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[00:00:00] Viv: Welcome back to another episode of marketing without social media. Now, before we dive in, I wanted to let you know that if you are a service based business, thank coaches consultants, therapists who wants to get to $7,000 plus recurring months. Yes. Every month, but needs help with growing your audience.

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[00:00:41] We’re gonna figure out and identify what’s possible for you and your business in the next six months and beyond we’re gonna uncover the number one. That is restricting your growth and holding you back right now. And finally, we are gonna develop a three step action plan. [00:01:00] Yes, three step action plan that will get you results in your business.

[00:01:04] A S P. Now the session is. Free it’s 15 minutes. And all you have to do is head on over to Viv plan. Yes, that’s Viv plan. Right now, pick a day, pick a time that suits you and let’s chat. Welcome in this episode, we are covering how to get people to say yes to your offer. I’m really looking at why people aren’t saying yes right now in your business, because without those yeses, You don’t have a viable, sustainable business.

[00:01:43] And that is what we want and need as entrepreneurs and business owners. So let’s dive into what the four things are that you need to look at and address in order to get people from saying no to saying [00:02:00] yes. Yes. Hell yes. Let’s dive in guys.

[00:02:09] You’re listening to marketing without social media. With me Viv guy, the podcast for people who want more clarity, connections, and cash in their business, I’ll be sharing with you proven techniques from leading entrepreneurs and experts from across the. To help you to market without social media and to grow your business in a way that actually feels good to you.

[00:02:43] Why will nobody buy from me? What am I doing wrong? This is the conversation I have every single week with prospective clients and those people that are new to working with me. [00:03:00] So what is it that you’ll do wrong? Hell. I’ve been there myself. I’ve asked exactly the same question. Now we’ve talked or I’ve spoken a lot and a lot with my guests on this show about how, you know, you can look at your business as a well oiled machine.

[00:03:18] So business that works well is like a well oiled machine. The cogs are turning. Everything is working as it should be. Now, if you are at the point where you have a business and people aren’t saying yes, or you aren’t attracting people or whatever is happening for you, there is a blockage. There is a cog not turning within your machine.

[00:03:39] I want you to imagine that someone’s thrown a spanner in there and it’s just. Jammed it up and you can just visualize the machine. Can’t you going? A, a, just kind of broken machine. So let’s visualize like that’s what’s happening. So what I want to talk about is how to get people to say yes to your offer.

[00:03:59] So we [00:04:00] are further along this kind of. Pathway funnel. However you like to describe it, you know, and you will be very familiar with the term sort of sales funnel. So obviously we start the funnel with bringing people into your world, getting them aware that you exist. Okay. And then we go on a journey. So we can say that’s also the beginning of the path or the journey.

[00:04:20] So if we think about that, okay. So let’s assume for this episode, we are bringing people into our world because. If you’re not bringing people in consistently and regularly, and I’m not talking about one or two people, I’m talking in the tens, if not hundreds, each month. Okay. To be able to sell your services.

[00:04:40] So. Let’s assume that part of our, our machine is working well. Okay. Let’s go down further down and say, okay, how do we get people to say yes to your offer? Why is nobody right now hopping on a sales call? When you say, Hey, come chat to me. Why [00:05:00] is nobody when you have that sales call or, or convers. Saying hell yes.

[00:05:06] Sign me up now. So let’s just look at this as a whole. Okay. So there are four things we’re going to look at here and some of these will impact and kind of, you know, have you going further, uh, earlier on into your journey further earlier on or earlier on into your, to your client journey or your funnel?

[00:05:28] So going back up, maybe some steps to see actually, is there something that’s impacting this part of the process because it is, it, it is, you. Each part is interlinked. So if you don’t get something right at the beginning, it will have a knock on effect at the end. Okay. So let’s start. Okay. With point number one.

[00:05:49] And this is your niche and your ideal client. So are you niche or are you broad? Okay. [00:06:00] I really want you to look at this. A niche can feel really hard the earlier on in your business that you are, and it can be so tempting to stay niche, uh, to stay broad versus niche because you think, well, I can attract more people.

[00:06:14] And given that nobody really knows who I am. I want to, you know, be able to kind of just say yes to as many people as I can, but here are the problems with, with this staying broad, you are bringing in lots of different people with lots of different problems. So how do you speak within your messaging and your content to the specific needs?

[00:06:36] Of your ideal client. Yeah. Cause if you say I’m just gonna work with a lot of people. So for example, I could use the example of saying I work with all service based business owners, um, on their marketing. So that’s pretty damn broad. There’s a lot of people. Now, what specifically do I want to focus on helping people who want to [00:07:00] market their business without social media?

[00:07:03] Because they’re burnt out because they’re not getting the return on investment because it’s making them feel unwell. You know, whatever those reasons I can speak to each of those messages, but they know that it’s not for them. There is something there saying this is not for me. So that would be, you know, nicheing down.

[00:07:19] So really think about what is it that’s specific to your ideal clients, you know, and really start to, to, to map out what’s going on for them. What’s happening in their day to day lives. So that’s point number one. The second thing I want you to think about is, you know, where are they now? Like what’s going on for them.

[00:07:41] So I’ve talked about this before, like island a, where are they? What’s that place they’re at now. And what is the transformation they’re looking for? So island B, where are they now? Where do they wanna get to? Um, so that, that. Island days kind of like the pain points, the thing that’s keeping them awake at night.[00:08:00]

[00:08:00] And when you start writing these out or kind of planning these out and the transformations, I really want you to think about how can I make these. Kind of real and the way we do that, because it’s so easy for us to speak in jargon in industry technical specialist, you know, whatever your, your field of specialism is in that speak that is full of, it means nothing.

[00:08:27] It means nothing to the regular kind of. Person out there. So we wanna say, okay, if somebody is, let’s say they’re struggling with their confidence. Okay. So we say, right, they’re struggling with confidence. Well, what the hell does that actually mean? Yeah. To them, like, how do they know we need to paint the picture, everything we do are messaging the things we talk about needs to be painting the picture.

[00:08:58] It needs [00:09:00] to be, um, relevant. They need to be able to kind of say, you know, is this, is this relevant to me be? And if there is, if we’ve painted a picture. Then yes, that’s gonna kind of hook them in. So instead of saying, you know, uh, you struggle with confidence, you struggle to, um, to put your points forward at work in team meetings.

[00:09:26] So you’re overlooked for promotion. Yeah. Time and time again. You struggle to speak if it’s about maybe it’s relationship kind of coaching or, or, or, or, um, therapy. So you could say you lack confidence in your relationship. So what does that look like? You lack the confidence to speak up for yourself and share your point of view with your partner.

[00:09:47] So you’ll never feel heard. Yeah. So someone can kind of say, I, I, yeah, that’s me. I can raise my hand and say, I totally get. Yeah. Um, so we want it to be in, in [00:10:00] specific terms and this is where it really helps you get more niche. When you think about what do I really like helping people with, you know, it can sometimes help to think, okay, who are the people I really enjoy serving.

[00:10:11] So if you talk about relationships and start talking about confidence, what kind of people, you know, what kind of element of confidence do I want to look at? Yeah. It’s those people that have partners who are quite dominant, maybe. Um, over those and, and don’t kind of give that space and hold that space for my ideal client to be heard, who maybe lacks that confidence.

[00:10:31] Um, so that can then start to help you refine. Okay. What is my ideal client? Who are they? What kind of relationship are they in? So as I say, they, they work together. Okay. And these will evolve over time. The more you work with clients, um, the more you will be able to sort of refine this and. Greg F and when he was my coach, you know, said the great thing is to kind of go back after you’ve worked with, with some clients, like three or four [00:11:00] clients.

[00:11:00] Um, I do, you know, after every client, what did I like about working with that person? What made them a great client? What made them a, not so great client and pull out those things. So it could have been what were their initial challenge? Okay. What was it that they really wanted to achieve? Okay. What was it that made them great or what was it that made them difficult?

[00:11:20] Because we want to make sure we keep refining our messaging to attract the people we want. Okay. So that’s point number three, the pain points and transformation. Are we been really clear on this? Okay. Because that is going to be so important. And it is the key to your messaging. If you are not clear on this and you’ll kind of be very generic, it’s not gonna stand out.

[00:11:47] Okay. We want you to be known for. Solving one key problem. Yes. You’re gonna solve more problems than one, but what is that one key thing? So for example, you know, I help [00:12:00] people to market without social media. That is what I am known for. Do I just help people with that? No, I don’t. I help people with their confidence, their clarity, their niche, their messaging.

[00:12:12] So with their sales techniques, I help with so many different elements. But my main thing that I am known. Is marketing without social media. Okay. Because they’re the people I want to work with. Okay. And that is the key thing where I think there is so much, and I truly believe in my heart of hearts, that, that there is a big shift needed out there in the online business space about how you can effectively market business.

[00:12:39] So the next thing, the number four. Okay. We can call it perspective shift, but what do they need to believe in order to work with you? Okay. What does somebody need to believe in order to work with you? And this is what your content, your nurture [00:13:00] content is going to do. It is going to keep sort of talking to people about the reasons.

[00:13:07] They should buy into your point of view. Like why give them evidence, give them facts, give them stories, give them testimonials, give them social proof from previous, uh, clients, because this is what is going to really help people kind of change their perspective from and shift that belief in, in. In relation to what you are speaking to.

[00:13:30] Okay. So this is going to be really important. And if you have not nailed that, then people will not say yes, they will not raise their hand to have a conversation and a call with you. So we have to have those four things in place. Okay. So we need to be very specific about who we are speaking to. We need to be very specific.

[00:13:54] About the pain points and the transformations. Okay. We need to be very [00:14:00] specific about the, the perspective shift and that was actually number three. Wasn’t it? I’m rubbish at keeping count on these as I go. So let’s go on to the final point, your actual sales call. Okay. When you are having a conversation with someone or a sell by chat, but let’s talk about this in the sense of we’re offering maybe higher ticket offers or we are offering higher ticket.

[00:14:22] Uh, officer, we are hopping on a call with people. So I’m gonna say over a thousand pounds. Um, so at that point I would want you to be hopping on a sales call with people. So what is going wrong? Why are people getting to this stage of the journey with you? So they’ve kind of maybe said, yes, I’m buying in, you know, it speaks to me, your messaging speaks to me.

[00:14:45] I’m on a call now. They are not converting. So you are having a number of calls, but they’re not converting. Now we could be here a long time if I go into all the details, but let’s just think about the key things here. Okay. Why is nobody [00:15:00] saying yes. Point number one here. You don’t feel confident in what you are selling.

[00:15:07] You really are lacking confidence and sales. Again, like 90% of sales, 95% of sales is about your confidence. People are buying your confidence and belief. That you can get them that transformation. Yeah. You can help them get that transformation. And if you, if you are wavering at all in your confidence, maybe it’s about your price.

[00:15:30] Maybe it’s about the results that you’re getting. How are you getting results, whatever it is that’s holding you back that confidence, um, needs to be dealt with because it will, even if you’re not kind of. Outrightly obviously lacking in confidence. It will come through. It will absolutely undoubtedly come through.

[00:15:52] So we need to be confident. We need to feel absolutely confident in our price, in what we deliver in hell. We can help people get the [00:16:00] transformation. Okay. So that is the first part of that. The second thing in our sales conversations and calls is we need to be really clear in helping people paint that picture of where they’re at, where they want to get to and what that gap looks like.

[00:16:19] Like. Do they even understand what steps they like need to take to get from where they are to where they want to go. If you do not paint that picture for them, then you will not sell successfully because otherwise people will be like, well, it’s not really that much of an issue. I don’t really see. See or, you know, I can possibly do it myself.

[00:16:40] So what we want to do is be able to paint that picture and your sales call may actually highlight to you. And this is why I do not believe you should be trying to close every single person you speak to on a sales call. This is a diagnostic call. This is for you to assess, are they the right people to work with as well as for them to be [00:17:00] thinking, uh, you know, uh, is this the right person to help me?

[00:17:03] This is very much you auditioning people. To work with you. And if that gap is not big enough, then you do not need to be making an offer because you’re not gonna get the transformation and people, you can’t paint that picture. Okay. It’s not about creating a fake picture. It’s about just highlighting and sort of shining that spotlight and where they are, where they wanna get to, or what’s missing in between why they’re not where they want to.

[00:17:31] You also really need to not overwhelm people. So the third thing here is don’t overwhelm with logistics and deliverables. Okay. Always so often sell. Fricking logistics. So, you know, we’re gonna have 12 calls. We’re gonna, you know, meet this many times, you get all of this blah, blah, blah. You know? Yeah. That kind of comes later on if they wanna ask that question, but do not sell on that.

[00:17:59] I want [00:18:00] you to be having a conversation about, Hey, look, this is what you said. So mirroring, reflecting back to them, to your P your person on the call. Hey, this is what you’ve said is going on for you right now. Okay. This is like the key problem. So let’s talk about like, this is what we would do if we were to work together.

[00:18:20] Point number one, point number two, this is what you said. So you are using their words because do you know what, how nice does it feel when people actually have health space and heard. Because it’s so rare. We speak to our spouses, to our friends, people who just don’t freaking get it, who try to just offer their kind of, um, advice when it’s, it is sometimes unsolicited, but what you want is somebody who’s truly heard you who gets it.

[00:18:52] And that is hugely, hugely powerful. So they are some of the key. And as I say, I can go on about sales. [00:19:00] For a long time in terms of all the things. And it would be really cool, you know, to chat to you, if you are having problems at that part of your funnel, where you’re getting people on there, but they’re just not converting to see what’s going on for you, but just some key things to, to really consider there.

[00:19:17] So I just want to cover that in order for people to be bought into what we do to say yes. Yes. I wanna hop on a call with you. Yes. I’m breaking a hell. Yes. For working with you. We need to ensure that our marketing is doing these things. Okay. So here we go. It needs to be relevant. Okay. For relevance we look at, do they have a problem right now?

[00:19:45] Okay. So does this potential client have a problem right now? And what is the de like urgency of that problem? Is it like, you know, bleeding neck is always the, the, you know, is it a bleeding neck or is it a, a little cut on the finger, you know, or [00:20:00] what’s the urgency? Do they need major surgery or do they just need a plaster or a bandaid?

[00:20:04] Okay. So what is the urgency? Cause it has to be. Okay. Is it unique? What you offer? So we talked about that. Okay. Being more niche and very specific about the paying points and transformation. And does it stand out? Okay. So what are you doing and how are you working in a way that is different to other people, which then takes it on to the next point?

[00:20:27] Okay. So this has gotta be true. Is it credible? Do they share your point of view? So this is where we talked about perspective shift. Do they buy into your unique selling point, your methodology? Okay. The way you take people through a journey to get them results. Okay. So for me, people have to buy into it’s way better to market that social media.

[00:20:50] And here are the ways I believe in marketing, um, uh, to, to get the results that you. The third thing here [00:21:00] is value. Do they see the value of what you do? Because if they don’t people won’t say yes, and these have all got to be true. You can’t have kind of one or two of these to be true. Every single one of these has got to be true for people to, to buy from your consider by.

[00:21:15] So do they see the value? So this is where testimonials, um, and client. Come in. So, so, so much to this part of the process, let them see the transformation and value it brought to other people. Does it fit into their plans? Yeah. Does it fit right now into, into what’s going on and into their plans? And finally, have they got the funds to invest?

[00:21:41] Because if they haven’t, they’re not going to be a hell. Yes. And they’re not gonna be able to say. Okay, this is gonna be a, it sounds great, but a not now, now’s not the great time. So have they got the funds to invest? And this is why it’s so important to have our rinse and repeat monthly sort of, uh, [00:22:00] framework, monthly framework and protocols so that those people who may be weren’t ready last month, they might suddenly be ready next month.

[00:22:08] You know, it’s September here in the UK, there’s a lot of children who are not now going to, to daycare, to nurse. They’ve gone to schools. Suddenly their parents are 800 pounds, thousand dollars, whatever that might be a month better off because they’re not paying for childcare. Yeah. So if we think about that, they’ve suddenly got the funds to invest.

[00:22:31] That’s a transformation that’s happened in the past. Two weeks one week. So we wanna speak to people time and time again and say, Hey, this is for you. If, and suddenly they might go, yes. Now is the right time. So we need those things. Okay. Without these in place place, people won’t buy. Okay. Each of these things can change.

[00:22:53] Urgency. Urgency can change. Finances can change. Okay. Buying into your point of view. You could just send that one [00:23:00] email or record that one podcast episode. Absolutely convinces people. This is the thing, this is for me. Yeah. Um, so a big one for me early this year was sharing how I grew my email list in 30 days by nearly 900 people without any social media and without having to spend hours, um, Create, uh, creating content show.

[00:23:23] I didn’t have to show up on social media at all. So that was a really great kind of example. And it could be something just like that. It could be me sharing my revenue that I earn in a month. Whatever it might be that gets people to go, oh, this is totally doable. I’m totally bought into this now. So think about those kind of things.

[00:23:44] So those were your four key points. Okay. So we had. Uh, are you too, are you niche enough or too broad? So your ideal client, the pain points, the transformation island, a island B the perspective shift. What do they need to [00:24:00] believe in order to work with you? And the fourth key point was your sales calls.

[00:24:06] Okay. Your sales process. And then we finally finished with, okay, what needs to be true? What has to be in place in order for people to buy. And we’ve looked at relevance, credibility, value, and funds. Okay. So this has, these were the key things we’ve touched on today in order to get people to say yes to your offer.

[00:24:27] And I want you to think. I wanna shine a microscope on each part of your process. So you could start at the very top of your, your funnel start of your journey, your pathways. So when you’re attracting people, are you attracting the right people? Okay. And this could come down to your niche. Okay. If you are not clear on who they are, so are you attracting the right people?

[00:24:52] So if you’re not getting people saying yes, it might be that you need to go back and do work at the very top of your funnel in order for people to start [00:25:00] saying yes, because you’re gonna start bringing in the right people who, what you do, what you deliver, what you offer, what you speak. It absolutely resonates with the right people, but right now it’s not the right people you’ve got in your world.

[00:25:12] Okay. So you might wanna go back to the beginning. I want you to think about your messaging. Are you speaking, you know, very clearly to the current pain points and the transformation people are seeking. Okay. Because if you are not, if it’s kind of gobbled a go jargon then that could be a big part of the problem.

[00:25:33] So spend time on looking at your messaging. So with your messaging, if you are really struggling, what I want you to do is kind of think about three to five key content pillars. What are your content pillars? These are the things people need to believe that perspective shift in order to work with you.

[00:25:50] And then I want you to think about, let’s start with 10 different ways you can spread that message. Okay. You can shift people’s perspective. So you could say I’m gonna [00:26:00] share a client testimonial. I’m gonna share, um, some actual, um, Quantitative quantitative. I’d put my teeth back in quantitative data. You might want to share, uh, an article.

[00:26:15] So think about different ways you can speak to. And sh like, uh, that key. Point. Okay. Um, so that’s in terms of your messaging. Okay. So just some ideas there, shine the spotlight along the whole part of your process, really think about what do I think is causing people to not say yes or not raise their hand?

[00:26:37] Is it my confidence on sales calls? Is it something to do with my sales call? Is it before that? Is it my messaging? Is it before that? Is it the people I’m attracting in? Okay. So let’s shine a spotlight and have a. At that. So guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed the show today, please do leave [00:27:00] me a rating and a review.

[00:27:03] It means a lot to me to us understand how I’m doing and how well you are enjoying this show. So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you and as always. Thank you.

[00:27:25] Thank you. Thank you. For tuning into another episode of this podcast. And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an episode, speak to you soon

[00:27:45] and.

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How To Get People To Say Yes To Your Offer

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It is important to understand why people are not saying “yes” into your business because without those ‘yes’s you don’t have a viable, sustainable business and that is what we want and need as entrepreneurs and business owners.

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  • Your niche 
  • Your ideal client
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