Grow & attract more clients off social media

There's no better feeling than loving what you do. When you find what feels good the finances and freedom follow.

Swap frustrated for freedom

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    This is definitely for you if:

    • You want to escape the social media hamster wheel
    • You want to market your service based business off social media but aren’t sure how
    • You want to get more clients
    • You want to grow your email list with superfans
    • You want your marketing to feel goooooood.


    You totally resonate with the idea that

    "there has got to be a better way of doing things than you are now!"

    In this workshop I take you through:

    • Why social media isn’t a sustainable marketing strategy for many small businesses
    • Alternative marketing strategies that are more effective and sustainable than social media
    • How to reclaim a lot more hours in your week by marketing off social media
    • How using your marketing archetype will identify the best marketing strategies for you
    • Designing your marketing plan and business to fit around your lifestyle

    In this 60 minute workshop I take you through a series of exercises so at the end of the class you come out with a whole new focus and approach to working so you can start taking action, cut down on your working hours, ENJOY what you’re doing & end the day on a high because you’re smashing through everything & doing the things that you love.

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    Here's what you get when you sign up....FOR FREE!!!!

    A link to the pre recorded workshop

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    >>> A 60 minute workshop with workbook so you can actually do the work alongside the video. You only need 60 minutes minute to make some mahoosive changes to your life & business!

    Free social media free marketing guide

    >>> I share with you my guide on my favourite short, medium and long term social media free marketing strategies which includes my no nonsense marketing plan for you to complete.

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    Hi, I’m Viv, a High Performance Business Coach & Strategist. I am on a mission to help corporate escapees turned coaches (think mindset, life, business & wellness coaches) to design and market their business off social media so they can make 20 hour work weeks a reality.

    I look forward to helping you make the changes you're ready for.

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