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[00:00:00] Viv: Do you want consistent revenue in your business every single month? If your answer is yes, and you are ready to hop off the inconsistency rollercoaster and become fully booked with one-to-one high ticket clients, I’m talking like a thousand pounds or dollars plus. And you even want to get to the point of having a wait list, but you don’t wanna do it working crazy.

[00:00:24] Viv: If you are saying, yes, yes, yes babe, this is what I want. Then my client accelerator framework gives you the exact structure I use myself and that I use with my clients to get them to be fully booked with one-to-one high-ticket clients in under 12 months, and not just get fully booked, but stay fully booked because that’s what we.

[00:00:46] Viv: In order to have consistent revenue. If you are ready to take action and get fully booked, get consistent revenue, download the framework now. You can get your hands on it at viv [00:01:00] That’s ViiV guy V I V G U In today’s episode, I’m talking about why selling can feel hard sometimes, and especially hard when we have multiple offers at different price points.

[00:01:16] Viv: So you think, well, this should be easy. There’s something for everyone. So we’re gonna talk about that and what to do about that. Let’s dive in.

[00:01:28] Viv: You’re listening to Marketing Without Social Media with me, Viv Guy, the podcast for people who want more clarity, connections, and cash in their business. I’ll be sharing with you proven techniques from leading entre. And experts from across the globe to help you to market without social media and to grow your business in a way that actually feels good to you.[00:02:00]

[00:02:01] Viv: Okay? So if you are the type of business who. Like different offers. So let’s say you’ve got three different offers that get people the same result. Okay. So for example, for me, I help my clients to get fully booked and stay fully booked. If I had three different offers at three different price points. So, for example, offer number one is you could do it yourself like on a do-it-yourself.

[00:02:26] Viv: Course number two could be a group. Program. Number three could be work with me one-to-one. They’re all ultimately offering the same result. And if you have a business where you. Have like three, four different offers, but they’re ultimately all driving people to that same result. Then I wanna kind of pull you up on that and say, this can be the big reason why selling is hard, and I strongly recommend that you simplify your business because.

[00:02:55] Viv: The reason being, when you have this like [00:03:00] multi offer like approach that gives the same result, and I’m not saying like having a Multier business is bad, if that’s what works for you, that’s not what I recommend when you’re starting out, but. If that’s the business model that you’ve created and is worked for you, then, then that’s great.

[00:03:15] Viv: It’s something I’m I, you know, some people wanna do as they grow and expand their business. I very much believe in keeping business simple. Having like Denise Delfield, Thomas, all Roads lead to your kind of core offer. And then yet, of course, you can add in the odd extra offer now and again, like Denise does, But for the most part, you know, everything you speak to is this one offer.

[00:03:36] Viv: So it makes things a lot easier. So if you’re not kind of running a profitable business, you’re not seeing like the sales conversions because of this, like, and you’re not sure why it can often be because of the, this like offer ladder that you’ve got with the same offer. So you are kind of saying to people, hey, like you get a ch, you can.

[00:03:57] Viv: A, B, or C? Well, people [00:04:00] struggle because they’re like, well, how do I know which is gonna get me the results? You are the expert. Like you tell me. People want your confidence that like this is the right way. And can I say, well, you could do any of those. It’s just whatever works for your price point, well, they’ve all got something different, different support.

[00:04:18] Viv: And actually if you’ve got like a higher offer, people are gonna like, well, why are you selling me a lower offer? And then you offer a higher offer. Cuz usually like the more, the higher offer with more support, it’s gonna get better results. We know that like when you get that level of. Support you get better results.

[00:04:36] Viv: So people are kind of aware of that, so it can talk them out of it, and then they’re like, but that price point feels too high. You are offering something here. There’s a lot of kind of conflicting decision making kind of thoughts coming up for people. And it, like I said, people lose confidence like, well, obviously you wanna sell that, but maybe you don’t feel confident in your pricing.

[00:04:56] Viv: Are you nailing it with clients one month and then struggling the [00:05:00] next? It absolutely makes planning for anything super tough. Nevermind saving for the family holiday, you love to book. It makes having monthly financial goals, uh, nevermind. Yearly really tough because let’s face it, you don’t know how you can create more consistency.

[00:05:19] Viv: Okay, and on top of all of that, you get that negative trippy mindset stuff coming up, right? You’re wondering why this is happening to you. Is it just you? Why can’t you nail it? Ah, and your usual ad hoc posting on social media and the word of mouth is just not getting results like it used to. So you keep adding new strategies, desperately trying to find the one that works.

[00:05:45] Viv: Dancing on. Try YouTube. Maybe even giving Pinterest to go, if this all sounds a bit too familiar and you run an online business and are ready to finally hop off the inconsistency [00:06:00] rollercoaster and become fully booked with high ticket. Yes, think over a thousand pounds, thousand dollars one-to-one clients to the point that you have a waiting list in just 20 hours.

[00:06:11] Viv: A. If the answer to this is yes, then I want you to book in a 15 minute client accelerator game plan call with me. What we’re gonna do in this call is identify the three key actions to focus on to get you to consistent monthly income. And if you decide, heck Viv, I really want your help implementing this in my business, then what we’ll do is we will book.

[00:06:34] Viv: Deeper dive call to really map out how we will do that for your business. And then at that point you can decide and we both decide whether we want to work together To book your call, simply go to a viv plan. That’s one word game. Plan viv plan. I cannot wait to speak to you soon.[00:07:00]

[00:07:00] Viv: So what is the reason that you have these different offers? So there’s usually a couple of of reasons that this is happening. Number one is you don’t feel confident in your pricing, okay? You feel that your higher ticket offer is too high, okay? And that in that you. Eliminating and non-accessible for a lot of people.

[00:07:22] Viv: Okay? So it’s a pricing confidence issue. The second issue is you are still too broad with your niche. You are trying to cater for a wide range of people, which is really commendable, but again, it makes it really difficult for you to sell. It really does. If you want, you can have a high ticket offer that you sell that is like the one thing that you put out there or your one offer, and maybe the downsell is something that you don’t publicize, but you have a lower ticket like, Hey, you can come and work in like my group program if you can’t afford to work with me one-to-one or, um, although I strongly recommend like group programs are.

[00:07:59] Viv: [00:08:00] Well, and they, they often have a lot of one-to-one support in them. Um, it might be like that you have the offer of like a do-it-yourself option where they get like a one monthly coaching session as part of a community. You’re like, what is that down sell? If this isn’t the one-to-one or the higher ticket offer is not right for them at this time.

[00:08:17] Viv: So I’m not saying don’t have it. I just don’t want you to be giving people the choice because it makes selling. Like selling what you do really, really difficult. Remember, sales is like 90, 95% about confidence, and it’s your confidence that people are looking for your confidence and belief that you can get them the result and the transformation.

[00:08:36] Viv: And when you present multiple offers, mm. It’s kind of saying, well, if you pay the most, I’m guaranteeing like you’re gonna get this result, but if you can’t afford that, we can always do this other one. It’s not gonna. As good a result. Well, who wants to buy the thing that’s not gonna get ’em as good a result?

[00:08:50] Viv: Nobody. So we really need to think about that. And as I said, what happens is people generally go for the middle option. When I used to do brand photography and I went on a course, they were always like, have three [00:09:00] options of packages. Cuz people always go for the middle, but have the middle as your highest profit margin one.

[00:09:05] Viv: Awesome. You know, back in that, where it was like a different sort of product-based sales, but when we’re speaking to people and we’re kind of offering a service like a transformational service versus like that product, we need to be very clear and very specific saying, Hey, I am so confident that my, the, my process and the way I work is gonna get you results.

[00:09:26] Viv: That this is the one way, like this is my proven. That I know gets results. That’s why I offer like one way, because I know through my years of experience that by doing it, like working in this way gets the results, gets the results I want. I could say, Hey, you can come and work with me for six months, or you could come and work with me for one month, or you can do a power hour, but it’s not gonna get the results.

[00:09:49] Viv: It is not going to get the results. And I want people who get. Because, hey, it’s freaking awesome for them that they have got the result they want and their life is a lot easier and a lot better. [00:10:00] And B, it’s freaking awesome for me because it helps me get more clients and it makes me feel really good in the process that I have helped people like get out of a really sticky, horrible situation into a really great place.

[00:10:13] Viv: Like that is my goal. That is my passion. I want life to be easier for everyone. I want life to be very enjoyable for everyone. And so when I do that, it’s like, oh, it’s a little like, I don’t know, great feeling in there. Get a little, oh, just got a little thing kind of buzzy, tickle down my spine. Just sort of thinking about that and clients.

[00:10:29] Viv: So I really want you to think about like that offer. Like if you’re offering the same result, I want you to think about what is the best way of getting people to that result and selling that one thing that you are so confident unselling. Maybe you need to change your pricing because you don’t feel like really comfortable with that pricing yet.

[00:10:47] Viv: And that’s okay. You know, we can look at pricing. There’s a other podcast episode on on pricing, which I’ll link to in the show notes. But I really want you to be able to get to the point where you are confident and the people you are selling to, your prospective clients [00:11:00] are so confident in the result and the transformation.

[00:11:03] Viv: So ditch those offers, simplify your business. Your business does not look less professional or smaller as a result of having less. Okay. That is not the case. So often we think, well, I need to have multiple offers because it makes me look bigger, better not the case at all. Look at the people out there who are doing multi six, multi seven figures.

[00:11:24] Viv: They are offering one offer. Okay? Uh, one of my coaches, uh, and a friend, Gemma Gilbert, One offer. Amplify. Okay. Denise Delfield. Thomas Main offer bootcamp. Yeah. She started bringing in something else last year, but it’s a one off. Yeah. Her main thing, everything she talks about is about bootcamp. Tacky Moore, million dollar coach, you know, uh, Jeff Walker launching one thing.

[00:11:49] Viv: It’s one core thing that they are known for, so scale it back, simplify it, and it’s gonna help you get much more profitable and make selling [00:12:00] so much. So there you have it, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Marketing Without Social Media Today, and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you.

[00:12:14] Viv: And as always, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For tuning into another episode of this podcast, and if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode. Speak to you soon.

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Do not make it hard!

Why Selling Feels Hard

Show Notes

Sometimes selling can feel hard!

…. And selling feels especially hard when we have multiple offers and different price points. 

You might have thought “ This should be easy! There’s something for everyone!”, but this might be the very reason selling feels hard for you! 

So in this episode, I will talk about Why selling feels hard because of multiple offers and will help you navigate better in having confidence in your pricing. 

Stay tuned!

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