer volume. They want as many contributors as much stuff because it’s paid.

[00:06:31] So it’s like, you get a hundred courses for blah, blah, blah dollars. Right. So they don’t care that you and seven other people are essentially teaching the same exact thing. Yeah. So if you’re going to be in one of those massive bundles, cuz ultimate bundle people do actually do a nice job. Their affiliate program is topnotch as in yeah.

[00:06:48] Like they pay out well, but seeing the structure behind it, like that was the good part I have to say. So if you do get into the ultimate bundle people like definitely like they’re topnotch for their affiliate program. I have to say. And [00:07:00] so if you are gonna do something where it is a big, massive one, like, you know, it’s going to be a lot of people, you know, you’re not gonna be the only person covering your topic, then you wanna make sure that you’ve gotta really.

[00:07:09] Juicy and compelling title. So say if I was going in there, I would never do something like, you know, find your ideal client avatar, cuz nobody wants that. if I’m like get paid tomorrow, like sell today, get paid tomorrow. And that’s what it’s about. It is right. If it’s blogging, even if it’s, um, you know, you’re starting to blog course that you wanna put in there, how can you make it different?

[00:07:32] Is that. Block 48 hour blog. How to get your blog up running and traffic in the next 48 hours. Um, are you gonna be using your results to make it more entertaining from zero to 10 K to exact steps? I use to get 10 K people in three months again. So you need to think a little bit more about the angle that you have, the name that you have in there.

[00:07:52] And you also have to remember, again, this is on the flip sides. If you don’t get that many signups again, look to see who’s running it, making sure that your offer sounds [00:08:00] compelling. And even if you are gonna be doing say either free or paid bundle where you know, you’re gonna be the only person say talking about podcasting, still go that extra mile.

[00:08:08] Even if you just need to read BA the branding slightly on something that you already have to really make it stand out and sound compell. As for the, as do people convert, um, we found are the free ones that they tend to convert pretty well. Uh, for the paid ones. I think that I’ve had a little bit of mixed things.

[00:08:26] I think for the people that come in for free, they tend to convert a little higher because they’re like, oh my goodness, I can’t believe that I got this for free. So I think you’ve got a little bit of reciprocity, but either way you are going to have to make sure that your welcome series and your emails after your buyer series are top notch.

[00:08:44] Yeah. So say if you’re doing a paid bundle, That you’re gonna be a part of don’t send them to the same exact like paid product, paid buyer sequence, essentially wherever you’re housing, your course, or your product, make a duplicate [00:09:00] copy. You don’t have to write the words of the bundle on there. If you don’t want to.

[00:09:03] But your buyer series is gonna be more of a welcome series. And I always like to acknowledge if I can, where they came from and I’m like, Hey, so, Hey, you know, we have super cool bundle people. I’m so high to have you here. I know that your inbox is inundated with a lot of stuff, but I also know that you’re keen on this, this and this, and you know, here’s my philosophy.

[00:09:21] So here’s the course I’m gonna check in in a couple more days, not like immediately, cuz you got a lot of emails, so that way we can go on it, you are gonna make sure that, you know, your subject lines are super compelling and that welcome series slash buyer series. If that’s the way you wanna consider it, you’re gonna make sure that you get them to actually go into the course and do the things in those first couple of emails.

[00:09:43] You’re gonna show those lessons. What are. Juiciest parts. What are the easiest things that you have? Um, you know, for the health and wellness people, it’s like, you know, my client did this for a week and here was the results, right? So that could be like a subject line you can show up before and after if you’ve got one of those and be like, you are gonna know all about [00:10:00] it in module two.

[00:10:01] So again, always give them a reason to click over the other thing. And I know this is gonna sound super odd, but especially regardless if you are in a free or paid bundle, those first couple of emails, you gotta have a picture of your face. It doesn’t have to be a weird headshot or any of that. My whole philosophy, as you know, is treat people like people mm-hmm we need to go from some nameless, faceless rando that they just signed up for, because your title wasn’t intriguing way to go to a person that they’re now, like, I know I signed up for like 12 other blogging things, but like, I really like this person.

[00:10:36] So that’s why you’re gonna show a picture of yourself. I could show a picture of me with the dogs. I could show again, it can be like a casual one. Again, go look on your Instagram feed. What was a cool pick that you picked of yourself? So that way it’s like, oh, okay. All of a sudden you go from who’s this rando to, oh yeah, this is Kate or, oh yeah, this is the person I got it from here.

[00:10:53] And you’re gonna remind them in those first couple of emails, even at the bottom, like, don’t remember how I got your email address. It was from [00:11:00] this bundle because you wanted to be able to, and then again, the result that your free thing gets them. So again, when it comes to that, I know we talked about a whole heck of a lot in a very short amount of time.

[00:11:10] It’s again, looking at who the host is in having the expectation. And you can just ask, you’re not gonna demand anything you’re ask, but oh, do have a lot of people that are being giving stopped photos. Oh no. We try to keep a 20 or two. Excellent. Oh yeah. We, you know, we do have a lot of people that are gonna be covering that, so we can’t, you know, guarantee you’re gonna be their own.

[00:11:26] All right. So then I’m gonna make sure, again, my branding some point, my name’s at some point that welcome Sirius slash buyer thing, mm-hmm is on point and that’s really, you know, kinda kind of how, how it’s gonna work and how it’s gonna go again. Some, like you say, some are gonna be hit or miss, I say, just to get your name out there.

[00:11:44] It’s better than nothing. Oh, one other thing. This is a conversion thing for both, for your paid, make sure in that, you know, new version of whatever you’re giving you have those next steps available. And after a couple of those emails that they’re gonna get from you where you’re really trying to get them in there, you’re [00:12:00] making sure everything’s going good.

[00:12:01] You’re again, acknowledging how you met again, all things you do for a real friendship, then tell them the next step it’s like, and if you want this here’s this, or, you know, here’s sneak peak from that. So it’s one of those things that you don’t have to necessarily. Hit them where the sales things right away, but it’s having that next step module next, next chapter, next step, last page, just something.

[00:12:22] So they know that next page and they can look around and see other places, same thing in that buyer series. You know, typically it’s always get them to the course to get them to the course, but you can answer me a little bit of like, oh, and if you want some bonus, like I did this podcast here or like, here’s this real, so that way they, they get to know you more as a person.

[00:12:39] And

[00:12:39] Viv: do you recommend like the, the, the emails, like the welcome secret emails you send during while the bundle’s still running? So obviously they’re signing up to a lot of stuff. So they’re gonna get a lot of emails and welcome secret seekers, or do you recommend kind of delaying some of those emails till like the bundles ended and kind of dripping them out of maybe a longer time than you would [00:13:00] normally.

[00:13:01] Kate: Great question. I don’t necessarily wait until the bundle’s over, but I do stretch it out longer. So usually in a welcome series, the first two emails I’ll do about 24 hours apart. Mm-hmm sometimes the third, depending on if I’ve set up like a course or not will be like to say the next 24 hours. So they’re hearing from me three days in a row, but with these three bundles, like I’ll literally tell people like, okay, so you’ve got this welcome email.

[00:13:23] I know you’re getting 10 or other 50 emails, like awesome for you. I’m gonna. Check back in with you in about three or four days, right? Yeah. And another thing that I’ll do again, still have that really compelling subject line, but sometimes I’ll put like the initial of the bundle. So that way they also know where it came from.

[00:13:41] So it’s like, oh, it’s, you know, from the VB bundle. Oh, okay. Like, so that way they kind of remember where you’re from, but I like to give them a little bit more space. Yeah.

[00:13:51] Viv: Cause it gets noisy. Doesn’t it? In your inbox, it gets very busy if you’re kind of signing up for lots of things and uh, yeah. Mm-hmm I think, you know.

[00:13:59] Kate: Yeah. [00:14:00] And there’s nothing to say in, because again, if you’re making a duplicate product, rather than just the normal one, cause most course providers and stuff you can do that you could literally have a bonus welcome module, like up at the top. It’s like how to handle. All of these free course things, right?

[00:14:17] Like there’s nothing to say that, um, you can’t teach them how to manage their time with everything. Right. Um, if you’re really in it, 200 with the bundle, maybe you’re gonna like map out like, oh, you can do this course. And this course, that type of thing, you know what I mean? But I think just sort of showing them how to get their brain together.

[00:14:32] Viv: Yeah. I love that. I’ve got so many questions here for you, um, and more that are coming into my brain as you’re speaking. So I, I guess one of the other things that people are asking is mm-hmm, . Isn’t it a lot of work, like do I have to keep creating more and more free stuff? Course it’s trains, whatever four bundles, if I wanna do like bundles consistently regularly through the year, do I need to do, do I, can I just rinse [00:15:00] and repeat and use the same thing, like packaged in different ways?

[00:15:02] Or do I need to have like half a dozen or whatever? It might be different courses to use?

[00:15:09] Kate: I would say that if you are going to be running your own, we have definitely done it just because it converts so well. I think we had the same gift for our free bundle. Like. I think it was like three, four times in a row.

[00:15:22] And it’s still the most highest converting one on there. I mean, it’s probably cuz it’s the top of the page and everyone wants newsletter templates, but at some point it’s like, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Absolutely. If you are going to go on the free end paid bundle circuit, if you will, I probably would not do the same gift in a free one versus a paid one.

[00:15:39] I’d probably of course try to keep those separate if I can. I would probably look at having maybe like two. So then maybe you can sort of alternate because again, hopefully whether it’s for your page, you’re gonna be promoting the, bundle yourself to your audience. Mm-hmm so you don’t wanna constantly be saying like, oh, if you didn’t get my welcome series in a weekend, like here’s that, so what’s really nice is, and what I [00:16:00] find the easiest is to be able to peel parts of paid product.

[00:16:04] Off. Yeah. And sort of spin that around. Right. So like I’ve got like my welcome series and a weekend, which is part of, um, you know, the Loveless course, that’s just sort of shrunken down. I have actually something that your audience is gonna get for free. If they have decided they wanna run the free bundles where it’s like the first couple of lessons in my actual free bundles course.

[00:16:20] Right. So it’s like, you kind of have like these like different things or, you know, if I have, I have a Trello course, so it’s like, I have like a set of like 10 boards that I can give away. So it’s sort of like, okay. And I also try to look at. I try to look at being in bundles free versus pay regardless as a almost pre pre-launch activity.

[00:16:40] If that makes sense. Yeah. So I know that they’re gonna be on a lot of people’s email list. Again, I’m always gonna try my best to be their favorite out of that bundle. I’m gonna show my face, gonna show my personality if they unsubscribe, that’s fine. Cause I don’t wanna have to pay for them unnecessarily.

[00:16:53] So don’t worry your unsubscribe rates won’t go down as much as you think. If you’ve got that welcome series of that nurture. But obviously if you have [00:17:00] a huge influx, chances are, you’re gonna have a little bit of a big influx usually about in general. Anytime you send anything, it’s about a 1% unsubscribe rate.

[00:17:08] So you might see for those first couple, a little bit higher, obviously if it’s 10%. And you have like a healthy size list, then maybe that’s something to be concerned about, but you only have a hundred people and 10 unsubscribe, like math, which listening your favor 10. Percent’s cool. Right? Yeah. So I make sure whatever I’m gonna be giving to that bundle.

[00:17:26] Okay. What was the big thing that I was planning on selling that quarter? What did I wanna focus on? Right. So that way people already sort of have it on there. If I want to choose to say, send them into an automated sequence after that buyer sequence for like webinar I could, or I can just keep the round to the next live activity that we’re gonna do.

[00:17:44] So that’s awesome. I like to, I like to, to be a little bit strategic. So I would say you don’t spend all afternoon now creating like three different products or for free versus paid bundles. That I’ll go for, like, maybe say you’ve got four courses you don’t need to create [00:18:00] its own sort of free bundle downgrade if you will.

[00:18:02] for all of them, just, just two, two or three max, and that’s again, as those opportunities

[00:18:07] Viv: are coming up. Yeah. I gave the lazy option, which is what can I pull out of something that already exists?

[00:18:12] Kate: That’s what I, because you know, and then it has the branding and then they know it. And it’s

[00:18:16] Viv: relevant to the big thing that you wanna sell at the end.

[00:18:18] Yeah, absolutely.

[00:18:19] Kate: Exactly. So it’s not like a shocker, so we, uh, we’re in bundle right now. Um, a free one actually, that’s going on at the time of this recording. And it was a gift that I just sent to my own people too. So it’s fun. And literally I’m like, this is pulled from one of the products that I have.

[00:18:34] It still has all that products branding on there. Like it has that next step of like, if you want the rest of these, because you enjoy this template, you enjoy the teaching. Like here it is. It comforts. Well, it,

[00:18:44] Viv: we like to hear, so I, this is an interesting one. Um, If you sell like higher ticket, maybe one Toone services, things like that.

[00:18:55] Um, do you think that, that the people generally signing up to, to [00:19:00] free bundles let’s go free, um, are the kind of people that will maybe then buy into that higher sort of service or, or not? Cause I think this is like negative impression that people who sign up to bundles only want free or low ticket things, which I disagree with, but I just wanted to put that one out there cuz I think people are like, ah, that my thing’s really expensive.

[00:19:21] A lot of people are in bundles are selling like digital courses and things for like $500 or $300. And I’m selling something for $5,000 or whatever it is. Yeah. What are your thoughts on that?

[00:19:33] Kate: Uh, I cannot be the grand PMB of everyone’s business, but I would say that you’re doing yourself a disservice without at least trying it out.

[00:19:39] Yeah. Um, again, you would not think it and I can’t speak for paid so much except for my own experience. But for free bundle, those people love to buy. Yeah. They just do it. Is that it is that reciprocity factor. It is, especially, I would say when you do sell higher ticket, let them [00:20:00] know ahead of time, make sure that the value of the gift that you are giving again.

[00:20:07] I know you talk about this too. You always wanna build the best. Right. And you wanna repel the people that stink. Yeah. So you’re gonna make sure, especially if you’re a one-on-one coach, right. You know, that dream person walking through your digital door. So you’re gonna make sure the branding, the hook, the naming, the value of it.

[00:20:24] And granted, you can sell that thing later on down the road as, uh, lesser offer. Because like you can price anchor. It will work be one on one it’s $5,000, but you can get this for 97 instead. Right. So you can put an actual, like $97 thing in here. Right. And it’s like, some people say you can go to my website right now, buy it for like 97.

[00:20:42] Like we’re not lying here. I just didn’t make this up here. It’s going, but I’m gonna let you know our exit that like I’m for serious people, we do this blah, blah, like let them know so that I know ahead to time. And the people that don’t wanna be around that. They’ll leave other people that do wanna be around that and do wanna be in your vibe that they will definitely stick around.[00:21:00]

[00:21:00] But yeah. Do you think that you’re gonna is the same person that buys a bundle of 120 things for $47? Is it usually the same type of person that’s ready for a one-on-one high touch $5,000 program? Probably not. But at some point in time, you’re probably not gonna wanna just have one-on-one clients. Like I’m just gonna toss that out there.

[00:21:21] Yeah. You’re probably gonna wanna have an email list. That’s going to be better for your lower ticket masterminds, your paid workshops that you’re gonna do because paid workshops and knows that we’re talking about, but paid workshops can be fantastic ways to, you know, have one that’s like $7, $47, right?

[00:21:38] You’re gonna teach stuff that you only teach your $5,000 clients and then you pitch $5,000 product. So it can be a great font of the funnel for when you are ready for one to many, cuz I was a copywriter for forever and I have to say, I’m like, oh, well I can write great emails and great launch copy. Like I’ll be fine.

[00:21:54] I didn’t have the audience size to support lower ticket. Right. And so that’s why I had to secretly take some [00:22:00] clients until I grew my audience. So that’s the only, I wish as a service provider, I spent a little bit more time. I know everyone says it’s cliche. I wish I’d spent a little more time growing my email list and like getting my name out there rather than, you know, how it is.

[00:22:12] Right. When you’re great. Like Viv is you get a lot of referrals. So like people, and then you just get booked up and you’re like, well, I couldn’t possibly have more people. So why would I wanna have an email list? So I would say use it as a future. Plan. Absolutely. Don’t sell those people short again, set that standard.

[00:22:26] Like we are, again, depending on cuz you had said health and fitness, right. And again, if you are a high end health and fitness coach, you’re probably already branding and positioning yourself outside of here where like you’re not dealing with say general population, right. You are dealing with, you know, um, advanced gen population who wants to look like, you know, a competitor or a power lifter, but doesn’t plan on ever competing.

[00:22:49] Mm-hmm you wanna deal with someone who’s like, you know, at the spiritual echelon, right? Like who loves, you know, Chanel and would be mortified again, just describe your person. So they know you’re like, it’s no offense. I’m like, I [00:23:00] just wanna make sure that we vibe and then people will be like, oh,

[00:23:02] Viv: alright.

[00:23:03] Yeah. And I’m gonna add in there as well for anyone that kind of was thinking, yeah, I’m not sure what, you know, this is gonna work for me. Cause I sell high ticket. There are people certainly in business and marketing, you know, I might, I have clients who are still like, oh, I just, when you send free bundles out and share stuff, I can’t help.

[00:23:19] But download like, like just shiny object. I still wanna download stuff. And there are people that will still download stuff, even though they’re willing to pay for a higher ticket kind of coach consultant, whatever they’re looking for designer, um, who are, they’re looking for their answer sometimes in the free stuff, but actually they’re like that, you know, eventually get to the point of going this, you know, there’s so much to work through and I just want someone to do it for me or help me or help me implement it.

[00:23:45] So there are still people in there who are not necessarily looking for the low ticket, who will go for high, higher ticket and remember high ticket. You don’t necessarily need as many people. So it does work, you know, both ways. Doesn’t it? I guess Kate,

[00:23:58] Kate: it does. And there’s always that. [00:24:00] There’s this lady who worked at, um, copy, copy blogger.

[00:24:07] I wanna say copy actress, but that’s not. That’s true. One, um, name Sonya. And she was talking about like the second tier fan. So like, say that somebody did sign up for say like some promotional graphics that you had right. In a free bundle of pay bundle didn’t matter. And they thought that they were absolutely stunning right now.

[00:24:23] All of a sudden their friend is like, oh, like I just, I wish I could just hire somebody for Pinterest. Like, oh man, I got this from this person. And they’re great. Or, oh, go check it out. Or, you know, I was struggling to get my first client. I actually did this thing. I got it from a free bun. Like, she’s fantastic.

[00:24:36] So like, people will talk about you again, as long as whatever you put in free versus paid, your branding is on point your messaging. And the quality is good. Yeah. And then people are going to be all about you. Yeah. Help people get a result because you done a lot of crap out there. Yeah.

[00:24:53] Viv: Greg, Greg Fon was one of my coaches and he talked about this, like where he was really, he did it, you know, he gave out.

[00:24:59] So, and he does [00:25:00] still gives out amazing like high value, free content, like the kind of stuff, really high, like stuff, leverage stuff that he gives to his like high paying clients, you know, like $15,000 clients and stuff. And he gave some of these bits out and, um, people got results, like amazing results.

[00:25:15] And then they come to him and invent like 10, $15,000 to work with it because like, ah, I got a result at that stage. Now. I know, I wanna know more because there’s more to come. And so actually guys, you, you know, there are people out there that want that they maybe just need like that to get that value and, and really develop that and maybe get a result in their first instance, because then when they’re looking for more results, They’re coming back to you.

[00:25:37] So that’s the thing as well. Exactly.

[00:25:39] Kate: Yeah. Quick win. The easiest way to a sale is results. Yeah, absolutely. 100% get them a result, cuz it’s like, again, oh my goodness. I did this with their free stuff. Like what’s gonna happen with the paid stuff or even just like, you know, um, and again, I think this works for everyone.

[00:25:53] I know that we’re, you know, B2B, but it’s like. You know, when people are like, again, now they’re like looking around for business coach, like, oh yeah. It’s [00:26:00] like, that was awesome. Like I definitely wanna go over there. Oh, like again, they’re gonna tell their friends, like check this out. It can 100% work. I just don’t think you might think that you’re gonna get freebie seekers and lower ticket people and I’m sure yes.

[00:26:12] That you are gonna get some people that are gonna. Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe you charged that. You wanna know what you can do. Just hit their, their unsubscribing. And now you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

[00:26:22] Viv: absolutely. Absolutely. You will get, that’s fine. You will get a mix. Uh, absolutely. And it’s yeah, always.

[00:26:27] Yeah, but you know, it, doesn’t assuming anything, doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a bundle or you’re just putting your freebee out there, you leave magnet, you know, you’re gonna get a mix of people, you know, of course you want qualified people, but you can really qualify so much with those, those kind of lead magnets and the, the promo you’re putting out there at that stage.

[00:26:43] Okay. So let’s now flip this from kind of being a contributor in other people’s bundles to running your own bundle. Okay. Hit us. Oh, so someone says I wanna run a bundle. I can’t really find any in my niche in my sector. [00:27:00] So I’m gonna run my own. What are the time scales? How long from someone kind of going?

[00:27:05] Yeah, I think I wanna run a bundle to kind of getting it set up and out there.

[00:27:10] Kate: I personally like to give people 90 days. However, I do have a student that did it in a month. Oh. So like, it could be 60 days now, the student that did it in a month, it was the business to business space. She was a web designer who helped coaches.

[00:27:24] So she only asked a couple of her clients, there were, I think, five or six of them. So it wasn’t a huge bundle. So she got everything right away. She could design the sales page and the branding and she got it done super fast. So I would say your very first bundle probably give yourself 90 days and I would keep it to a smaller amount of contributors.

[00:27:45] You’re gonna find the thing that you spend the most time with is usually I call it the herding cats is making sure that people get their stuff in making sure that their links actually work. Um, if people are going to give paid [00:28:00] products, here are two hint that everyone needs to know one. Tell every contributor, they need to use the same exact coupon code.

[00:28:06] And this goes for free or paid bundles, everybody. Okay. Same one across the board. And whenever the expiration time is make them add an extra 24 hours or 48 hours, if they’re comfortable, because time zones are a thing. Yes. Yeah. When I

[00:28:23] Viv: left actually.

[00:28:26] Kate: One of one of my friends, uh, she, hers was a free version.

[00:28:30] And again, she done the thing where if youd gonna have a coupon code ever do the same, which is fantastic. I love that, but she forgot to tell everybody, give it 48 hours. Like who’s gonna care if there’s a couple of extra people on list. Mm-hmm exactly because there’s gonna be so much technical support email.

[00:28:45] The reason why I say about 90 days, what is, I don’t wanna say nice about a free bundle. Depends on your learning style is you’re gonna be able to do a lot of things in Pand them, which is really great. But at the beginning you are gonna have to come up with, okay. What’s my theme. What’s [00:29:00] my branding.

[00:29:00] What’s its name. What’s its colors. So you’re gonna have to do a little bit of that sort of stuff. And one of the things in the free bundle kit that you guys are gonna be get, we’re gonna talk a little bit about it in there. You know, maybe you just do it with like the time of the year, like spring, back into fitness or spring into wellness, or, you know, the holiday bundle fun pack, right?

[00:29:21] Um, maybe you decide to take the opposite approach of everyone else in the world. And you do a black Friday bundle where everyone is trying to sell paid stuff. You’re doing free stuff. I’m not saying you’re gonna get a lot of people that will contribute. Cause most people wanna cash in and buying frenzy.

[00:29:34] So again, a can be like a little bit of like, after that, it’s like, now that their wallets have cooled down, so you can just, again, you can pick a holiday, you can pick a theme for your person. You’re gonna do that. Right. So that’s sort of like the very, very. Then you’re going to find contributors, right?

[00:29:49] That’s like the thing like, oh, wanna go, we’re gonna start small. Who are your friends? Are you in any groups like this? Do you have, say like a VA or a friend that you can ask? [00:30:00] Right. And you’re just gonna ask around, try to go to your immediate sort of network. And you’re looking for people who help the same audience, but in slightly different ways.

[00:30:10] So maybe you are somebody who is really into like calisthenics. So maybe you’re gonna look for somebody who is into like mindful eating, maybe somebody who’s into yoga, um, even a CrossFit person. Again. If somebody’s like really in to like CrossFit chances are, they might not necessarily, or they could be a little interested in calst.

[00:30:29] So like it’s not gonna be biting on so many people’s toes. So in the online business space, it’s a little bit easy because it’s like, okay, I’m a click up person. I’m just not gonna go find another click up person. I’m gonna, I’m gonna be like the productivity person or at least this tool, but like, I’ll go look for a dub Sodo person.

[00:30:45] I can look for a time management. And I look for an email person. So you wanna think of your ideal person and like, what else would they want? So it’s like, okay, like let’s flip back, like say I do CALTS CALTS for who? So maybe it’s like the mom, so maybe it’s [00:31:00] like, um, you know, get fit and healthy. Right. So now I was like, okay, it’s mom stuff.

[00:31:04] So maybe you’ll look for somebody. Who’s got some kids activities. Maybe you’re gonna look for again, somebody who does mindfulness stuff, because they’ll handle the meditation, cuz that’s not really your back. Right. Maybe you’re gonna find an actual nutritionist because you’re not really a nutritionist.

[00:31:16] Right. So you’re not gonna get there. Maybe you find someone that handles like bullet journaling, maybe you throw in something fun, like adult coloring book pages. Right. Again, you’re trying to think of like, okay, if I wanna attack this as like a mom’s wellness. What does mom need wellness about what is that whole big spectrum that we can sort of, you know, peel out and go for.

[00:31:37] And so again, you’re gonna ask your friends, you know, if you have been following somebody on social media, maybe you’ve been, you know, replying back to their stories. You guys are like DM buddies, ask a DM buddy. Um, you can send cold email pitches. There’s no problem with that at all. Again, you’re just gonna sort of explain how this whole works, how again, if it’s gonna be free versus paid, um, if it’s a [00:32:00] free one, then again, I try to only have one person covering one topic, but again, it’s your circus.

[00:32:04] You can do whatever you want. Um, if it’s a paid one, you can always talk about, you’ll be able to grow your list and make some money. And here’s the type of results that other bundles have gotten in the past. And again, are you gonna get some nos? Yes. Usually you just get ignored. I have to say nine times outta 10, but you will get a lot of people saying yes, because that first bundle it’s gonna be your friends.

[00:32:25] So we went over that. We got the theme. The next thing once people say yes, give them short timeline, like give them three weeks max, probably two to get their act together because they’re gonna need that extra week. But as you’re waiting, say, it’s like that month, right? Cause you gave them three and you know, there’s gonna be some stragglers.

[00:32:41] They need big four during that month, you’re gonna set up your own gift. You are going to set up your own landing page your own. Thank you. Page your own buyer series. You’re going to set up the back end of the free bundle itself. You know, the things that you can do, the free bundles. Thank you. Page the registration page to a point, right.

[00:32:58] Obviously you’re gonna have [00:33:00] a section of all the gifts that people are gonna be able to either get or purchase. Right. So you’re just gonna leave that page blank, right? So there’s a lot of things you can do. You can work on, you know, generic, uh, social media post, and all this sort of stuff. So you’re not just waiting to the last minute.

[00:33:13] Once all your contributors get you their stuff. So that way, once they do get you all of their stuff, and this is why you probably want at least four to five weeks, if you could help it before. Be free bundle or paid bundle. Definitely paid bundle starts versus when your contributors give you their stuff.

[00:33:30] So that way you have time to make the swipe files, to update the pages, to get your own promotional stuff. And, you know, I know it seems like a lot of work, again, anything that’s worth doing can be a lot of work, right? Mm-hmm , you’re gonna up cycle, right? Like you’re gonna use your swipe files for yourself and schedule those off your own emails.

[00:33:47] You might, you are gonna use those own social media posts to schedule out your social media posts, right? You’re gonna make your life a lot easier if you, you know, the thing towards the end that you really wanna be focusing on is just testing a lot, testing the links, checking [00:34:00] the test out process, make sure everything works, make sure the coupon code works.

[00:34:02] Right? So there’s a lot of things that you can get done ahead of time. So that way you’re just updating a little bit at the end.

[00:34:08] Viv: My biggest surprise when I run my first bundle was how many contributors who’d applied between applying and you saying, Hey, you’re in, kind of went. What did I say I was gonna do and like just no recollection of what they said, how much it was and you kinda have to then feed them all the information back to them.

[00:34:27] So if you can create a form where they get a copy or, you know, they can go back, that’s really gonna be useful. Cuz even I’ve done that occasionally where you’re like that, what did I specifically say about this bundle? Um, and so it’s really useful. So motorbike outside um, yeah. What, uh, you know, being able to send that over, cuz otherwise you’re just gonna end up having to go back and forth.

[00:34:49] Like you said, that that time can be really, um, frustrating when you’re kind of having to go back and forth and give all that insight. Two things that came up for me. There were, you said obviously first [00:35:00] bond up, keep it small. What are you classes small. Are you talking like 10 people, 20 people, 50 people what’s small in the world of bundles?

[00:35:08] Well, I think

[00:35:08] Kate: that it, again, it depends on what your goal is. Is it cash or is it your email is let’s list list growth. Let’s talk if you’re talking list growth again, I would say to get your feet weight, we, I tell my students, I want no more than 12 gifts in your first one and you yourself can do two gifts.

[00:35:24] So I would say 10 other people is great because again, it’s that people management aspect. Now, are you only gonna pitch 10 people? No, you’re probably gonna pitch 15. Right? Even if you end up with eight. That’s fine. Like it is perfectly okay. Um, and you’re really going to try and again, people hurting.

[00:35:43] You’re really gonna try to make. An us experience so that all of the language that I use is very, very specific with their contributors. Like we’re gonna grow our list, make sure if you are by your limit that you upgrade. Now we’re gonna get this done our bundles going so well again, to me, [00:36:00] it is a collaborative effort.

[00:36:01] Yeah. That’s why the, the course is collaboration, cash in, right? Like. We’re going to do this together, but again, it’s that people management. So definitely you need a project management system that works really well for you. For us. We are, um, even though I’m a Trello girl, we do all of our free bundles, honestly, through air table.

[00:36:19] That is our biggest thing because people can submit their stuff so easily because we can also have fields of like where somebody is at. You can have, you know, the air table, how you have like the main table and then you can have a tab. So like, we’ll have a tab for like the people that reached out to when we reached out to them, when we need to send a follow up email, we’ve got the tab that is connected to a form where they submit their stuff.

[00:36:42] Right. So they submit their stuff. We add a couple columns, like tested works fine. Tested email doesn’t work. So Airtable for us just makes everything so easy to keep track of. I’m sure there was a lot of other systems, but again, if it’s you and nine buddies or a friend of a friend or any of [00:37:00] that, like it’s cool.

[00:37:01] And especially if your audience is on the smaller side, you’d be surprised at how much more growth you can get with five other people promoting you, as opposed to just you such a, I think that that’s what people kind of forget. It’s like, I’m out here on my own, like, you know, do my Instagram stores or my tick socks or all this sort of stuff for a week because it’s got, or a week and a half your choice because it’s got that added sense of urgency, right?

[00:37:26] Yeah. And because now you have five other people who are highlighting you and who are gonna bring people like. I don’t know if my list was like 500 and I got an extra 200 people. Like I almost doubled my list. Right. Like, that’s amazing. And then now I got the practice. Now I got the branding down. Now I’ve got like my workflow a little bit.

[00:37:44] I can see where we had some issues, some problem, children who are not gonna ask again, superstars that we will ask again. Now we’ve got some results our next time around when doing it, cuz you’re gonna wanna do it again. Your systems are better. You’ve got results to share to people, right? You’re always gonna ask your contributors what results they got [00:38:00] and you’re gonna go big.

[00:38:01] If it’s going to be a paid bundle, then I would say, I don’t wanna say bigger is better, but I would say probably bigger is better. You’re probably looking at about 20, 25 products, which means you’re gonna probably wanna end up pitching in the summit world. They say about double. So for the bundle, that’s usually just sort of the rule of thumb, I would say is about double again, depending on how close relationships we have with people.

[00:38:23] But definitely if you’re going for, again, one of those 47 90 $7 ones always ask double what

[00:38:29] Viv: you want. I think for my audience, generally, we’re looking at this stage at free bundles, just cuz it’s around that, that lead generation audience growth without yeah. Sort of relying on social media. So should you, what

[00:38:40] Kate: your advice having a free and paid tier for the record?

[00:38:43] I have a couple of students that have done it or tried it and just like I can see, I can see where they were going, but we talk about, we call it the Leafs system, uh, in my course. And it’s just, it’s different ways to be able to make money almost instantly from the free [00:39:00] bundle. Cuz again, it’s gonna take you a lot of time and effort at the beginning, right?

[00:39:03] So there are ways that you can make money again, whether it’s launching afterwards, whether it’s trip wires, whether you are asking people to pay like a chip in fee, right? Whether you are selling, it’s a slightly bigger one, like a VIP spot. There’s a lot of different ways. To get revenue. You can make a lot of affiliate income through them.

[00:39:17] So when you’re going in with, I’m gonna build my list and I’m gonna get paid a little bit. It definitely flips it around. Yeah. I

[00:39:24] Viv: love that. Um, do, should you be asking, like for people to contribute who have a list size of, cause I know there are some people who do bundles that like you have to have a minimum 3000 or 5,000 when you’re like starting out.

[00:39:37] Should you be saying like, you need to have X number of people with your friends that you’re bringing into this bundle. Uh, is that a good idea to kind of go out with a minimum list, size requirement? I

[00:39:49] Kate: don’t think that you necessarily have to, to be honest with you. Um, I think that if you are gonna go with that, it’s from the, you wanna make sure to [00:40:00] make sure that everyone can get the most out of this free bundle as possible.

[00:40:03] We would like you to have about again, you know, socio like this. We would like everyone to have about 2000, you know, people, again, you can just pick a number it’s up to you about 2000 active subscribers on your email list or they’re out. So that way, you know, one, person’s not bringing us all 5,000 and then we’re not, you know, bringing more people to the party.

[00:40:23] Yeah. I think that that’s a way to go at it, but I think that if it is your, again, your first time, and you’re kind of doing your hot network, warm network, um, I don’t think that you necessarily need to, cause again, you’re not gonna promise any results. It’s like, you know what, we’re gonna do it. Um, if you do decide that you want people to have like a chip and feed, it’s like, I guarantee you I’m gonna.

[00:40:40] Again, I wouldn’t say the word guarantee. I’m like, you’re most likely going to get more leads from this than you would from the same out in Facebook ads. So if you’d rather your friend get the money than Zuckerberg, like, you know what I mean? Yeah. Like there’s, there’s ways around it, but no, I know that I’ve definitely been approached for no free bundle, I think has ever [00:41:00] asked me a list size, to be honest with you.

[00:41:01] Um, there was one that you had to pay to be in. That she wanted a certain list size, but I didn’t like her rules, but again, it was her circus, so she could do what she wanted. So we just said no, um, I don’t know with paid ones sometimes, but I know like for summits too, people be like, like, how am I gonna know?

[00:41:19] Like, that’s my biggest thing, right? Like, how am I gonna know how many people I’m not gonna ask you to send me a screenshot of your converted account exactly.

[00:41:25] Viv: To prove. I know, I know for a lot of people like, oh, but I’ve only got, oh, I’m starting out. I’ve got a hundred people on my list. I wanna do a bundle, but now I can’t do a bundle like chicken and egg thing.

[00:41:33] Isn’t it? Like, can I do a bundle if I’ve only got a hundred people? Yeah. You know, you can, but I think it’s, you know, like you say, if you had 10 people, who’ve all got a hundred people and five people from each person, you know, signed up, you’ve grown your list a lot, you know, really, um, just from doing that bundle, it is a lot of work to maybe get that few people.

[00:41:55] But, you know, nonetheless it’s still growth, which is what you’re aiming for and hopefully [00:42:00] growth of the right people.

[00:42:01] Kate: Exactly. And I think that again, when people are sort of going in with the expectation, again, especially with sort of that first one, and like, everyone’s like, you’re just saying no, like we’ve got this chummy and like, this is, you know, about how many people that we think we’re gonna be able to get to the page.

[00:42:13] And it’s like, I’m gonna do absolutely everything that we can to remote it and to talk you guys up and all this sort of stuff. And again, we’re making it the us show. And again, I think if you have a hundred people, I don’t think that you need to disclose that to people. They don’t need to know how many people that you have.

[00:42:27] That’s technically none of their business, just like your list size, their list size is none of your business truly. And, you know, just. Just go from there. Um, if you’re trying to pitch somebody say you’re trying to, you know, pitch somebody to be in your free bundle, like say, it’s your teacher then. Like, I would be like completely honest with them.

[00:42:43] about like, not the numbers per se, but like if you’re approaching Viv because you know that she has a nice complimentary audience, right. You’d be like Viv. I absolutely love all her stuff. And I’ve gotten such great results. Like I’m gonna be doing my free bundle. I just wanna let you know our other contributors, there are gonna be a little bit smaller, cause I’m not quite sure how much [00:43:00] exposure they’re gonna be in, but, you know, I would just love to be able to be associated with you.

[00:43:03] And honestly, all the people that I can tell about you is just like, I, I just, I have to cuz you’re great. Right? So again, you’re like doing like a nice flattery sandwich, but again, you’re being honest and yeah, I think, you know, we let some contributors inside of our free bundles that are in my course about email list.

[00:43:21] So I know for a fact they’re not gonna bring a lot for the table. , but I also know that for them getting, you know, 500 or a thousand new subscribers in a week, it can be business changing. So again, massively, yeah, I will, I will mix it up with colleagues will have we call them listy spots, like dedicated again for my students.

[00:43:40] But again, when you’re small, like don’t, don’t be afraid. I think that’s the biggest thing that I’m going to, and again, you’re gonna get better at it as you go, you can make it like semiannually and people are going to enjoy it again. When you get your ducks in a row, people like it.

[00:43:54] Viv: Yeah. Two, two more questions.

[00:43:57] I think I’ve got I maybe more as we get talking, but, [00:44:00] um, the, the first one is how, if you’re gonna run buns, how many would you recommend running per year? Like what feels like a manageable amount? If you’re a small business still, so you don’t have a team or a big team. Maybe you’ve got

[00:44:13] Kate: a VA, I would say at most.

[00:44:17] Twice, but I wouldn’t promise it. Yeah. Um, to be completely honest and I would, again, space them out accordingly. So we, we used to do them as, and we’re slightly changing our tactic now, but like we used to do ’em as like a pre pre-launch activity, but then I wasn’t getting around to like paying much attention to my actual launch activity.

[00:44:35] So that’s why I had to move it out. So like we did it, um, we had started in September, it was like the back to business bundle. That was the name of ours. And so it’s like, we did it in September because that’s when the most people are getting back to business. Um, because I do live in the states. So like a lot of people, like they’re getting back into the swing of things and then we would do it in February because most people have the best of intentions in January, but it just doesn’t always go as planned.

[00:44:57] So like February slash, beginning of March, [00:45:00] It really was like, people have lost steam by this point. So it just made sense with our name and our branding. So we do it twice a year. Um, one of my students she’s done it twice a year, but she has like a summer one. And then she’s got a winter one. So they’re about six months apart.

[00:45:15] So I wouldn’t say like do one every quarter because that’s just gonna take up all of your time, but what’s really nice is that after you do that, first one, you don’t have to be like my student who has two different sets of branding. She’s got a bigger team. Just reuse the same name. Yeah. If it makes sense again, you know, if it’s like the happy mommy free bundle or something, then you can do that whenever you

[00:45:33] Viv: want.

[00:45:34] Yeah, no, I, I really like that. Um, there was another question on the

[00:45:39] Kate: tip of my brain. I think people will ask you to be in their bundles too.

[00:45:43] Viv: yeah. Yeah. So that was my next question was, um, so my other question here, Can you, or, or do you recommend people use bundles as like a core lead generation strategy, like list growth strategy, or do you think it should just be a [00:46:00] complimentary activity marketing activity alongside other list growth activities?

[00:46:05] Kate: I mean, I, I, I classify as a blitz strategy. Yeah. Because it is right. Like it’s going to be, you’re gonna get a bigger influx in a very short amount of time. So you still, again, wanna have like, those consistent, like steady sort of streams as well, but having running your own bundle, you know, once or twice a year, Or I would say if you’re going to be in other bundles, I would make it once a quarter.

[00:46:30] That’s our goal. We used to do it, like if it was once a month, we do it once a month because a lot of my students of like my courses will ask me to be in them sometimes. And for a while we just said yes, and then it was just like, then we had no time for our own promotion. So it’s like once a quarter, if we can help.

[00:46:46] Um, if it’s something that is gonna be paid, we very rarely do paid. I just like to see what they’re like. Yeah. Um, then we’ll do that. So we are, now that we’re getting more invites, it’ll be more strategic. And you’ll also find again, maybe somebody El, one of your [00:47:00] contributors is wearing a bundle. Right. And you say yes to them.

[00:47:03] So then you’re in there, which is nice where we’ll just say Q2. Right. And then somebody else who was in that bundle with one of your contributors, now they’re running their own. And since they saw you in your contributor’s bundle, now they’re gonna ask you. Right. I feel like that’s how it works in the summit circle too.

[00:47:17] Yeah. Because that’s one of the strategies go find somebody who’s spoken at another summit cuz chances are, they’ll say yes, cuz they’re on the summit circuit. Yeah. Same thing with a free bundle. Chances are, if there aren’t one free bundle, they’ll be in another free bundle. Or if they’re in a paid bundle, they might be interested in a free bundle.

[00:47:32] Right. So. Now, you know, that use it as a growth strategy. That’s what I would say as do a blitz. If you’re gonna host your own twice a year, probably max, if you’re gonna be in other people’s, I would try to do it strategically once a quarter.

[00:47:42] Viv: I absolutely agree on the once a quarter because guys, I found this, I ended up in like two minute bundles in the same month.

[00:47:51] I hadn’t even realized they were all in the same month when like I’d put my stuff in. I was like that, oh God. Um, that was a busy month, but [00:48:00] it left no space. And this was a big bone of contention for me, for my own cotton 10. And even though I wasn’t like, particularly like pushing anything at that time, just my, my monthly ritual of how I kind of tructure my content.

[00:48:14] I couldn’t do it. And it felt really noisy that it was just. This, this, this, and it got confusing and yeah, so really be very strategic. I think about those bundles. And as you go on, you’ll learn, you’ll kind of really pick up on which of the bundles that are maybe giving you the best conversions and, and actually lead into the sales and things.

[00:48:33] Is it something specific about the audience? You know, so for me, like kind of audiences that have quite coached orientated are great for me, you know, so think about that as well. So as you kind of, you know, but, but be open to experimenting, like Kate said, you know, just go with it, try things, see what works and that’s the thing.

[00:48:52] And the beauty of business is, and, you know, just trying new things and see what works and reflecting, you know, I’ve seen so many changes with people’s [00:49:00] bundles this year, cuz they’ve got, oh, I saw someone else do this. Now I’m gonna do this in my bundle. And it’s great. The way kind of people are learning from one another and kind of improving the experience for everybody as well.

[00:49:08] So

[00:49:09] Kate: yeah, 100%. And I was just thinking again, because you had mentioned health coaches up at the top, right? Um, And this is gonna sound like an on tip. If you’re like, cuz we get a lot of people like, well I can’t figure out, we call them content pillars. Like I can’t figure out the content pillars or I can’t figure out who to ask, go to like, if you’re doing health and fitness, right.

[00:49:28] Go to like a personal development YouTuber. Like I’m thinking of like, there’s this guy named like mark. Right? And if they have something like seven habits I’m trying to do are like the best 10 habits to have for a person. Right. Obviously we know one of them’s gonna be working out, but chances are, there are nine other habits that aren’t.

[00:49:45] So now you’ve got your topic pillars. All right. I need to find a sleep expert. All right. I need to find a bullet journal. All right. I need to find a meditation person. So like, don’t just be like, but like all I know are other health and fitness coaches. Well, if they’re your friends and just shove ’em in there, right.

[00:49:58] Cuz everyone’s style [00:50:00] different. So who cares? You’re not gonna be mad if they hire your friend. I wouldn’t have a stranger be like that other person, but there’s, don’t sell yourself short on being creative and who you can ask and the amount of people that you can ask and yeah. Are there gonna be sometimes you’re just like, ah, but again, Even if it is small, if a contributor is not needing your criteria, they miss the deadline to submit their coupon code.

[00:50:24] Never works, kick them out. No one is indispensable, even if it was like me and Viv, right? Yeah. Kick ’em out. Right. Um, and again, you can come up with a promotional requirements because it’s your circus. You’re a monkey, right? If you want people to promote again, this is why you should tell people to about a week.

[00:50:40] Uh, cuz again, we don’t wanna monopolize necessarily two weeks, um, worth of sending, right? Cuz they probably have their own business and stuff. Then it’s like. You know, we’re gonna make this as easy as possible, but it’s like, look, if we can tell that you’re not promoting and these three days, like we understand that things happen, but we’re just gonna take you off [00:51:00] the roster.

[00:51:00] Yeah. Like, yeah. Cause this thing, especially like if it’s a free one, um, you know, with a paid one is probably different, right? Like we’re not going to, it’s like, oh, you didn’t get this many sales. It’s not gonna be here. And there’s a right and a wrong way to. To deal with that stuff, right. To have some decorum, but again, if someone is blowing you off, like, all right, you’re just not here anymore.

[00:51:18] That’s fine. I, I

[00:51:18] Viv: quite liked that actually, some, a couple of bundles, I think it’s happened with now asked for the three dates. You’re gonna promote like up to your email list. And I was like, oh, I like this because I can schedule this into my content plan. And I know, you know, versus, oh shit, it’s bundle week now.

[00:51:36] I’ve gotta kind of figure out and I’ve not thought about it now I’ve gotta write all the emails and you know, I’ve okay. The, the swipe copies there, but still it, wasn’t kind of on my, my radar. I’ve forgotten about it. Whereas I, I think, you know, it’s, it’s in my plan. Um, and I really like that. So, um, yeah, I quite like that because then, you know, people aren’t necessarily forgetting and you can then chase them up if you think they’re not, you know, and check that people and some people say, can you forward as a [00:52:00] copy of that email?

[00:52:00] That’s like, yeah. That’s, that’s like the most hardcore I’ve ever seen, but I was like that, oh, I like this. It’s good. Cause I feel like now it’s, it’s like, it’s. An equal, equitable contribution from everyone. Not am I like given like five emails and someone else has given one, so it feels, yeah, it feels much more even.

[00:52:19] Yeah.

[00:52:19] Kate: Yeah. And again, and that’s always the aspect that actually, why it’s not like, oh, you know, like you’re not doing this for mine doing this. It’s like, look, this is a collaborative effort. And while we do not have a requirement for how many people you get to the page, or how many signups, if you’re not in it to win it for the week, like we’re not gonna be in it to win it for you.

[00:52:36] Yeah. Like it’s very obvious. And again, you might approach somebody and they might say to you, oh, I’ll be in the bundle, but I can’t do their promotion. That’s up to you. That’s a gut call. That was one of your Dreamies to get in there. You can choose it. I had some people that come up to us and I was just flat up honest with them.

[00:52:50] I’m like, I would love to, but we can’t promote because that is the week before our actual launch. And I would feel like a douche saying yes, doing full well that you’d get maybe like a half an [00:53:00] Instagram story. Yeah. And they’re like, oh, and then again, they’ll make that gut call. Oh no, it’s fine. Like, we just really want you in there or this and that.

[00:53:06] So it’s, it’s again, your circus. You to decide what the rules are.

[00:53:11] Viv: I love it. I love it all loved our talk today. So Kate tell us, uh, you have a course of bundles. Just share a little bit of info about that. Where can people find out about that? Sure. How long does it take to do? Yeah,

[00:53:25] Kate: sure. So we have a course called collaboration, passion in as the time of this recording, the new version might be live.

[00:53:32] So we do have the old one that was called the list, build and giveaway, but people got confused with the word giveaway. Consumers did. So we did away with the word giveaway and just made it labeled the free bundle. So what it does is it walks you through and it gives you all the templates that you need to actually run a free bundle yourself.

[00:53:48] So again, the first couple of modules is all about planning and branding, colors and hook, and like potentially like the content pillars that you are gonna have all that sort of stuff, different revenue plans using the leaf method. The next section [00:54:00] I’m looking, cuz I actually have the travel board up cuz we’re final module is getting its big update.

[00:54:04] Um, you know, coming up with your own gift, talking about your own welcome series, we have the actual templates for if you use divvy lead pages or Elementor we did all of the pages for you, right? We have email templates for all them. We’ve got social media templates that you can use both graphic ones and not like it really is.

[00:54:21] And that’s why it’s old name was list build and giveaway in a box because it truly was list, build and giveaway in a box. Um, And so, you know, that’s all collaboration, cash, and again, we’ve got a lesson I literally just recorded one on like how to keep your contributors, like amped for being in there. Cuz again, I think that, that makes a lot of sense.

[00:54:38] Uh, you know, we talk about basics about like what makes a good landing page, like for your own, you know, free thing that you’re gonna be offering cuz we wanna make sure that’s great. And again, like. Really checklist what to do after this bad boy, that sort of funness. So that’s collaboration, cash in. If you go to Kate, you can get there.

[00:54:57] Like I said, the newer, bigger version should be [00:55:00] out by the time this is out. If not, and you decide to invest in it when it’s still the branding of. The contributor lists you building give away in a box, you get collaboration, cash in, like you get the upgrade guys. I’m

[00:55:11] Viv: just gonna say, as someone who did their own bundle last year, freaking buy this because you know what, it’s just, it’s gonna give you such a head start.

[00:55:19] It’s gonna remove the headache, you know? Absolutely. And it’s just gonna get you there a lot, lot only you

[00:55:25] Kate: need to is hit send. Yeah. The only thing you need to do is truly is hit send like, are you gonna need to write stuff? Are you need to customize our templates? Yes. But like, it’s that again, if you wanted to do it in 45, 60 days, you went a hundred percent could, especially if you’ve got a bigger network, if you’re just doing something like lead pages and you’re not building its own website and all you need to use is go into Canada for five seconds to create this logo using its logo generat.

[00:55:48] Like, you’ll be good to go. Yeah. And this

[00:55:51] Viv: is gonna provide you such great return on investment guys, because you are gonna just, if you’re gonna run bundles like year after year, you’ve now got this framework, [00:56:00] everything in place set up and it’s just, yeah. It’s, it’s just so worth doing. And it’s something I

[00:56:04] Kate: wish I, you become everyone’s favorite person.

[00:56:06] You become everyone’s favorite person when they see the results that you get them. Yeah. From doing the way that I do, really, that was one of my students, Dolly. She was like, I did not realize how many people and I’m not talking about like, subscribers that love her, which obviously she’s cool. Sure. But it made her so many online friends.

[00:56:24] Because they were blown away by how it was run the ease of it and the results that they got. That’s amazing. So now everybody, when, cuz she does SDO, right? So now all of those contributors, when you do your job correctly, which is course they gonna help you do, oh, you need to Deb Sodo, you should go talk to my friend,

[00:56:40] Viv: Dolly.

[00:56:41] Yeah. Yeah. That’s phenomenal. No doubt. So guys, there you go. That was a really big plug there. Wasn’t it at the end, but I love it. You know, and I really,

[00:56:48] Kate: oh, we do have a little free version. We do have a little free, then

[00:56:51] Viv: we’re gonna put that in the show notes as well. Aren, we, so the free version is here.

[00:56:54] What’s, what’s the link for the free version. If people want that,

[00:56:57] Kate: uh, is Kate Doster, I’m gonna, [00:57:00] I’ll make sure to email it to you that get in the show notes. It’s Kate bundle kit. And I did two versions, one with the hyphens and one without, depending on how you wanna type. And so that, one’s just sort of like getting off the road, trying to think of a topic.

[00:57:12] Again, some things that we covered here in the podcast that goes a little more in depth. Um, again, and I’ll tell you like right in these, like I pulled it right from collaboration, cash in the new version. So like there’s some things where like, just so you know, like this is just the paid. That gets this in like the next module.

[00:57:26] So don’t get, don’t get your hopes up too much yet.

[00:57:31] Viv: love it. It’ll going. Yeah. But you know, it’s, it is worth doing, isn’t it? And I know I’m doing, um, I’m doing the summit summit training with Krisa at Lisa this year. Uh, Chris, I love her. Uh, yeah. And I was just like that. Hell no, but I’m not, I’m not doing all this from scratch on my own, you know, I’m sure I could, but it takes so much time and energy, you know, and just guys just, just invest, honestly, it’s gonna serve you so well, it’s going to, you know, if you’re gonna invest in a few things, this is, this is one of those things to, [00:58:00] to get you going and build that list for sure.

[00:58:03] Kate: Build that list.

[00:58:04] Viv: Yeah. Build that list, guys. It’s gonna be transformational for your business. So, and people stick

[00:58:09] Kate: around. Yeah. People stick around. I don’t know if I can plug somebody else’s podcast on this podcast, she can plug. So, um, but there’s an episode of the, oh, my gross podcast with one of my contributors, Lany Lamar.

[00:58:22] And she’s very like by the book and like, she’s great at keeping her stats, not even she was blown away. She’s like she was the first one to admit her trip. Wire page conversion was less than what it normally was, but she was blown away by how many people had stepped around for months. She’s like, I couldn.

[00:58:37] I, I can’t believe they’re still here. Yeah. We’ll put that in the show. And this is where they

[00:58:41] Viv: came from. I know you mentioned it when we spoke last time and, uh, yeah, you were chatting about, I like that. Oh, we like that. So yeah. We’ll, we’ll link that one in the show notes as well. Yeah. So where else Kate, can people connect with you if they wanna follow?

[00:58:54] You get to know you obviously beyond your email list.

[00:58:58] Kate: Ooh. So, [00:59:00] um, if you’re like pre Kate, I already have subscribers. What do I say to. You can head to Kate for slash two years where I mapped up two years worth of email topics that you can send your list. So that way, if you just need to get your brain juices going, I’m gonna tell you like, okay, week one, send an email about this week two, send this.

[00:59:17] So it’ll give you some ideas. People really love that. Um, you can listen to my podcast, which is the inbox besties podcast. We talk all about really its mission at this point is to eradicate the idea that nice people finish last in business. Like people love spending money. I guarantee you y’all bought something from Amazon recently.

[00:59:37] Right? Like we all have. Right. So I wanna make sure that that money is actually getting spent to good people. So that’s really the direction that show has taken. Do we still talk about email list? Absolutely. But you know, we just had a podcast about getting out of creative rut, uh, dealing with ADHD. So I’m trying to get you as like a whole business owner, because while I do think that email marketing is still one of the smartest and most profitable thing you can do, it’s [01:00:00] not the only leg of running a great business.

[01:00:02] So, yeah. Awesome. That’s how we help you out there.

[01:00:04] Viv: That’s fantastic. Kate, thank you so much for being, I guess, on the show today. I, I know it’s been a long one for everyone listening, but there was so much I wanted to ask and pick Kate’s brain on, cuz I know you guys have lots of questions that have come up over time.

[01:00:18] Mm-hmm so thank you Kate for being here today.

[01:00:21] Kate: Thank you so much for having me.

[01:00:23] Viv: Awesome. So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today, and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you and as always. Thank you.

[01:00:39] Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this podcast. And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an episode, speak to you soon.[01:01:00]


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27:00 How long should you run your Bundle

35:00 Importance of your goal

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