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[00:01:15] Yes, that’s viv plan right now. Pick a day, pick a time that suits you, and let’s chat. How do you build connections and an audience in an aligned way outside of social media? Well, this was the question that one of my listeners, one of my wonderful, beautiful listeners, Emailed in after listening to my episode on one year without social media.

[00:01:42] So I thought, let’s dive in and answer this awesome question.

[00:01:52] You’re listening to Marketing Without Social Media with me, Viv Guy, the podcast for people who want more clarity, [00:02:00] connections, and cash in their business. I’ll be sharing with you proven techniques from leading. And experts from across the globe to help you to market without social media and to grow your business in a way that actually feels good to you.

[00:02:25] One of my wonderful listeners emailed in after hearing, uh, the podcast episode on my one year without social media anniversary episode, and this is what she wrote to me. Firstly, congratulations on pulling it off. I’ve always regarded you as some sort of maverick unafraid to ditch the rules or question her.

[00:02:49] However, for someone who’s at the early stages of building an audience, how do I build those offline connections, some of whom may transition to a pipeline of [00:03:00] qualified leads and or convert into valuable paying clients beyond direct emailing, people building an email list, and wondering where to post an opt-in slash lead magnet?

[00:03:11] Physically attending business networking events. I am really at a loss. To where to start. Well, if this sounds like you, I have got you covered with this episode. So let’s dive in to the first point here. So the first thing I wanted to look at with this was this mindset shift, really here. Okay. And just a reframing activity.

[00:03:38] So this email said to me like, I wanna build connections, have refined connections with people that might transition into, you know, becoming qualified leads and convert into valuable playing, paying clients. Okay. The first thing I want to look at here is a bit of a reframe. Okay. So this email said, That I wanna make connections with people [00:04:00] who are gonna become qualified leads and paying clients, which says to me that the approach is looking at how can I connect on a one-on-one basis with individuals who are gonna become my paying client.

[00:04:15] Which is really difficult and really time consuming. Okay. Of course we wanna talk to people and connect with people one on one. Eventually, you know, as we’ve brought people into our world. But what we want to do initially when we are trying to make those connections is think, okay, what communities are they already part of who already has a community, an audience of my.

[00:04:40] Clients. Okay. Cause that’s the person I want you to be thinking about making connections with. Because if you can make a relationship with that person, then you have suddenly got access to many, many more of your ideal clients and you can get in front of those ideal clients, which makes it a lot easier than thinking about approaching [00:05:00] this on a one-on-one basis.

[00:05:01] So that’s just what I, I interpreted that part of your email as, So that’s the first thing. Okay. So we wanna talk about hobs and we’re gonna get to that in a moment. But the first thing I want you to, to think about, and I talk about this over and over again, okay. When you say like, Where do I start? First off is, is your messaging.

[00:05:22] I want you to be really sure, really certain that your message is bang on. Clear. Okay. And Tad said this in in his episode with me, Tad Hargrave, and he said, Don’t market yourself, Market your message. And so often as entrepreneurs and business owners, when we are on our own, within our businesses or we have a small team, we are often trying to market ourselves.

[00:05:45] So, Again, a bit of a shift there. Market your message. Okay. What is it like? What’s going on in your client’s heads? What are those thoughts they’re having? What are they journaling about? What are they saying to their friends? Like, I wish I had, I really [00:06:00] need God. If there was a way. I could, you know, get consistent clients, da da da da da, get that promotion at work, lose 10 pounds, reverse my diabetes.

[00:06:10] What are those things that they are saying? Because we want you to mark the message and we want you to be really clear on your message. So it’s speaking to your clients, it’s using their words, and they’re like, Whoa, she’s in my head or there in my. They are like, They’re in my brains. They’re in my journal.

[00:06:26] What? How do they know? How do they know that? That’s what I’m thinking. So we wanna be so clear on our messaging. So that’s the first thing. If you are struggling to bring people in, so maybe you’re connecting with people, but you’re not converting them. Start with your messaging. The second thing is, okay, I want you to stop thinking like, where can I just.

[00:06:45] Put my opt in, put my freebie. Where can I post this? Okay. Um, it sounds almost like, like, where’s a lamp post? I can stick this flyer on and get people to see it. Okay. We’re not doing that. We don’t wanna do that. That’s just not gonna work. It’s not gonna, um, be [00:07:00] effective. Okay. What’s effective is building relationships and building real genuine connections where you can be of.

[00:07:09] Okay, so I think where can you serve? Where can you add value? Because where you can add value is where you’re gonna have people saying, Yep, sure. Come on in and speak to my audience. Let me share your workshop. Let me share your opt in your freebie, because it’s. Such value to them. Okay. Often sharing a freebie, unless it’s something like a bundle or on the back end of a summit presentation, you know, is not something necessary people want to do.

[00:07:36] Unless you’ve kind of done a workshop or a talk or something in advance of that, you can do freebie swapsies. For sure, but there has to be more to it. You know, there has to be some sort of precursor to, um, why this is gonna be valuable. So if you’re gonna do that, you’re gonna need to create some copy to accompany that.

[00:07:54] That can be sent out within an email as to like, why this is like freaking awesome. And again, messaging, [00:08:00] speak to the results. Okay. Do the transformation, the thing they want, meet them where they are at. Okay? So that’s gotta be really clear. So people are like, Hell yes, she’s in my head. That’s the thing I need.

[00:08:14] That is the answer to my prayers right now. I need that. So I really want you to focus on building genuine connections and not kind of, Blanket sort of equivalent of blanket flyering, sort of sending out promotional flyers to masses of people. I want you to be really focused in making a, a connection with people and without assumption, like take genuine interest.

[00:08:38] Like don’t assume like, Hey, I’m reaching out to you because we share like an audience and you’ve got my audience and um, I want you to, to share my freebie. Okay? It has to be without assumption that they’re gonna wanna do that. Okay? So it’s a sounding out. Like we share an audience. You know, I’ve got this workshop on, I thought it’d be real value, um, you know, [00:09:00] would love to chat to you about it, but no pressure.

[00:09:02] I understand you’re really busy. So really kind of saying, Hey, I wanna chat. Not just, I wanna say that I’ve got this thing and then you book me in your diary cuz it’s not gonna happen. That’s not how it’s gonna happen. How do they know who you. That you’re any good. They wanna kind of touch base with you, sound you out, and have that chat because there has to be mutual benefit in these relationships, okay?

[00:09:21] There’s gotta be a benefit for both parties. So in the email it said, Beyond direct emailing people building an email list and wondering where to post an opt-in physically attending networking events. I at a loss as to where to start. We want an email list. Hell yes. That is what we want to be focusing on.

[00:09:39] Building an email list. But the question I’m hearing here is how do I actually get people onto my email list? Okay. Cuz I dunno where to post my opt-in. I dunno actually how to get people onto that list. Okay? I’ve attended networking events, dunno where to start. So how do we get people onto our list? Well, this is again, through those partnerships, through those collaborations, through those hubs, [00:10:00] through the people who already have your community, uh, a community of your ideal clients with them.

[00:10:07] And yes, you could say that is direct emailing people. Okay? And there will be a time where you may have to do those cold emails, the people that you do not know. But the best place to start is who do you already know and can you reach out to them and say, Hey, , who do you know who does this thing? Like, do you know anyone who does this thing?

[00:10:28] Because I’d love to connect with them. And if you can make a connection through someone already within your network where you can say, Hey, yeah, such and such, you know, Joe Blogs suggested where I reach out to you, because then that’s gonna be much more powerful and people are more like, like, Oh wow, cool.

[00:10:46] So, such and such said it would be worth, um, me having a chat with them. Well, I like this person. I like Joe Blog, so I’m sure gonna kind of read that email and give it the time of day, and that’s what we want. Ideally, start with [00:11:00] who do you already know, who’s in your network, and actually reaching out and asking those people, Hey, who do you know who does this thing?

[00:11:07] Who works with these kind of people? Yeah. That is the first instance. So that’s the starting point. Use your existing connections, user existing network and see if they connect you with other people and introduce you to other people. If you don’t have that, then you are gonna have to go in cold. And that means finding your ideal, um, hubs and connections.

[00:11:31] And there are multiple ways of doing this without having. Social media. Okay? You do not have to use social media to do this. You can use Google, you can go on iTunes, uh, and look for podcasts, and you can use listen notes, which is, uh, you can use in your web browser and search for podcasts. Episodes you can put in like mindset.

[00:11:52] You could put in time management and see what podcasts, what speakers, what episodes, come up on that and then connect with those [00:12:00] people who maybe were guests or who haven’t, uh, a podcast on that and start finding and researching that way. So there is a research element in this that needs to happen, okay?

[00:12:11] Because you need to see are these people the right fit? Where have we got some common grounds, some interest? Are they competitors or are they people who offer complimentary services? Because we don’t want you go into people who are your direct competitors because they’re just gonna be like, So off, you know, I’m not interested in speaking to you because we overlap too much, uh, which is totally cool.

[00:12:32] So we just wanna stay away from those people. But there may be times, for example, I do business and marketing, but my expertise is marketing without social media. So there may be people and I, I collaborate with other people, um, who are business and market. Coaches, but their specialism might be blogging, for example, and they’re like, Hey, I want someone to come in and speak to my audience about how to do things without social media.

[00:12:56] Okay, So there will be op, there could be opportunities [00:13:00] like that. And it’s just identifying who those people are and who those communities are. Let’s touch now on building your audience in an aligned way outside of social media. Okay, so I did an episode, uh, which I linked to in the show notes on using your marketing superpower or your marketing archetype.

[00:13:19] Two, market your business and get more clients. Okay? So that is a really great way of finding what is a natural way for you to market your business. What is gonna feel more aligned to you and feel good to you? Okay, so I have a business friend, in fact, Colette, who came on interviews for me for the, the anniversary one year without social media episode.

[00:13:44] And we were talking. The ways that feel aligned for her versus the ways that feel aligned for me. You know, as an introvert and an extrovert. She’s the introvert. I’m obviously the extrovert. If you hadn’t gathered that already, you know, and it’s about kind of saying, Okay, what feels aligned to me? What feels good to me?

[00:13:59] Because if [00:14:00] it doesn’t feel good, you ain’t gonna do it. Okay? And you’re not gonna be consistent. You are not gonna get clients because if you dip your toe in the water every now and again, and you don’t really kind of. In all in then it’s just not gonna be an effective strategy. So it has to feel good to you the way you do that.

[00:14:18] And there are so many different ways of reaching out to people and, and doing that, you know, So reaching out does not have to be, um, purely like cold emailing people who you don’t know. As I said, you can use your existing network to introduce you. Okay? You can collaborate. Bundles and summits and meet new people that way there’s often like a networking event or element to those.

[00:14:44] Um, or you can reach out to people, thanks. It’s not so cold saying, Hey, we were in the same thing together. So it takes that kind of awkwardness that a lot of people are like, Ugh, that feels yacky outta the way because you’ve got like a common connection already. So think about ways that you can, you [00:15:00] can start like that if you are at that point of going, I don’t know anyone, I have no connect.

[00:15:05] Where, you know, what’s the best thing for me to do? Let’s talk about this offline versus online. Okay? So people think that without social media it means your only option is offline. Offline to me is in person, events, conferences, okay. Um, networking, in person networking events, uh, in person workshops, those kinds of activities.

[00:15:31] That is what I see as more offline, but without social media. I just want to really clear this up. Does not mean you only have offline options. Online is still like what I do. My business is entirely marketed online. I don’t do any flipping in person stuff. I you at all really? Um, I’m in rural lunch shit.

[00:15:53] It’s not really like the most happening place for doing, um, offline things. Online’s where [00:16:00] it’s at, you know? And the way that I do that is through zooms, through email, through connections, through using Google, through using, um, as I said, listen notes through researching in different ways off social media.

[00:16:13] The only reason social media feels like online is because obviously you’re on the app, you are researching in there, you’re doing all the stuff. But you know, if you just take social media weight, you are still perfectly able to market and, and research online. I have an online international business, you know, with an international audience, and that has been achieved purely online.

[00:16:35] Okay. So we’ve talked at this stage about how to actually fi, like find where your people are at, how to bring them into your world, which we’ve definitely touched on in previous episodes. But what I wanna talk about now is how do you then, now, Sort of more personal connection. Well, this is through automations and through your nurture sequence.

[00:16:56] So when people like click into your lead magnet, we wanna have a [00:17:00] personal connection there, a thing that says, Hey, you know, I totally hear you. I get you. You’re in the right place and you’re in safe hands and I’m really like pumped that you are here. Okay. And then we’re gonna have a nurture sequence that like where they’re like, Fuck, she totally is in my head.

[00:17:15] She gets me or they get me. Sorry, I’m saying she, because obviously that’s the pronoun I use for me, and that’s kind of how I’m referring to this, but that’s what we want. On people saying, Hey, they totally get me. Like they’re in my head. This is exactly what’s going on for me. Oh my gosh, that’s exactly what I want.

[00:17:32] Gosh, wasn’t that amazing what the, the results they like their client got and and achieved. Wow. Yeah. So we want to be nurturing them then. But right now the priority is how to build that. So how to get those people into your world, your ideal perspective, future clients, and that is absolutely through those, those partnerships, those collaborations, through those connections with people who [00:18:00] already have.

[00:18:01] A community, an audience of your ideal clients, that is gonna be your fastest way, okay? Is to leverage other people’s audiences in the nicest possible way. When I say leverage, sometimes it feels like a bit icky, but it’s through an absolutely awesome, nice human. Connection that we’re gonna do that. Okay.

[00:18:20] In an ick freak way. And that’s where I want you to focus. And that’s where I want you to start. And that’s how we do it without social media. Okay? If for you, you’re just like, I don’t wanna do that, okay. Your options are getting quite limited because we know organic social media socks. You can go down the paid out route if you have the budget, but otherwise it’s gonna be really difficult for you to grow your own.

[00:18:44] Without either leveraging other audiences or using paid ads. So those are the options that you have guys. Okay. To bring people in consistently into your, into your world, into your audience. So I hope that helps, and I [00:19:00] hope that answers the questions that were posted in on that previous email. Thanks so much for listening, and I hope this has been of use to you.

[00:19:09] Let me know. So there you have it, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Marketing Without Social Media Today, and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you. And as always, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For tuning into another episode of this podcast, and if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode.

[00:19:36] Speak to you soon.

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Building Connections

How to build connections to build your audience

Show Notes

The question remains: how does one with a minimal audience build offline connections, in an aligned way outside social media?

This is a question that one of my wonderful listeners emailed in after listening to the episode about my 1 year anniversary without social media. So let’s dive in and answer this question!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Where to start
  • Where to post your opt in –
  • Offline vs online! what’s the difference
  • Keeping them in your world after opt in.



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