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[00:00:26] Jenny: 15

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[00:01:34] So when I started working with my client, Jenny, she was feeling totally fed up and miserable. Her business was not taking off. She was trying to persevere with social media because that’s what she’d been told to do to market her business. But she was getting nowhere. So I invited my client, Jenny onto this show where she is sharing her journey of working with me over the past 12 months.[00:02:00]

[00:02:00] And what’s happened in that time, including the results that she has seen. In her business, the transformations that that has meant for her as an individual, as a human being, as an entrepreneur. So in this episode, you are gonna learn what the key changes have been that have made the biggest impact on Jenny’s business.

[00:02:20] How Jenny shifted her limiting beliefs about work hours to create a business that gives her freedom and how Jenny uses her marketing archetype to generate consistent leads. Let’s dive in guys.

[00:02:42] You’re listening to marketing without social media. With me, Viv guy, the podcast for people who want more clarity, connections, and cash in their business, I’ll be sharing with you proven techniques from leading entrepreneurs and experts from across the globe [00:03:00] to help you to market without social media and to grow your business in a.

[00:03:05] Actually feels good to you.

[00:03:16] Hello? Hello. I am joined today by Jenny ball, who is one of my one-to-one coaching clients. Um, she’s been with me for over a year now. Um, and I just wanted to have a chat and shared Jenny’s journey because it’s a, a phenomenal journey that she’s been on. So Jenny, before we could kind of dive into our chat and our conversation today, tell us, um, more about.

[00:03:40] Your business, what it’s called and who you help, what business services

[00:03:44] Jenny: you provide. Lovely how you Viv. Thanks for lovely intro. So I’m Jenny ball and my company is Jenny ball training consultancy. So yeah, I came to live 12 months. Well, over 12 months ago now I’ve been working together just over a year.

[00:03:59] [00:04:00] Um, got it’s so hard to remember. What a state I was in when I came to Viv. So, um, it is taken me so long to work with Viv. I’ve been watching on the sidelines for probably a couple years now, desperate to work with her, um, wondering whether to invest or not and how different my business would be. Um, so when I came to V IIV, I didn’t, one of my massive issues was getting client.

[00:04:23] Um, and the reason it was such a huge issue was because I was forcing myself on social media. So I’ve been told by so many people I’ve got to be on Facebook, actively posting 3, 4, 5 posts a day, got to be on LinkedIn posting, constantly got be on Instagram, Twitter, all the rest of it. And as knows, I hate social media.

[00:04:43] I’m quite a private person. So it felt like a massive, massive slug to be constantly posting. I’m a very authentic person. I like things to go freely and come naturally to me, I don’t like, um, I don’t like the feeling of being [00:05:00] forced to do things. So I was finding that my posts were very formal, which isn’t.

[00:05:05] Um, very, like I say, just very forced and I was struggling with content cuz I felt like I had to post, um, the huge downside for me is as painful as that was, I was getting maybe one like on the post, the followers weren’t increasing, I became obsessed with how many people were following me, how many likes to go?

[00:05:25] And I hated it. And so when I came to Viv, I couldn’t quite get past that. I didn’t think there was a well outside of social

[00:05:33] Viv: media. Can I interject there because I just wanna ask, were you actually generating many clients from all of that content you were putting out there and were there clients you wanted to be working with?

[00:05:45] Because I know that was a big thing. When we started working

[00:05:47] Jenny: together. Yeah. So, so my passion, as you know, is around leadership and management and helping managers have difficult conversations and manage conflicts and give feedback effectively. And really lead teams love working with [00:06:00] teams, love working with big groups.

[00:06:01] And so my barrier was how do I get into those businesses without going on social media? Um, so I was getting zero clients from social media and feeling in outta pain posting every single day as it was. So yeah, wanting to work with within the health and social care sector, really wanting to get into ed the world of education and not having a clue, how to even start that process.

[00:06:27] Viv: And where were you at then? Obviously you weren’t getting clients. So what were you doing for, for income at that?

[00:06:34] Jenny: Yeah. So at that point, and this is really hard to believe saying this out loud, I ended up taking, um, a job as a clerk. So working typing minutes for meetings at schools. And I suppose my, um, because I’ve come to such a sticking point with my business, it was just to generate income.

[00:06:53] And my part of my reasoning for that was maybe that’ll give me a kind of step in the door to schools. [00:07:00] Um, and, but I hated it cuz I’m, you know, all the skills and experience and years of training I’ve, I’ve done to get to where I am and then I’m typing minutes up for meetings and having to stay silent in them as well.

[00:07:13] so why do you

[00:07:14] Viv: think it was that really kind of prompted you at that point to go? I need to, I need to do something different. Like I need to get my business going. I need to, to make this work. Yeah, that’s a really

[00:07:26] Jenny: good question. So, because it’s something, as you know, when we started working together, I’d wanted to do for years and years and years, and I kind of doubled with different coaches.

[00:07:36] Didn’t really think, well, didn’t get a massive amount of value. Um, so I was at a real pain point where I thought, I ha I know what I want from a business. I know what I wanna be doing every day is my passion. I know where I wanna be working. But I don’t know how to get to that point. Um, and then, like I say, I’ve been, you know, we’ve known each other for years, but I know how amazing you are, what you do [00:08:00] and knew you wouldn’t be cheap, as I say.

[00:08:04] Um, but also knew you’d be worth whatever the investment was. And from the very first session we had, I’ve not regret. Working with you once to the point where I’m now carrying on working with you for well over a year. So,

[00:08:17] Viv: which is amazing. So talk me then that, that leads us in segues into that. My next question, which is like, what were the concerns, like, what concerns did you have about working with me?

[00:08:28] Um, like, and what were you hesitant about?

[00:08:30] Jenny: Yeah, so the massive hesitation, and I don’t think this is a massive surprise was the amount of money that I would be paying. So it was the investment because I know how much. Coaches have been, you have previously worked with, and I sort of guessed what you would be and you were way more than I thought you would be.

[00:08:49] Um, I suppose what I would say to anybody who’s in that situation is think past that because I would not have the business I’ve got now, if it [00:09:00] wasn’t for you. And I know that you have been the one factor in the last year that has completely transformed my business. That’s awesome.

[00:09:10] Viv: Do you wanna give us some, um, like again, you, you just on this, Jenny, you know, segueing us into the next question.

[00:09:17] Talk to us through some of the results you’ve gotten from our work together, and I’d like you to share tangible results. Okay. So like numbers, contracts, whatever clients, as well as the intangible. So let’s start with the tangible stuff. So, you know, Obviously, let’s talk about that first contractor that you landed within.

[00:09:35] Was it four, two or four weeks of we, we started working together. Yeah.

[00:09:40] Jenny: Yeah. Well, I think we’d only add one session and we, and I, I’d never just to share with people. I’d never actually put together a proposal. I’d never had to put together a contract, nothing formal I’d help with those. That kind of side of things as well, making sure everything was in place.

[00:09:56] So yeah, after our first se session, I got, um, [00:10:00] company who signed up for a 12 day leadership program. Um, so I’m trying to remember what that, oh, no, sorry. It was three programs once it was three different groups. See, this is our far. Oh, I can’t even remember when I first started now. So three different groups.

[00:10:15] So that was trying to think from memory. What that was, was that. 13, I think it was 14 and a half, 14 and a half. Okay. Um, which

[00:10:26] Viv: was a big, big deal. Wasn’t it for you having come from the

[00:10:29] Jenny: Clark and yeah, absolutely. And, and also just to say, which is really important, I made the decision to leave Clark and after the first one or two sessions with Viv, and to just take that kind of leap of faith, knowing that Viv would help me get where I want to be financially.

[00:10:45] I’m I’m in other terms in my business. So, yes, so I got that 14 and a half key contract after the first session. Um, and then I’m now in a position a year later where we’ve just literally finished a [00:11:00] session together, which was incredible. And I’m gonna be in the next sort of three, four months. The, the salary that I’ll be getting from five contracts alone.

[00:11:11] And this is the bare minimum is nearly 30 K. So obviously from bearing in mind, 12 months ago, I was earning nothing. To 30 K and I feel like this is really, and that’s, that is a minimum as well. Cause obviously that with certain contracts there’s extensions involved in that they’re just not clarified at the minute.

[00:11:33] So this could be anything up to 60 K by the time an week to live in a couple of weeks. Um, think. I, I think, I really wanna say as well at this point that although we’ve been working together over year a year, we have actually only had eight sessions together, um, through no fault of vis entirely me for one reason or another.

[00:11:54] So, so that is in eight, you know, it’s in eight hours of coach, well, less than eight hours of coaching [00:12:00] that we’ve achieved. Well, you’ve helped me achieve that, which is mind blowing.

[00:12:05] Viv: You’ve done so well. So talk to me more about, and this is what I really wanted to kind of hop on this call because. You are, if you haven’t done my marketing archetypes, Jenny is a natural connector, like born and bred natural connector.

[00:12:20] She literally goes to sports day and comes back with a di like a diary full of like connections from people she’s spoken to and things. So Jenny, you, you are a connector. So we ditched social media. We kind of agreed. That was not the way. Um, yeah. And when, cause we had a break didn’t we, because I know there was some sort of things going on.

[00:12:38] And then when we picked up, we looked. How you were looking to generate leads. And so I set Jenny of the task and I said, just go away and look at who you’ve already got contacts with. And how many people did you come back after like two weeks in I’ve spoken to and emailed and contacted my networks bigger than I thought, I think were your words, how many people was [00:13:00] that?

[00:13:00] It was crazy.

[00:13:01] Jenny: Yeah, it was crazy. And I think just a slightly backtrack for, I answer that when, when this set me that task. My initial thought was, well, that’s gonna take me about two hours to do, because I’ve not got that many people in my network. And then actually when you sit down, you think, well, I know such a body from, so a group at school and a group here and a group there, and I must be up well within the first couple of weeks when a message F I must a messaged must have been over a hundred people.

[00:13:29] And I didn’t even know. I knew a hundred people. Um, and then now I think I’m up to well within a three month period, I must. Contacted, it must be over 300, 400 people. And so what I would say to people listening to this is if you don’t feel like, you know, anybody, that’s never the case. Yeah. I was also, I was a bit skeptical when they’ve set me that task because I thought, I know you hear people say, oh, what’s it’s who they know.

[00:13:57] And it’s who they. But I’ve never seen [00:14:00] that work in reality. And actually the power of that is just immense because the amount of people will say, well, actually I know three people I can introduce you to. And then those three people will know people. So I hear this in marketing, but I’ve never thought it was a real thing.

[00:14:17] So I’m living proof that it is.

[00:14:20] Viv: Yeah. And it feels natural for you. Doesn’t it? Just to go and have conversations with people.

[00:14:24] Jenny: Yeah, it, it does. And, and again, for people, it doesn’t come so natural to. There have been aspects of me networking as you know, that have been uncomfortable for me. So in terms of selling what I do and sharing, you know, maybe I’m much a charge a day, things like that.

[00:14:41] It’s taken me a good while to get really comfortable with speaking about that and just, just relaxing into it and not putting so much pressure on myself.

[00:14:50] Viv: Yeah. That’s amazing. You’ve done. Great. So there’s some of the tangible results. Are there any other tangibles that you want to kind of talk about before we move on to some of the intangible.[00:15:00]

[00:15:00] Jenny: Obviously the money is the obvious thing. When you see that coming in, um, the power of connection again, just by, I think one of the things, I can’t remember the exact phrase that you said to me, but it was about having no expectation when you go into a conversation someday. And I can’t describe how much that’s helped me because the conversations, when I reflect now, where I went in with, I’m getting this contract, this is mine.

[00:15:27] I’ve never got. And people don’t want, it’s almost like people know that you’re so desperate for that contract. And when I’ve gone in with a casual conversation about, listen, this is what I can offer. And basically just share my experience and expertise. Then the amount of work that’s kind of come flooding in and the amount of conversations that’s opened up has been incredible.

[00:15:48] Yeah,

[00:15:49] Viv: I think it’s because when you actually come at it from a different angle, you know, more genuine. You’re genuinely expressing an interest. Yeah. The conversation versus a, a, a, [00:16:00] a disguised pitch. Isn’t it? Which is what is otherwise. And people absolutely pick up on when they like genuine interest, like,

[00:16:07] Jenny: you know, yeah.

[00:16:08] Absolute

[00:16:09] Viv: life going on in your, your, your work environment, your office environment,

[00:16:12] Jenny: and so on. Yeah. And I think that’s one of the areas, you know, I struggle with around the pitched. Yeah, because it felt like a pitch and now it doesn’t, it feels like a chat I’m getting the work, which is, which is just lovely,

[00:16:25] Viv: phenomenal.

[00:16:26] And obviously just the fact, if you, you are happy for me to share, obviously that you are a mom, aren’t you to a little girl, and this was a big thing for you with your business was about having balance. Wasn’t it? So, which is, I guess, moving us on to that. Sort of more intangible, but you know, you’ve been able to, it is tangible cause you’ve been able to cut down your workdays massively haven’t you in the, this time and have holidays off we’ve we’ve designed your business.

[00:16:48] Didn’t we around not working school holidays

[00:16:50] Jenny: and things. Yeah. And that’s been amazing, cuz again, I remember in our first, well, even in our discovery call together in use, I said, well, what’s your working pattern like, and he said, it don’t [00:17:00] work any of the, the kids holidays. And I sat there thinking, God, that must be lovely in Fifth’s world to, to have a world like that as though that wasn’t a real and an achievable thing.

[00:17:09] And actually that’s what I do now. And, and we have only had eight sessions together. And so, so I don’t work with the kids holidays. I’ve made that decision. And I would never have done that without having, I wouldn’t have thought that was even a thing that I was allowed to do, even though it’s my business.

[00:17:26] It’s kinda like, well, am I allowed to have six weeks up in the summer? so, so that’s been, that’s been just incredible. I take my little girl to school every day, pick her up every day. We have quality time together. We enjoy the weekends together and never work weekends. Um, and I can’t believe I’m saying that just after so few sessions.

[00:17:47] And that, that means everything to me. So I have got a lovely balance.

[00:17:51] Viv: Awesome. So talk to me now a bit more about some of the intangible benefits. So I know obviously you’ve changed hugely as a [00:18:00] person from our initial yeah. Kind of chat messenger chat. Wasn’t it. Before we even hopped on that discovery call.

[00:18:05] So talk to me about what, what else has kind of changed for you as it’s a person within this business?

[00:18:12] Jenny: I’m thinking very different. So. I think for me, one of the big things about being a natural connector and genuinely interesting people is I found it hard to, to then charge money for that. And so the business side of me was quite, I wanna say weak, that’s not the right word, but it, it wasn’t as strong as it needed to be.

[00:18:35] Um, and so I’ve worked a lot on that side of things because I think sometimes people go in business don’t they? And they don’t really. What that means. So, so you’ve really helped me scope, scope out that side of me as well. Um, while still keeping me yeah. And not losing that. And I said to you a million times, one of the biggest things [00:19:00] I get out of our sessions together is there’s always little seeds that you plum for me that, that you are dropping in the session that we’re not talking about there.

[00:19:09] And then, but you’ll say, but we’ll come back to that when you ready. And so it sets me on that path of, okay, well maybe I need to be thinking about that now. So it is really, really widened my thinking in terms of business. Um, it’s around possibilities for me. So. So the session, the last session we had, you mentioned things about, um, getting a VA mentioned things about expanding a training team and the things that are just not considered because in Jenny world, they’re not, it’s not a possibility yet.

[00:19:45] But by planting those seeds, I’m now already planning for

[00:19:49] Viv: that. it totally is. And we just, yeah, we it’s there. Isn’t it we’ve already got, you’ve already kind of ended that session going. Oh yes. Yes. This is, this is the future .

[00:19:59] Jenny: [00:20:00] Yeah, because everything that you’ve said, I’ve, I’ve trusted because I know. How incredible you are, and I know how experienced you are, and I love the honesty that I get from you.

[00:20:10] So like for instance, something we, we discussed in our last session where you said, Nope, load of crap, let’s, let’s move on. And so, and I take that because you, because that’s what I’m paying for. Yeah. Fear expertise. That’s brilliant, but it’s all the little gold and nuggets that I get around it that I don’t expect to get that just really widens my business.

[00:20:33] I suppose when I look back a year ago, I came in as a teeny tiny business. And now I think actually in another 12 months, I’m gonna have a team of people

[00:20:42] Viv: and that’s it. Cuz you are limited. There is a cap isn’t there on the number of days you can deliver and already your prices are going up and open up aren’t they, which is phenomenal.

[00:20:49] Cause the demand is there, but that’s where, you know, what’s the next step. Either. Keep it at that level. But you are like, I really love this and I want that option to expand it. I love these contracts and helping people. [00:21:00] And therefore that’s bringing on that team. Absolutely.

[00:21:03] Jenny: That’s. Yeah. And I love that you always remind me.

[00:21:08] Of one of my why in business, which is to have quality family time and to have the balance. So yeah, earning the money so I can have the lifestyle I want for myself, my family, but actually bringing me back to, well, this is what’s really cause you often say, won’t you remember Jenny, what’s really important to you.

[00:21:26] And so, yeah, I could be working seven days a week and earning tons more money, but that’s not what would make me happen. So I like that. You always bring me back to that point. Remember what you value the

[00:21:38] Viv: most. Yeah. And now we’ve just started looking at how can we make tons of money while still holding onto that, that absolutely

[00:21:45] Jenny: goal.

[00:21:46] Yeah. Which again, I didn’t think was possible. Cause when you said to me, well, how many days do you wanna be working? And I said, well, I only wanna be really training two days a week. I’m thinking, well, that’s not realistic. And actually now I can, I can see it’s very realistic and very [00:22:00] doable. It’s just, it’s just working more effectively.

[00:22:04] Yes.

[00:22:04] Viv: Brilliant.

[00:22:05] Jenny: Rather than slacking. You got so,

[00:22:07] Viv: yeah. Who wants to, who wants to work hard? Really? No, we work hard, but who wants to work crazy long hours? Not me for sure. Um, so Jenny, let’s move on. What is it that you like best about working with me and what was the experience. And just kind of add onto that.

[00:22:26] Was there anything that happened in the first few sessions that like put you at ease or was particularly powerful that you’d like to share with people? Oh,

[00:22:35] Jenny: wow. See, I always say to, to you at the end of these sessions, when you say what my key learning, I hate these because it’s everything you’re very comfortable to work with.

[00:22:48] Your, what I personally like is you have. Business side of you. That, that I was gonna say, I don’t have, I am getting now, but that I, that was nonexistent in [00:23:00] me. I love that. You’re no nonsense. I love that you’ve got such a wide range of expertise and knowledge and skills. Um, I trust you. Obviously, I like working with you.

[00:23:12] We have, you know, we have good fun together as well. You always keep me on track, which I need cause I divert off a million times. Cause my head’s always everywhere. So I love that. Uh, it’s just, just a whole package for me. And you are, you’re very disciplined, which is what I need. I know,

[00:23:35] and it it’s the straight talking of when I am. Cause I don’t, whether you remember it probably halfway through our sessions and I started saying, oh, I’ve got this festival that I wanna do. And I’ve got this. And. And this space was just like, oh Jenny, you’ve seen something lovely and shiny. We’re not go, we’re not doing that.

[00:23:52] That’s not your business goals, the easy business goals. so I love that. Cause I always need pulling back in line.

[00:23:59] Viv: Yeah. , [00:24:00] it’s so easy. Isn’t it. To get distracted with things that yeah. I’m sure will be fun, but is it actually going to help you reach that goal? And that’s where so often many of us get distracted because sometimes what we’re doing can feel really hard to actually, you know, as you said, you know, sometimes thinking about who do I know and starting those initial conversations, and now you’ve like that brush brush through them all.

[00:24:20] And you know, you have so many amazing conversations that open so many doors for you, but that was hard to get, you know, started. And so it’s so easy to go, oh, go and do this. That sounds really nice, but it’s not at all to anyone that is an ideal client. At all. Yeah,

[00:24:34] Jenny: absolutely.

[00:24:35] Viv: I think we’ve all done that, you know, we’ve all done.

[00:24:36] It, we’ve all gone, you know, spoken in a group and actually gone nobody. Who’s my ideal client here at all, you know? So that’s not strategic, especially when you wanna work less

[00:24:45] Jenny: hours. Absolutely. And that’s the thing that, you know, even simple questions that, that you say to me, right? Jenny, is that your ideal client?

[00:24:52] It’s gonna be at the festival Novi. Okay. How long is it gonna take you to invest that time? So you’re gonna be working five days instead of two. [00:25:00] Yes. Okay. Forget that though. Probably probably simple questions. Is that person who’s not gonna go. Oh yeah. Go and do the festival. It sounds like fun. Yeah, because you’ve got me very focused on what I wanna achieve.

[00:25:15] And we’re seeing

[00:25:16] Viv: that payoff, you know,

[00:25:17] Jenny: overnight. Absolutely. Yeah. And like you say, in as minimal time as possible, you know, without having to work seven days a week, cause I’ve never done that since I’ve worked with you. Yeah.

[00:25:27] Viv: That’s awesome. Um, so what is the biggest we we’re nearly at the end now, a few more questions.

[00:25:32] What’s the biggest thing that you’ve taken away from working with me so far. So was it a specific strategy, an insight, something that you’ve learned that made a, a diff real difference to you?

[00:25:47] Jenny: So so much,

[00:25:54] I wanna say everything again. It has literally been, it’s been all your experience. It’s been [00:26:00] strategies it’s been, um, helping me, like I said earlier on right. A proposal helping me draft a contract for things to include even. And this is gonna sound strange as a natural connector. And, and I feel very comfortable chatting with people, even sometimes where I’ve said, I can’t take that off again.

[00:26:20] Viv. I’ve already spoken to him. And the way that you’ve said, well, why don’t you say this? And even is the whole wording around it. It’s the whole, let’s not mess around. Let’s keep this conversation moving. Yeah. So it’s, it’s been so much. And like I said, the golden nuggets of. Dropping little bits here and there that’s made me really widen my prospects.

[00:26:45] Um, it’s just been everything and, and the belief in myself of, no, you don’t need social media because again, when I’ve been distracted and said, well, when a we first started working together and I was saying, well, I’m gonna [00:27:00] spend weeks and weeks doing a website. And you were kind of like, yeah, but you don’t even know who your clients are and who’s your website for at this stage.

[00:27:07] So I suppose it’s knowing. Is the way you adapt sessions per person. So it’s knowing when to push and when you’re overloading. Yeah. Cause I know sometimes I’ve said to you, what else can I be doing? And you’ve been like, no, this is enough for you now. And you know that, and I trust that. And you’re always right.

[00:27:29] Which is annoying.

[00:27:34] in a good way. Annoying in a good way.

[00:27:37] Viv: Good, annoying, good, annoying. What do you think would’ve happened if we hadn’t worked together? So where do you think you you’d be at where your business would potentially be at? If we hadn’t started working together?

[00:27:50] Jenny: I, I wouldn’t, I, I think I was on the verge of, um, probably packing it.

[00:27:58] If I’m being honest, I [00:28:00] was feeling like I hate this analogy about hamster run a wheel, but I was feeling like just constantly going around in circles, wanting to do something different, not knowing what that was not being able to find the right person to help me get where I wanted to get. Um, so I probably wouldn’t have a business or I would still be taking minutes.

[00:28:21] For very minimal, minimal wage. Given the amount of experience I’ve gotten, how many years I’ve trained to be, where I am. I would, I would probably be in a, a job that could have done when I left school, because I didn’t believe in myself enough and how it would’ve been worth every single penny and more, how do you

[00:28:42] Viv: think it would’ve impacted if you’d stayed in that job and not done this on your, you personally, you know, mental.

[00:28:50] You know, relationships.

[00:28:53] Jenny: Yeah, and that was already, and this is an aspect, you know, about anyway, it was already impacting hugely. [00:29:00] So it was impacting on, um, my marriage on my family life on me personally. So, um, I’d stopped exercising. I’d stopped looking after myself. The self-care was out the window because I was literally working seven days a week just to do minute taking.

[00:29:16] It was so time consuming for minimal amount of money and self-worth, and self-confidence was on the floor because I started sitting at these meetings, thinking this is all you can do. You’re never gonna do anything with your training. It’s just a little pipe dream that you’ve got, and this isn’t gonna happen for you.

[00:29:32] So I, I know I wouldn’t have this business. Yeah. Thank you. And really, we have the sessions as planned. I would’ve achieved all this within. A four month period, putting it into perspective, but

[00:29:48] Viv: life happens, you know, personal things happen, things go on, you know, and you’ve done so well. And I really like, you know, I wanna say a massive thank you for sharing how that, you know, has and could, was [00:30:00] impacting you and could have, if you hadn’t made these changes, cuz there’s a lot of people out there who are resonating with exactly what you’re saying now, which.

[00:30:06] It’s impacting, not just on my bank balance, but the, the self worth and how I’m interacting. Yeah. With those loved ones around me and in, in relationships and things. So thank you for sharing that. I know, you know? Yeah.

[00:30:17] Jenny: No, you’re welcome. It’s huge. And I feel like, I wanna say just another thing about the investment, because I know, I know how much this is a, a big deal for so many people.

[00:30:29] I literally didn’t have the. So again, I’m gonna be super honesty. I didn’t have any money coming in. And so when Viv told me what the investment was, it was like, I felt like I’d been smacked in the face. Cause it was kind of like, well, what am I gonna do? It’s another dead end. It’s another thing that that’s like, I wanna do.

[00:30:47] But maybe it’s another sign that I’m not destined for this business. And so I got that as a loan. Because I had that much faith that this was exactly what I needed and Viv was the coach. I needed to get me where [00:31:00] I wanted to be, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever, ever made. And so I think if you want something bad enough, you’ll always find a way to get that money.

[00:31:11] If money’s a massive issue for you as it was with. That’s awesome. Thank you. Um, and I’ve signed up for more sessions. Just keep . Can’t let go. Now that I’m close to being a millionaire

[00:31:24] Viv: and that’s the thing, isn’t it businesses evolve and you know it, if you feel, and I’ve done it with, with a coach and my coach has done it with her coach, you know, it previously, which is.

[00:31:34] Sometimes, you know, you do wanna keep that going for, for longer beyond that initial contract, you know, but you might not need that same level of support. So it’s about what does that look like to kind of keep going? Yeah. Um, final thing is I just want you to give a little final message to someone who’s watching this video, and maybe they’re a little bit on the fence.

[00:31:51] I know you’ve also mentioned about the investment, um, but if they’re thinking about whether they should work with me, um, What have you got to say them? [00:32:00] If they’re thinking like, I’m not sure where the top on a 15 minute game plan call, whether or not is it gonna be worth it? Is it gonna be, you know, am I whatever the thoughts might be?

[00:32:09] You know, what, what have you got. Beyond the finance bit,

[00:32:12] Jenny: do it. stop. Get off the bloody fence, pick up the call, speak to Viv. And you will your business. I promise you will never, ever, ever be the same ever, especially if you’re feeling remotely like I was. And when I say your business, it’s your whole wife.

[00:32:29] It’s not, I can’t separate the business for me. It’s all. And I think for a lot of people, whether you’ve got a family or not, it’s your whole life it’s you personally. So do it. If you are even thinking about it means you’re ready pick up the bloody phone and start wasting time. Like I did. Thank you so much.

[00:32:46] I, I wish I would’ve picked up that phone years ago. Oh,

[00:32:51] Viv: Jenny. Thank you so much. I do for joining us today. Thank you. And if anyone wants to book a call, there’s a link, um, uh, below or wherever you’re looking, depending how it’s, [00:33:00] uh, what screen you are on and viewing this on. There’s a link. If you do wanna B uh, hop on a 15 minute game plan, call with me, but the Carl bought the call

[00:33:07] Jenny: call

[00:33:08] Thank you. That be

[00:33:10] Viv: sorry. Thanks, Jenny. So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today, and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you and as always. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this podcast.

[00:33:31] And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an. Speak to you soon.

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