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Ready to go from Invisible Entrepreneur - One where you spend hours creating content that generates little to no engagement and income - to an Impactful Podpreneur with a podcast that turns listeners into leads and clients every week?


I've been where you are

Struggling to hit the six figures and beyond in sales.

Unsure what action to take to get enough people booking in sales calls every month to hit my enrolment and sales targets for my 1-1s and group programmes.

Hopping on board with the latest social media trends, posting consistently 3+ times a week, and battling the algorithms in the process to get my content seen.…only for it to disappear into the social media abyss after 48 hours. Grrrrrrr!

That's why

I'm here to help you!

To make it eaaaaasyyyy for 1000s of people to find you WHILE YOU SLEEP! You’ve heard of passive income…this is passive visibility.

The only way that you’re going to hit those magical 6, multi-6 figures and beyond is to create content that GETS SEEN by the masses, preferably without having to point on Reels, Dance on TikTok or post six times a day to Instagram stories! Or did I mention the alternative? Spend a small fortune (enough to fund a private education for your kids each month) on paid ads.


By creating a: Globally Ranked, Top 100 Profitable Podcast that isn’t beholden to Mark Z’s algorithms and that has your content generating you new listeners and new sales days, weeks, months and years after you produce it.

Want to find out how to grow your business like this too?

"Podcasters are now more influential
than traditional influencers!"

Take what you need!

Freebies and Resources


FREE Monthly workshop

For coaches & course creators who want to create a PROFITABLE podcast so they hit their sales and enrollment targets every month, join the FREE Monthly workshop.



For podcasters and wannabe podcasters who want to discover the secrets to growing a PROFITABLE podcast that generates clients sales.


Free call exclusively with Viv

Book in for a FREE Call free call exclusively with Viv where you'll get instant clarity on whether or not your business is ready for the Profitable Podcast Method.

"Honestly, all I can say is that it's been amazing! It came at just the right time for me, just as I was on the brink of giving it all up. Now I have a plan, a goal and a vision as to how I want my business to look and feel and I'm not afraid to go for it."

- Claire Morris

Reality check ​

You’re busy a f**k and you’re ambitious as hell so you don’t want to waste anymore time on a marketing strategy that just ain’t working for you.

That’s why if you’re going to be one of the super savvy Podpreneurs and get on board with the power of podcasting (Amy Porterfield said if she started her biz all over again the first thing she’d do is launch a podcast),  you’re gonna want to host a 6 figure sales generating podcast.

You’re going to need to make sure you’re not one of the 88% (or 8 out of 10) podcasts that end up in the Apple graveyard.

It's gonna need to be:

A Magnetic Podcast

It needs to get listeners hooked and sticking around.

Globally Ranked

Get discovered by ensuring your podcast ranks in the top 50-100 of the Apple podcast charts....oh and did I mention it adds a bucket load of credibility for your listeners and clients.

Discoverable by the masses

With a strategic growth and visibility plan to keep driving more leads and listeners to your podcast every week.


Listeners and growth are all good and well...but you need to have a predictable way of turning those listeners into leads and clients, because sales are the lifeblood of your business.

Ready to break the 6 and multi-6 figure mark with a podcast people can't stop talking about?

"The attention span of an Instagram user is about 2.7 seconds... but 80% of podcast listeners will finish an ENTIRE podcast episode once they hit play!"

Let's be real here

What entrepreneur on the road to their first 6 and multi-6 figures isn’t constantly running at 100 miles an hour, wearing multiple hats and busy as f**k?

That means just like when I was working my way to my first 6 and then 7 figures you have ZERO time to figure out how to launch a podcast or turn your existing one into a super charged, profit producing sales machine for your biz. Plus, you don’t want to piss around for the next 12 months with a whole lot of trial and error. You want to get places fast because you my friend have BIG PLANS.

Most programs only get you so far (you may have done one to get you this far - hands up here because I sure did). But then, like I was you're left wondering "what now?" or "did I just make a big mistake and waste a whole lot of time and energy in the process?"

What you need is a podcast that generates hot leads and a sales mechanism that turns those hot leads into clients.

That's why I created PMM+

How it works:

1. Book a Call

This isn't your typical 'icky' sales call where you're itching to get off the call the whole time.
This is a full on value packed conversation where (regardless of whether we decide that you'd be a good fit for the programme) you walk away with a minimum of 3 action steps to get you moving forwards in your biz! If it's a fit, we'll map out a custom Profitable Podcast launch & implementation plan.

2. Join the Profitable Podcast Method

We'll only work together if we are both agreed that it's a 'Hell Yes' the programme is a fit for your business! You’ll get immediate access to our entire methodology and our team will work hand-in-hand with you to implement it (yep 1-1's included). Oh and did we mention we include professional editing, graphic design, and copywriting on the house?

3. Become a Globally Ranked Profitable Podaster

We're here to help you integrate the methedology into your unique business. You'll have access to daily accountability and support, 1-1 calls, reviews, feedback and more.When we finish our 6 months, you'll be the proud host of a Globally ranked podcast, with a robust sales mecansim in place for generating sales on repeat so you hit your sales and enrolment goals EVERY MONTH.

Ready to be the host of a Globally Ranked, Profitable Podcast?
Then let's do this!

Top Ranked Podcast

Podcast Sales Made Easy Made Easy

Emphasis on made easy.

Meet simple marketing and sales solutions to get you accelerating your way in the fast lane to online visiblity and 6 figure sales success.

With international experts, detailed, actionable plans and strategies…

to honest and down to earth chats about the highest and lowest points of entrepreneurship from mindset to metrics and more.

I’m here with you and I’ve got you back as you navigate this game called entrepreneurship.

Live Workshop

Do you dream of escaping the social media hamster wheel and starting a podcast but you’re afraid it will be another failed strategy and you won’t have time for it?

or did you start a podcast over 6 months ago and are still generating less than 5 sales enquiries a month from it?

If you're nodding YES......don't miss our next live workshop.

Discover the 4 part Profitable Podcast Method that has your content growing your audience and turning your listeners into leads and sales…while you sleep.

“What’s the catch, Viv?”

Absolutely NOTHING.

Get our proven 4-part framework and grow a globally-ranked podcast that turns listners into leads and sales while you sleep.

Hang on...what's the catch?
No catches, no conditions. We do *strongly recommend* saving your seat ASAP — these events fill up fast and we limit registrations so that we can answer as many of your questions live as possible. So grab your seat RIGHT NOW!
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