Taking one month off from my biz

The scariest and most exhilarating thing I've ever done

I did my first Tandem skydive. I jumped from 15,000 feet which means you have about 60 seconds of free fall before your parachute deploys 🤞 (it’s the highest you can jumpp from in the UK without oxygen). I was terrified and excited all at the same time.

So many lessons to be taken from this. My key lesson was definitely….go with someone who has done 1000’s of these before (for your first jump) vs going solo as you feel more relaxed and can enjoy the whole thing more rather than worrying about watching your altitude for when to pull your shoot etc.

Same applies in business. Go on your experience with someone who has done it many times before and you’ll enjoy the ride much more!

jumping out of an aeroplane
lady mid freefall during skydive

Determination and lots of practice eventually lead to success

My daughter Bea finally got the hang (hahah yes pun now intended) of the monkey bars. She’s been working on it for a few months now and finally nailed it. She amazes me with her determination and dedication to mastering things that she can’t do. Cartwheels, handstands, dance routines…..she doesn’t give up.

A great reminder that mastery takes time and repetition!

child doing the money bars in a park

Slow down to speed up

Life tends to have us running at 100 miles an hour. I know that life feels like it’s on a non stop jam packed timetable most of the time between work, home ;ife and after school clubs. The constant rush means we can forget to slow down, cherish life and most importantly….have fun (which is sooo good for our mental health)….so taking time off where there is no rigid itinerary for each day and slowing down allows time for fun and the capacity to reacharge.

family pulling faces at the beach

Loosing your first tooth

The excitement Bea’s had over her wobbly tooth and transitioning even more into being a ‘big girl’ has been wonderful to watch. She was so laid back about the whole thing that she actually swallowed it at some point during playing in the garden. Which led to my girls discussing in depth how the Tooth Fairy retrieved it from Bea’s stomach during the night (we had portals, fairy dust and all sorts)!

Sure as heck beats me sifting through her poops!

We forget as adults to use our imaginations. Imagine daily your future, imagine what you want life to look like and then figure out with your grown up head the reality of how to get it.

You've gotta do to learn

We visited the World Museum Liverpool for a day out with firends and it was fab. My eldest daughter Emily is a hands on, practical learner and the museum catered for this. 

As entrereneurs is always great to be reminded that the only way we can truly learn what changes we need to make to see the results we want is to be hands on and DO. That means testing, trying and experimenting to figure out what works and doesn’t.

Summer has been a blast. As a mum it’s crazy how fast our kids grow up, so I’m always gald I made the choice from the day I started my 2nd and 3rd businesses (post kids) that I would take school holidays off.

Giving myself the mental space has meant I’ve become a better business owner, a better mum and a happier human.

I’m so glad I designed my business to fit my life and my needs right now.

Next consideration might be world schooling…..

Is this you?

Have your sales plateaued? Here’s why.

Are you a coach or course creator who’s trying to make sales from your social media audience but it just isn’t bringing you the leads you want or deserve?

If so I’m willing to bet that…..you’ve likely:

1) Onboarded fewer than 5 new clients per month for at least 3 months

2) Had income ups and downs

3) Your Social media is “gold” and you give soooo much value that you are proud of, but you have fewer than 5 sales enquiries per month and you don’t get the conversions you want or deserve. 

Here’s what’s likely going on

>>You direct people to your sales page of your website to try and automate your sales process (but you’re not dialled in to your ideal clients problems enough yet and don’t have enough traffic for it to generate the sales yet)

>> You create consistent content for your audience but don’t provide opportunities for people to move along your funnel. They stay stuck at step 1.

>> You rely on social media to get your content in front of your audience (but it only shows it to 3% of your own audience on a good day, so it’s not an effective conversion tool on it’s own)

And in order to fix it I bet you’ve tried:

  • You create more and more content to try and get more people engaging with your content
  • You try adding a number of different strategies, maybe guest on a podcast once in a while, give the odd guest masterclass, do a blog….
  • You try setting up Facebook ads but that doesn’t improve the number of sales you make
  • You write a book, or start a podcast which consumes more of your time because you think as long as you do it long enough things will change.

If this is you don’t worry. I’ve helped lots of coaches and course creators like you fix this problem. Book a call with me to see if you’re someone I can help too.

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