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So who am I?


I’m Viv, Business coach, mentor & strategist

I am sooooo passionate about making business and marketing feel good and simple for you. I know that setting up and growing a business in today’s noisy online world can be tough and getting your business fully booked AND profitable without working crazy hours and getting clients without ‘icky’ misaligned marketing strategies feels tough. But here’s the great news…’s 100% possible.

A born entrepreneur. Setting up my first business from scratch at the age of 22 and growing it to a turnover of £1.5 million a year, I learnt what it is to grow a businesses from scratch…twice. After setting up my second business post kids I realised I’d have to find a way to run a business in a lot less hours!

But (and here’s the big BUT)

With the gazillion ‘must do’ totally icky and spammy feeling (to me) marketing and lead generation tactics from so many so called ‘experts’ I found myself confused and working crazy hours….again, and falling rapidly out of love with my business. It was then working with my amazing coach that I decided to design my business and approach my marketing in MY way and in the time that I allotted…..and I have never looked back.  I now coach other service-based business owners like you on how to create an aligned business in which they work just 20 hours a week but still earn great money.

I am all about helping my clients go from stuck to booked in a feel good ‘spam’ free way.

I live in Lancashire with my 2 daughters (Emily and Beatrice (Bea)), 6 rescue hens and can be often found knee-deep in mud in the garden or sat enjoying a glass of wine on the deck!


Here's What Clients Have To Say:

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