Did you know?

Only 20% of podcasters make it past 10 episodes!!!!​

Let's ensure you're one of them!

You want to be making sales from your podcast right?

I mean if you're going to invest your precious time and energy in podcasting you want to make a dang good return on your investment (ROI). That means you're going to want 1000s of downloads, 5 star ratings and most importantly your loyal listeners raising their hands to work with you EVERY EPISODE.

(Because when you're not making sales, that's when your podcast risks joining the 80% of shows that don't make it.....)

The Great News

You DON’T need millions of downloads, to be a celebrity or churn out a podcast-a-day to have a PROFITABLE podcast that has you hitting your client enrolment & sales targets every month.

All you need is access to a team of fellow top-ranked hosts and 6 & 7 figure business owners to show you how it’s done.

That’s why we created The Profitable Podcast Method

We don’t just want you to have a globally ranked podcast. By the time our work together is through…
You’ll have your very own platform for generating leads and sales.

I knew you'd be worth whatever the investment was. And from the very first session, I had no regrets. I got that £14, 500 contract after the first session, so much so that I'm at the point where I'm now carrying on working with you for well over a year.

- Jenny ball

The Reality....

Most podcasts fail because 99% of podcast courses only focus on tech - mics to buy, how to edit and how to publish your show....which is only about 1% of what you need in order to create a globally ranked, profitable podcast!

(Sounds frustraing?! It is!).

If you wanna to become the host
of a profitable podcast

(aka one that grows your audience and has dream clients handing over their cash to work with you!)

you're going to need four things:

Captivating Content Formula

So you know how to structure every episode to create magnetic content that has listners hooked, that drives downloads and most importantly is structured for optimising conversions.

Launch Well Method

Amplify your authority, accelerate your audience growth and enhance your credibility by launching a top 10% gloablly ranked show so more of your dream clients are organically discovering you.

Dial Up

Leads are the life blood of your business and your podcast. That means we want to ensure that you're consistently growing your audience and bringing in new listeners every week. We'll leverage what you already have to do that.

Podcast to Profit

So far everything has been focused on podcast growth and driving traffic TO your podcast, in order to make sales we need to drive traffic FROM your podcast so youhit your client enrolment and sales targets every single month.

If your looking to avoid the trial and error of trying to figure this stuff out by yourself, and want to avoid losing $1000s in missed sales in process....

— you just found it.

Book a call to see if the Profitable Podcast Method is the right strategy for you.

When you become a profitable podcast host here's what


Start – geting your content seen by the masses

Createconsistency in your sales and your personal income

Free up – more time to focus on the things that matter most

Fill – your programmes and hit your enrolment targets

Work – with dream clients who get results

Watch – your audience grow

Amplify – your authority within your niche

…how would that make you feel?

So today I went through loads of the modules, and I just learned so much today so much, so much stuff I didn't know in there. Thank you. That's really, obviously helpful, because that's why you've put it all together in that way. But it really made sense.It's really helped me understand everything and the process and all the reason. It's just it's just honestly been like a massive ha lightbulb day, huge day for that and all your help this week

- Kat Parkin

How It Works:

1. Book a Free Call​

This isn't your typical 'icky' sales call where you're itching to get off the call the whole time. This is a full on value packed conversation where (regardless of whether we decide that you'd be a good fit for the programme) you walk away with a minimum of 3 action steps to get you moving forwards in your biz! If it's a fit, we'll map out a custom Profitable Podcast launch & implementation plan.

2. Join the Profitable Podcast Method

We'll only work together if we are both agreed that it's a 'Hell Yes' the programme is a fit for your business! You’ll get immediate access to our entire methodology and our team will work hand-in-hand with you to implement it (yep 1-1's included). Oh and did we mention we include professional editing, graphic design, and copywriting on the house?

3. Become a Globally Ranked Profitable Podaster

We're here to help you integrate the methedology into your unique business. You'll have access to daily accountability and support, 1-1 calls, reviews, feedback and more.When we finish our 6 months, you'll be the proud host of a Globally ranked podcast, with a robust sales mecansim in place for generating sales on repeat so you hit your sales and enrolment goals EVERY MONTH.

Ready to be the host of a Globally Ranked, Profitable Podcast? Then let's do this!

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