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[00:00:00] Viv: Do you want consistent revenue in your business every single month? If your answer is yes, and you are ready to hop off the inconsistency rollercoaster and become fully booked with one-to-one high ticket clients, I’m talking like a thousand pounds or dollars plus. And you even want to get to the point of having a wait list, but you don’t wanna do it working crazy hours.

[00:00:25] Viv: If you are saying, yes, yes, yes babe, this is what I want. Then my client accelerator framework gives you the exact structure I use myself and that I use with my clients to get them to be fully booked with one-to-one high-ticket clients in under 12 months, and not just get fully booked, but stay fully booked because that’s what we.

[00:00:48] Viv: In order to have consistent revenue. If you are ready to take action and get fully booked, get consistent revenue, download the framework now. You can get your hands on it [00:01:00] at viv That’s ViiV guy, V I V G U How much time should I spend on what in my. Like that is a big question.

[00:01:18] Viv: Like what should you spend your time on? What should you focus on in order to hit the revenue that you wanna be hitting in order to be at that point of consistent monthly revenue? Let’s dive in and talk exactly about how I spend my time in my business and what I recommend you focus on in yours.

[00:01:44] Viv: You are listening to marketing Without Social Media with me, Viv Guy, the podcast for people who want more clarity, connections, and cash in their business. I’ll be sharing with you proven techniques from leading entrepreneurs and experts [00:02:00] from across the globe to help you to market without social media.

[00:02:04] Viv: And to grow your business in a way that actually feels good to you.

[00:02:20] Viv: You know, when you are a kid and you avoid doing the things that you want to, like, you don’t want to do, you avoid tidying up. Like my friend was telling me about her daughter at nursery hides in the corner, cuz she said she doesn’t like tidying up, so she hides away from it. And it’s, it’s cute when you’re a kid, it’s okay.

[00:02:41] Viv: Like people are like, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. However, when we do the same in our business and we kind of go and hide in a corner or the equivalent, we go and watch Netflix, we go and go to the gym, we go running, we go and do the laundry. Whatever we do, if we work from home, um, because we wanna avoid [00:03:00] doing the things that we kind of maybe don’t like doing, um, it has a knock on effect.

[00:03:05] Viv: You know, it’s kind of got more consequences than the kid in the nursery corner hiding or the cupboard hiding away. And we need to be. That when we avoid doing certain things, when we don’t give things the time and attention and focus they need, it has a negative consequence for us often. Okay, there’s some things we should totally be avoiding doing, but when we are not focusing on and doing the things that are critical, that our mission critical to having a successful sustainable profit.

[00:03:41] Viv: Business that provides consistent revenue every week, every month. Then we kind of need to like address what that is, like what’s going on. We need to ensure that we are making the time, but how much time should we be spending on things and like, why are we avoiding them?[00:04:00]

[00:04:03] Viv: Are you nailing it with clients one month and then struggling the next? It absolutely makes planning for anything super tough. Nevermind saving for the family holiday, you love to book. It makes having monthly financial goals, uh, nevermind. Yearly really tough because let’s face it, you don’t know how you can create more consistency.

[00:04:26] Viv: Okay, and on top of all of that, you get that negative trippy mindset stuff coming up, right? You are wondering why this is happening to you. Is it just you? Why can’t you nail it? Ah, and your usual ad hoc posting on social media and the word of mouth is just not getting results like it used to. So you keep adding new strategies, desperately trying to find the one that works.

[00:04:52] Viv: Dancing on. Try YouTube. Maybe even giving Pinterest to go, if this all sounds a bit too [00:05:00] familiar and you run an online business and are ready to finally hop off the inconsistency rollercoaster and become fully booked with high ticket. Yes, think over a thousand pounds, thousand dollars one-to-one clients to the point that you have a waiting list in just 20 hours.

[00:05:19] Viv: A. If the answer to this is yes, then I want you to book in a 15 minute client accelerator game plan call with me. What we’re gonna do in this call is identify the three key actions to focus on to get you to consistent monthly income. And if you decide, heck Viv, I really want your help implementing this in my business, then what we’ll do is we will book in a deeper dive call to really map out how we will do that for your business.

[00:05:48] Viv: And then at that point you can decide and we both decide whether we want to work together. To book your call, simply go to viv [00:06:00] plan. That’s one word, game plan viv plan. I cannot wait to speak to you soon.

[00:06:17] Viv: Well, I talk about this a lot, which is we avoid, you know, the biggest corporate is always marketing. Now, I love marketing, but a lot of people are like, Ugh. I did not go into business to be a marketer, okay? I didn’t go into business originally to be a marketer, and so passion I developed over time, but, You know, why do you go into business?

[00:06:38] Viv: You go into business because you love the thing that you do because you have a bigger purpose. Like you wanna make money, but you also wanna help people. You want to change people. You like, why are you doing the thing? Like, why are you passionate about running your business? And like, why are you passionate about running your business versus going and doing that thing that you’re qualified to do?

[00:06:59] Viv: And that [00:07:00] you’re passionate about doing for somebody else. Somebody else who’s gonna do all the marketing, all the grunt work, all the stuff that you don’t want to do. Cuz that is the option out there. That is the reality. If you’re like, I don’t wanna do that stuff, it becomes really like difficult to run a successful, viable business.

[00:07:16] Viv: So you do have to make a choice. And if you’re like, right now I’m really passionate about running my. You know, because I know when I run my own business, I can make a lot more money when I run my own business. I know I get to choose exactly the type of people I wanna work with that I’m passionate about working with when I run my own business, you know, and this is for me, I know.

[00:07:38] Viv: I can go watch my kid do her Easter service in church on Thursday. I know I can take the school holidays off. I know I can set my own working hours. I know I can be there for my kids. Like these are my big drivers for me. Yeah, I know I can make the money I wanna do, I’ve always worked for myself, so it’s [00:08:00] a little different, but for me, Like that’s been, that’s the big thing that changed the way I work.

[00:08:05] Viv: It changed the hours that I work. I went from like, you know, 60, 80 hour weeks for the first 12 years, uh, of my life, of my working life with my first business, like running a seven figure business. And then I was like, I don’t wanna do this, but I still wanna make money. I still wanna make really good money, but I don’t wanna work these crazy hours.

[00:08:24] Viv: I wanted more freedom. I wanted freedom when I was thinking I may have a family, but I wanna be really present for my family. So these were like my priorities. So I wanted to think about like, why are you doing this business? Why is this important to you? Because only when we kind of realize that, can we dial in to like, Why we need to be doing, like why even bother doing the things that we are maybe avoiding that don’t feel as great.

[00:08:46] Viv: So like I said, you don’t go into business to be marketing. And generally marketing is something that most people really dislike. They dislike it. Like, you know, I talk about this like doing. Sports, like doing [00:09:00] exercise, getting fit, staying in shape, all of that kind of stuff that so many people like that, Ugh, I hate having to go to the gym, or I hate having to do x, y, or Z type exercise.

[00:09:11] Viv: But there are so many different types of exercise though. There’s definitely something in there that feels more. Fun to you. So I talk about the comparison, like if you make me go and play football for an hour three times a week, I’m gonna hate it. I’m gonna avoid it at all costs. I’m gonna freaking hide in that cupboard.

[00:09:28] Viv: I’m gonna make every excuse under the sun to not go. You tell me I can go to dancing three times a week. Yes, I do adult ballet and I freaking love it. You tell me I can go to spin. I love it. It’s hard work. I sweat like a beast, but I love it. I get a great result out of it. I feel really satisfied. Would I prefer to probably be lying on the sofa reading a book.

[00:09:53] Viv: Yeah. But I know that in order to stay healthy for my body to keep working in the way I want it [00:10:00] to work, I need to exercise. And the same goes for your business. If you want it to keep working in the way you want it to work, then. You know, there are things you need to do, but you can definitely find the way to do them in a better way.

[00:10:12] Viv: And that’s why I talk about doing, you know, my leads archetype assessment to find what is the best way for you to market, to bring in leads. Because leave flow is the thing that most people are struggling with. Okay? So we gotta find the thing that works for you. That’s the first thing. But how much time should you then be spending?

[00:10:32] Viv: So what are the key things we want to be working on? Well, number. Marketing. Without marketing, we do not have a viable business. Number two, client work like we have to ensure we are delivering for our clients and we are delivering an awesome service. That does not mean like be an over giver, but it means we do need to ensure we are giving our clients like our focus.

[00:10:54] Viv: We need to work on developing our business. Okay. If we don’t, we will stay forever [00:11:00] where we are now. So we have to develop our business. We have to work on the business, not just in the business. Okay. You’ve probably heard that a lot. What does that look like? We’re gonna talk about that in a moment, and then development, like personal and business development.

[00:11:14] Viv: Because again, like it’s really important as entrepreneurs that we. And as humans, that we grow ourselves, um, through that development, through that connection with other people, because it helps us be better at what we do, at what we deliver for our clients. It helps us be like better in business. It helps us be better human beings and better in our lives.

[00:11:35] Viv: So that’s a part of things that we wanna be spending time on as well. So let’s start first and foremost about talking about the priorities. When you’re starting your business, when you’re not at that point of being fully booked, what do we want you to be working on? Number one, like marketing time. What does that look like?

[00:11:52] Viv: So I’m talking about like getting out there. Maybe you go into networking events, maybe you’re doing guest speaking, whatever that [00:12:00] looks like, I want you to be like prioritizing time to put yourself out there and be visible. Okay? That is the number one priority you have when you are trying to get fully booked.

[00:12:12] Viv: In the first place, and it has to be the thing that is a huge priority for you in your business. How much time should you be spending? Well, if you do not have a full client roster, a book, a calendar full of clients, I’m gonna say, I want you to be spending like 60 to 70% of your time on this because. It’s, it’s the priority.

[00:12:30] Viv: Okay? So I want you to be visible. I want you to be thinking about like, are you putting out offers for people to get on calls with you? Are you having enough conversations? Okay. I cannot express enough how conversations like turn to connections lead to conversations, which lead to conversions.

[00:12:49] Viv: Connections, lead to conversations, lead to conversions. Those three Cs are really important. At this stage in your business. I want you to be having a lot more conversations with people. [00:13:00] Okay? The other part is then the client work. Okay? I want you to think about how you’re prioritizing your client work.

[00:13:06] Viv: Ideally, what I’d love is for you to time block your client work. Specific client days instead of like having people in on days where you’re also doing marketing and you know, development and da da da da, I want you to time block because it’s really hard for the brain to switch from one activity to another activity and it’s really like impactful and distracting.

[00:13:26] Viv: So I want you to be able to like do really deep focused work in and be able, be able to get in your zone and not kinda having to break off the client work. So think about what that week would look like. When would those client appointment times? Okay, so we’ve got being visible marketing, okay, client work.

[00:13:42] Viv: When you get to the point of having a full client roster, how much marketing time do we want you to be doing then? Well, as is the case for many of you who are listening, you probably go, well, I’m so booked with clients and I don’t really want to think about having to market because I don’t love marketing, so I let it drop and I’m, I’ve got clients [00:14:00] who will hand on heart, hold their hands up and admit, this was then when they came to work with me like, Love the client work.

[00:14:08] Viv: I let the client work take over and I’m really aware that I let that happen. I let it take priority and I don’t do any marketing like non zilch zero. Okay? So we need to ensure that we are always doing marketing time, like always have marketing time. And now I’m gonna say like, oh, 30 to 40% like thir a good 30% of your week.

[00:14:29] Viv: I want to be market. Um, you know, what is that? Like I said, that is obviously lead generation. It’s nurturing your existing audience, like those conversion activities. How do we get people moving along our, our client sort of pipeline journey to the point where we get them booking onto calls? So there are different aspects of that that we need to be doing.

[00:14:49] Viv: We need to be then having sales calls. So if you think about all of those things, we need to make sure we’re prioritizing time for those actions. It’s not enough to say, well, I’ve got time for sales calls. We have to be doing [00:15:00] the p. Outreach, outward facing visibility, marketing stuff as well. We have to be doing our client stuff, but then we need to be doing some business development work.

[00:15:10] Viv: Okay. What are those things that are gonna move your business forward? Okay. It could be working on, maybe it is, you know, some work on your website, but I definitely don’t recommend you focus on a website at the start because you don’t need it to get fully booked in the first instance. Okay. Maybe it is.

[00:15:30] Viv: Creating a podcast, maybe it is, uh, you know, that you’re thinking of create a podcast. Maybe it is doing, um, sort of updating some course materials, some of your content. Okay? Maybe it is setting up your systems, your automations for onboarding clients. Okay, whatever that is, I want you to think about what that business development stuff is.

[00:15:50] Viv: So like process back office type things that could be there. It could be onboarding like a team member. What are those business development activities that are [00:16:00] moving you forward to your bigger goal? So we wanna make sure we’ve got time in for those now in my 20 hour week. I have a good like half a day a week for business development.

[00:16:12] Viv: Okay. Half a day a week just for business development, so for around three to four hours. Okay. It’s not a huge amount. I only work 20 hours a week. Okay. So, That’s like business development. Then I want you to think about like personal development. So are you in a mastermind? Are you in a group program? Are you doing some development stuff that is relevant to the business?

[00:16:33] Viv: Now, there’s two ways of looking at this, and there are two camps, which is do it in your own time. But if like me or like that, woo, like I’ve got 20 hours a week, which is my time for pretty much everything because of the age of my children. Then that is something that has to go in my, my weekly time as well.

[00:16:52] Viv: Um, so you need to be very conscious about what you’re taking on. And I generally allow myself like, hmm, you know, [00:17:00] a, a couple of hours a week to be on a call, you know, with coaches or other people. And then that business development is often related to the actions that I’m working on. You know, through my coaching program, through that development work that I am doing.

[00:17:13] Viv: But in terms of like active call time, it’s around sort of maybe 60 to 90 minutes is usually what I allow for that time within my calendar. So if you kind of think about the personal development and the business development, that’s generally like a day of week that’s come out. Okay. So that leaves me three days then for my client work and my market.

[00:17:36] Viv: So if you look at that, you go, that’s not a lot of client time, which is why it’s like important then to think about what my scalable model is moving forwards, you know, and why I developed a group program as well as my one-to-one offer. So like, what is that looking like for you? Like, how is that split?

[00:17:54] Viv: And this is where then it gets into, ah, maybe I need to rethink my pricing. Maybe I need [00:18:00] to rethink how many clients I can realistically work with at any given time. But thinking about how you spend your time, track your time, okay. Um, if you wanna do it, how old school? Like notebook. I, I’m old school. I like a bit of a planner.

[00:18:16] Viv: Um, so I use the project. You have two planner, which, um, is kind of Pomodoro timers. It asks you to estimate how much time you think a task will take, and then you mark how much time it’s actually taken. So you can go back like at the end of week and go, ah, yeah, I can see that right in my weekly email does not take me 30 minutes.

[00:18:31] Viv: It takes me 90. As an example, so now I know I need to allocate more time for that moving forwards. And it’s gonna make sure you’re not overscheduling things like too much in your diary. That’s not achievable. It’s really gonna help you like scrub the stuff. And like eliminate the things that you do not need to be doing.

[00:18:51] Viv: Like is this moving you closer to your goal? Is this like important to moving you to where you want to get to? If the answer is no, do [00:19:00] not do it. Because your time is precious. Your time is limited. And the priority now for you and guessing is to get to. Being fully booked and staying fully booked so you have consistent revenue.

[00:19:11] Viv: And then thinking about what does that business model look like to grow, if that’s what you want, but you might have like fully booked for me, gives me so much financial freedom. I don’t need to think about a scalable model beyond that. Like I’m happy, I’m happy with the, the model that I’ve created and that is okay.

[00:19:27] Viv: Please do not feel any pressure to have to go for like making a million dollars a year or anything like, You go to where you are happy and if fully booked, as you know, with one-to-one clients is like the perfect sweet spot for you, gives you everything you need. That is freaking awesome. Okay, so. Really think about like what that’s gonna look like for you.

[00:19:48] Viv: And if you need my help with this, if this is something where you’ve kind of go, ah, not only do I struggle with what I should be doing within each of those activities, like what should my marketing look like? What, what, you know, do I need to create a be better [00:20:00] client like model that gets better results like that I’m more confident in that.

[00:20:03] Viv: Da da da da da. You. You’re like, what should my business development be like? What should I be focusing on there? If any of this is stuff that you need help. Then of course, like I’m here, give me a call booking a game plan. Go to my website, viv plan, and we’ll book in a 15 minute call and we’ll really identify like what are these three core things that you want to be focusing on to move your business forwards?

[00:20:29] Viv: Hope this has been helpful, guys. Uh, another relatively shorty episode from me. Uh, but I thought it was a really important. So there you have it, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Marketing Without Social Media Today and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you.

[00:20:50] Viv: And as always, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this podcast, and if you haven’t done so already, please do [00:21:00] subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode. Speak to you soon.

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Spend Wisely!

How much time should I spend on what in my biz

Show Notes

As an entrepreneur, how much time should you spend on your biz? Should you be working 24/7 to hit your revenue?

This is a big question for business owners, how many hours should you spend and on what part of your biz should you allocate this? 

It is a goal to hit your revenue consistently on a monthly basis, but you also need to focus on the things that you want to do to avoid being burned out!

As for me, I want to watch my kid do her Easter service in church on Thursday. I want to take the school holidays off. I want to set my own working hours. I want to be there for my kids. These are more my big drivers for me. I know I can make the money I wanna to, I’ve always worked for myself, so it’s a little different, but for me,  that’s the big thing that changed the way I work.

I wanted more freedom. I wanted freedom when I was thinking I may have a family, but I wanna be really present for my family. So these were my priorities. So I wanted to think about like, why are you doing this business? Why is this important to you? Because only when we kind of realize that, can we dial in.

In this episode, let’s talk about how much time you should really spend on your biz, and how you should allocate it so that you will be present to your family too!

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