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(aka a Connector)

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Archetype Description: People are your jam! You love making connections and you know that the way to make a difference is through real connections. You have a strong network already or if a new business you will build one quickly with people who will want to work with you, and who can refer you to others.

Best Marketing Tactics: Networking Events, Partnerships, Joint ventures, Interviews.

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Apply for your connector Lead Generator AcCelErator Game Plan Call with me.


If you want to master your marketing and lead generation strategies and learn how to run your business in a way that totally aligns with YOU, then book in for a Game Plan Call. If you qualify then we will talk about how to use your archetype and apply these strategies to your specific business. 

Viv Guy says Wow – get more clients

Hey, I’m Viv Guy and I’m sooooo excited to meet you. And in case you’re wondering, I’m a Persuader archetype with a strong connector influence!

Let me ask you now that you know your superpower marketing archetype what you’ll do with the information? Will it be just another quiz you’ve taken to be filed along the squillions of free downloads you’ve got stashed away and multitude of courses that you’ve done and keep going along as you already are in your business?

What about making the decision now to actually make a change?

You took the quiz because you probably want to find a better way of marketing your business and getting consistent leads and paying clients right? You’re working crazy hours and know that you’re not operating at your maximum productivity and capabilities. Why not build a business that takes just 20 hours work a week without compromising on your earning potential?

You know that the tactics and strategies you’re using now aren’t working for you and your head’s just absolutely screwed with all the information you’ve downloaded with all the freebies that you actually don’t know what will work best and i get that. I’ve been there

I hear you. You’re confused right? You’re wondering “who’s actually going to give me the right info” because everyday there is yet another ‘secret to success’ marketing strategy ad popping up in your feed making you doubt what you already know.

Or maybe you’re marketing in a way that is sucking the soul out of you, but that’s what you think you should be doing because that’s what you’re seeing all over social media.

But here’s the thing. What would it feel like to actually be marketing in a way that lights you up and that has clients knocking on YOUR door. No more flipping cookie cutter approaches; actually tapping into what lights YOU up day in and day out.

Getting in leads is just one part of the puzzle. There are actually more elements involved in creating a successful service based business, but to figure out which ones you need to work on we will need to hop on a call, so I can learn more about your business.

So why not book in a free call here today and see if you qualify.

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