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[00:02:01] Viv: Hey, welcome Rita. So Rita is with me today to talk all about how she has found working with me, like what’s changed within her business. And we are just gonna dive straight in. So, Rita, welcome and I would love it if you could just start by telling everyone like what you do, how you, who you help, and how you.

[00:02:24] Viv: Thank

[00:02:24] Rita: you Viv. Um, so yeah, my name is Rita Brewer. I have been a physician assistant for 32 years, and, um, I developed my own personal health coaching practice, um, and I, RIV really helped me to niche down and figure out who my target audience is going to be. Um, so I am specializing in, um, DI type two Diabetes reversal, um, as my ideal.

[00:02:53] Rita: Somebody with type two diabetes or pre-diabetes or maybe have a family history of it, and they’re struggling with obesity and they [00:03:00] don’t wanna ever make that happen again or develop what their family has. Um, those, those are my perfect clients to, to work

[00:03:07] Viv: with. Awesome. Thank you Rita. Okay, so talk to me, let’s kind of rewind to when we kind of first really connected.

[00:03:15] Viv: So what was going on in your business and your life when we hopped on a call and talked about working together? So what was going on back then for you?

[00:03:25] Rita: Well, I was having trouble finding clients. Um, so I had been working for the, uh, about two years, um, doing everything my previous, uh, business coach had told me, and it was a lot of social media marketing.

[00:03:38] Rita: Um, and I did it. I didn’t like it, but I did it because , I was told, this is what you have to do when you have an online business. Um, so I was doing all the content creation, the posting, the stories, the lives, the posts, um, all of that. And it was a grind. Um, but I’m really dedicated and motivated to wanting my business to [00:04:00] grow.

[00:04:00] Rita: So I did it even though I was not enjoying it at all. Um, but yeah, so then I was like, wait, I had to, you know, stop for after about a year and a half to going on two years. I was like, wait a minute, . This is really not working. You know, I’m spending so much time doing all of this stuff that I don’t even like and when I really wanna just be helping people with their health.

[00:04:23] Rita: Um, and it’s not generating, um, the clients that I want and very few even strategy calls even to, to get people to on, on a conversation, even before committing to working with me. So that’s where I was at.

[00:04:36] Viv: Yeah, it was just tough, isn’t it? Yeah. And you, I know you, you know, we’d, we’d spoken, oh, Six or 12 months before we actually worked together, hadn’t we?

[00:04:45] Viv: And yeah, you, you had been fully committed. You know, you, you get told like this is gonna work and you’ve gone all in. And I know it was so frustrating and disheartening for you, uh, at that point. So, cool. Okay, so moving on, let’s talk [00:05:00] about the, the next one, which you know, is what concerns did you have about working with me?

[00:05:06] Viv: So what were your hesitations?

[00:05:09] Rita: Well, my biggest hesitation was, um, you know, the kind of where I was left off with my previous coach is just like making an investment and then not getting the results. Mm-hmm. , um, you know, I mean, my first coach was great at getting my business started, like all of the.

[00:05:26] Rita: Startup part. Um, and that was great. And I have my businesses fully, you know, the system is there, it’s ready to go. It’s ready to see clients, which was great, but I thought the clients were gonna come after. doing that work as well. Um, so, and I, you know, I spent a, a very big investment in doing that. So then, you know, my reluctance to, you know, working with you was like, am I gonna end up in the same boat again?

[00:05:52] Rita: You know, am I gonna invest all this money and time and work into, you know, putting in, you know, the, the, the work of the [00:06:00] recommendations that you give me and then still end up, you know, in the same boat with not getting the calls and, and, and clients cuz that’s the ultimate. .

[00:06:09] Viv: And so what was it that kind of helped you make that decision?

[00:06:13] Viv: Because you know, when you’ve been, I’m gonna say sort of bitten by that and you know, you’ve followed advice and it’s not been working, you know, regardless of the amount of time and energy and effort that you’ve put in, which was what was happening with you with the social media. , you know, how did you manage to, like, what, what was that thought process and, and, and what went on for you that kind of helped you move into the I’m really unsure because of all these things that have happened to, I’m go, I’m gonna make this investment and go forth and go forward.

[00:06:40] Rita: Uh, well, because I was committed to succeeding, I, I had invested so much already. I was not willing to give up. Okay. Um, and number two, I love your personality. . I get, get to meet you. You’re, you’re a bubbly, fun person. You know, as a healthcare provider, I work with sick people all the time. People are frustrated, they’re depressed, [00:07:00] they’re overweight.

[00:07:00] Rita: They, they hate it. They don’t know how to fix it. They’re sad. Um, and you have a be. Bubbly, um, personality, and you make me laugh every time, and I really love that about you because I, you know, really enjoy being around fun and, um, lighthearted people. So that was a start. Um, and then, um, your experience, um, you talked a lot about your past experience and success as a business owner, um, and your confidence in knowing what you’re doing.

[00:07:32] Rita: Um, so all of that, um, really helped me to make that decision. And then of course, the big part was that you specialize in marketing without social media. So this was a way out for me. like to, like, I don’t mind doing a little bit of social media, but I just don’t wanna be on that hamster wheel every single day and posting 10 stories a day.

[00:07:52] Rita: And I’m a very private person, so I don’t wanna put all my personal business in every single thing I’m doing all day long out on social [00:08:00] media. I just wanna help people get healthy. .

[00:08:03] Viv: Yes. I totally get that. I totally hear that. Um, yeah. Thank you. I feel like I was gonna get me hunky out then. I’m like, uh,

[00:08:11] Viv: Thank you. Ok, so let’s talk about results. Okay. You know me, I’m very tangible. I think everybody that works with me gets sent away after that first couple of calls. Then says, go make it tangible. Make the outcomes tangible. So, um, let’s talk about both tangible and intangible results. So what are the tangible things like, you know, um, income clients, you know, calls that you’ve got in?

[00:08:37] Viv: Like, talk to me about what are the tangible things that you, you’ve achieved in the time we’ve worked together or since? .

[00:08:43] Rita: Um, so the biggest thing was, um, one of the tasks that you and I worked on was revamping the free webinar that I had created. Um, I had put a lot of work into it. I had, uh, done the presentation of this webinar the year before and I [00:09:00] had, you know, maybe eight or 10 people, eight, uh, who signed up and were on the call, um, but didn’t get any conversions to, um, the free strategy.

[00:09:09] Rita: Um, and when you helped me really niche down on my messaging and then revamp the webinar, um, you know, all we went through every slide by slide and what I need to, you know, improve on, and I made those, um, improvements and then I did the webinar again and I got two clients from it. Um, so I was really excited about that.

[00:09:31] Rita: So, um, I’m currently working with them now and, uh, looking forward to doing the webinar again. And it also, it gave me the confidence in, um, the, the presentation that I had. Um, I didn’t have any, uh, I’m not good at tech skills, you know, that’s not my zone of genius, . So just actually creating the presentation for the first time is something I’ve never done before.

[00:09:55] Rita: I mean, I’ve been clinically practicing medicine and surgery for over 30 years, [00:10:00] so I never made a webinar before or, you know, created a slide presentation before. I didn’t know how to do any of that. Um, but when I revamped it and you gave me that, you know, confidence and I actually did a, an in-person presentation, um, of the same, you know, with the.

[00:10:17] Rita: Thing we revamped and, um, it was really well received and. , I was really surprised, um, that people said, you know, you’re really good at public speaking and I never thought that I was, cuz I really never did much of it before. Um, but I, I realized when I’m confident with the, um, material that I’m sharing, then um, I have no problem speaking in front of people.

[00:10:40] Rita: So, um, it gave me the confidence to wanna do more. . So I’m working on that now. Um, finding more people and audiences that I can get out there with and, and share that presentation with.

[00:10:51] Viv: That’s fantastic. And it was, it’s such a good presentation. So if anyone’s watching you has typed who diabetes or is at risk or has a family member, you should [00:11:00] definitely go along because that webinar is.

[00:11:02] Viv: It’s just fantastic. So much value in there, um, so much like expertise and knowledge that Rita has to share. So talk to me Now, we’ve talked about obviously you, you’ve kind of covered some of the intangibles in there. So you’ve talked about like being feeling more confident. You’ve talked about being clearer on your niche or niche.

[00:11:19] Viv: Anything else that’s kind of shifted in there for you or any other intangibles that you kind of feel that you want to share with?

[00:11:26] Rita: Um, yeah, I mean, I guess I just feel like, um, the level of professionalism now that I have to share with people, um, you know, one of the first things that we did was working on my offer summary.

[00:11:38] Rita: Um, so that really helped me to niche down because, I mean, in my clinical experience I’ve helped so many people in so many different areas of. Um, that I was just kind of keeping my messaging, you know, more generic, like, because I’m passionate about lifestyle medicine. We work on nutrition, we work on physical activity, we work on stress reductions, sleep quality, [00:12:00] community, relationships, mindset.

[00:12:02] Rita: It’s like we do all of these. Things, but you helped me understand that my message was too broad, um, and that I really needed to niche down even more. So I had to figure that out with, you know, who is that Really one ideal person that I absolutely love to help. Um, and because I’m a clinician and I’ve treated so many diabetic patients and learning that type two diabetes is something that is reversible and preventable, um, I just love helping people in that area because there’s nothing more rewarding for me as a clinician to be able to help people not need medication anymore and to lose the weight they wanna lose and feel amazing.

[00:12:42] Rita: So, um, I decided that, okay, we’re gonna niche down in that area for type two diabetes revers. and then you helped me create this awesome offer summary. So when I do have a conversation with somebody, I can share, um, this document with them that gives a really [00:13:00] clear summary of what we’re gonna do together and how are we gonna achieve it.

[00:13:04] Rita: And I think it’s a really powerful. You know, marketing tool so people really get a clear understanding of everything that you’re gonna cover and how you’re gonna do it. Um, so I really love doing that offer summary and I’m, I’m really glad that I have that now. Um, so that was a really, um, cool thing. Um, so yeah,

[00:13:24] Viv: I love that.

[00:13:25] Viv: Okay. I think you, you’ve probably answered some of this already, but I’m, I’m gonna go through my questions here. So, what did you like best about working with me? Like what was the experience like, and was there anything that happened in those first few sessions that really helped put you at ease or was particularly powerful, um, that you’d like to share with people?

[00:13:46] Rita: Um, well, again, I mean, your personality, you’re such an easy person to talk to. You’re fun, you’re encouraging. Um, there were times when I was, it, it, I was in tears, because of my [00:14:00] frustration. Um, and you helped lift me up. Um, I enjoyed the fact that, um, we did some, the group, uh, s. Uh, coaching sessions as well because the other women in the group were really great.

[00:14:11] Rita: Um, they had a lot to offer as well, and we kind of had that, um, that hive mindset when we worked together. We would all help, you know, try to help each other. Um, so that was really nice. Um, I enjoyed, um, that part of working with you and, uh, your other clients together.

[00:14:29] Viv: Awesome. That’s fantastic. Yeah. We miss you as well,

[00:14:33] Viv: Aw. Thank. Okay. Um, what is the biggest thing that you’ve taken away from working with me? Is there a specific tr uh, strategy? Is there an insight that you had, something that you’ve learned that really made a difference for you?

[00:14:50] Rita: Um, I think just, um, reiterating the fact that building relationships is very important.

[00:14:57] Rita: Um, like I, I kind of knew that before and I was [00:15:00] working on it, but I didn’t realize like that could be the main strategy, um, for marketing success. Um, so. You helped, uh, with that, you know, creating this document for all of your possible leads, people you wanna contact and relationships, um, you have how you could potentially collaborate with people, um, in, uh, you know, getting your messaging out and, you know, sharing.

[00:15:27] Rita: Um, and, you know, are the things that we’re working on. Um, like for me, maybe promoting my webinar and working on like affiliate relationships that way. Um, so it just building more on those relationships, which, um, I knew was important, but I, I see now, um, that it’s e even more, even more so. Brilliant.

[00:15:49] Viv: Okay.

[00:15:50] Viv: What do you think would’ve happened with, with your business if we hadn’t worked? ,

[00:15:56] Rita: um, I probably would’ve still been spinning, , spinning in the [00:16:00] same circle. on the house. The real still. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And just, just being frustrated with, um, not knowing where to go from there, because I ha I was doing everything that my previous coach had already told me, um, and it wasn’t working.

[00:16:14] Rita: So I’m like, well, you know, now what do I do? So now I have a new strategy, um, so I have a new direction that I can pursue.

[00:16:23] Viv: So brilliant. Okay, final, final question. Okay. I’d love for you to give a little final message to someone who’s watching this video, and they may be kind of on the fence about like, should I work with this?

[00:16:35] Viv: Should I not, should I book in a call? Should I not What? Like what would you say to them and like, yeah, why would they be a good fit? Why would you encourage them to take the next.

[00:16:47] Rita: Uh, yeah, I would say definitely book the call. Um, and you can see for yourself, you can do a, a free, uh, strategy call with Viv with no obligation.

[00:16:55] Rita: Um, and she will let you know what she can do for you and what, and what she can’t, [00:17:00] what her expectations are. Um, she will let you know if it’s a right, if it’s a good fit or not. Um, But yeah, she knows what she’s doing and, um, she’s very responsive to your questions. Um, is, you know, the Slack channel is, is a whole website there where all the communication between her students are, and you can, uh, give feedback and you get, you get feedback right away.

[00:17:24] Rita: She’s got a virtual assistant that works with her too. Um, so she’s got a, you know, a great setup. Um, She’s, uh, taught me, uh, the importance too of, you know, having certain boundaries. Like, these are the days that I work, these are the days that I don’t work, and these are, you know, my boundaries for my business, um, when you can reach me when you can’t.

[00:17:44] Rita: Um, so it reiterated to me the importance of sticking, uh, with that as well. Um, so yeah, just get on a call. You’ll see, you’ll see her personality, you’ll see how she works, and, um, she’ll let you know, you know, if she can, if she feels she, you’re a good fit, if [00:18:00] she can help you or.

[00:18:01] Viv: Yeah, so brilliant. Thank you so much, Rita.

[00:18:04] Viv: Really, we welcome. So there you have it, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Marketing Without Social Media Today and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you. And as always, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this podcast, and if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode.

[00:18:32] Viv: Speak to you soon.

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How Rita Brewer came From £0 biz income for over 2 years to booking in her first 2 clients and making a 2x ROI

Show Notes

Today let’s hear about one of my clients who successfully went from 0 business income to closing her first 2 clients and making a 2x ROI in just 6 months!

Rita had been struggling for the past 2 years in her business. After working with her first coach to put the structures in place to run her business she’d hoped then that the clients would just come (a bit like Kevin Costner in the film Field of Dreams)…only they didn’t.

Rita then invested in a second coach who worked on her marketing strategy…only it was entirely focused on social media.

Rita worked her butt off doing everything that the coach had told her to do…and booked in ZERO clients in 2 years.

She didn’t know what action to take or what direction to go in.

She was determined but wary of being burned again with no results from her investment).

In this episode you will learn Rita’s key points and results:

  • Nailed her niche and became ultra specific
  • Landed her first 2 FULL paying clients after running her new webinar for the very first time
  • Started developing a network of referral partners and collaborators
  • Stopped relying on social media
  • Increased her confidence in her offer and transformation she helps people achieve.

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03:15 – What was it like for Rita before working with Viv
04:45 – Rita’s concern about working with Viv
08:11 – Rita’s results after working with Viv
13:25 – What is the best thing about working with Viv
14:33 – Reita’s takeaway in working with Viv
15:50 – What would have happened if Rita didn’t work with Viv
16:23 – Rita’s message to those who are on the fence in working with Viv

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