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My 'Clients in 20' framework gives you the structure I use with clients for them to be fully booked with 1-1 high ticket clients in under 12 months, working just 20 hours a week.

Energising, exciting and intuitive marketing

You can have a social media free business in just 20 hours a week.

Clients in 20 Framework

    You can sell without socials and attract all the clients you want – in a way that feels great to you.
    Wondering how?

    Well here’s how


    You have invested in business courses, memberships and are in a trillion Facebook entrepreneurial groups. You read blogs, books and everything you can to become better at what you do….but you’re still stuck.

    Sound familiar? Then read on

    You’re using marketing tactics and strategies that feel sooooo misaligned and out of whack with how you want to work because that’s what tonnes of other entrepreneurs are doing so it must be right….surely?!

    You might find that you don’t actually want to market yourself on Social Media (shock horror admitting that out loud in the 21st century hey?!), dance around on Instagram Reels or Tick Tok videos and want to find another way or marketing to get consistent leads that feels right for you?

    You find you’re pretty much taking ZERO ACTION, or on a good day some half-arsed attempts at marketing because you feel you need to do SOMETHING with your marketing, but really you haven’t a clue what to do that will get results and that will actually feel GOOD.

    All you want to do is run your business because you’re damn good at coaching…..but all this stuff is bogging you down and you’re just not getting enough clients and it’s making you feel crappy.

    Well here’s a NEWS FLASH that should get you breathing with a sigh of relief!!!

    It’s time to ditch all those social media marketing  strategies and tactics that just feel ICKY. Once you do and you lean into working in a way that’s TOTALLY in alignment with YOU your business will flourish.

    It’s time to silence the noise, ditch the shit and take control to live life YOUR WAY….NOW!
    What we’ve got could be a good fit if :
    • You feel social media marketing is sucking your soul from you
    • If you feel like your phone has become a third limb….and you don’t want it to be
    • If every time you do something outside of work, you get distracted turning it into a good Instagram or facebook story, reels, post and so on
    • You feel trapped on social media
    • You feel like you’re constantly hunting for new clients
    • If social media is making your doubt your abilities
    • If you just arent getting the leads and clients that you want from social media.
    • You’re working too many hours but dream of a 20 hour work week
     You yearn for:
    • Another way to market your business that feels great that’s simple, actionable and energising so that your energy is spent on the client work that you love and you have energy iin your tank at the end of the day to enjoy your relationships and life
    • A way to replace your previous salary, or at least afford you the lifestyle you want…because money gives us more freedom right (and it’s not a bad thing)?
    • Consistent clients that come to you, ready to work with you. Ahhhh, I hear you breathe a sigh of relief….that sounds amazing right? No more hustling day in and day out on social media
    • A business that fits around the life you want, not a life around the business. Because life is for living and you left the coproate career because you wanted more for your life.
    • The balance that allows you to switch off on the evenings & weekends and not think about marketing your business on holiday…because hello, time off should be just that.
    We might love each other a lot if:
    • Following your intuition and feeling great (that gut feeling) is highly important to you
    • You’re more interested in doing things your own way than mimmicking the masses because how you feel is so important
    • Your time and freedom are your most valuable assets and you don’t want to compromise these any more
    • You love the outdoors and some adventure
    • You love cake!

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