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Becoming a Soul Driven Business

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Viv Guy explains what it means to be determined from the age of 22 trying to prove herself to others and making a difference in young adults life through different educational tools and techniques, after witnessing her mom raising foster kids for over 25yrs.

Presently, Viv now longer needs to prove herself to anyone, yet still makes a massive impact in the world by serving those that need her services.

Her early lessons in building a business, Viv realized that all she did in her 20’s was work long hours, and neglect other parts of her life.

Investing time in yourself as you build, scale and grow your business is essential to your overall success. Rest, recreation, family, friends and tribe are a way to fuel your spirit.

Viv speaks about the different aspects of her businesses in the educational sector, to photography and presently in business coaching.

Each career taught her something about herself in overcoming any challenges and not to allow trauma to personal. Her second career taught her about the online beast and finding her way to do her thing to be aligned and successful on her path.

Finding alignment and being in balance with what you’re looking to create in your life, brings you into a state of flow, leaving you feeling accomplished anything at the end of the day.

Viv and I discuss the entrepreneur feelings of wanting to toss in the towel, in frustration, finding herself crying on the floor, figuring out how to navigate her life and her career.

Celebrating every step in her life as she takes the opportunity to reflect and see that she’s enough being in this present moment, rather than always chasing tomorrow and the next thing.

She drops nuggets of wisdom for women that are ready to start their entrepreneurship journey and leave their current position.

Viv breaks down a variety of strategies to get your six month preparation up and running with a strong foundation.

By the time you are ready to leave your job your business is starting to take off, giving you the opportunity to grow.

She speaks about how to stay focused being productive working 20 hrs a week.

Being a general towards her calendar, she also leaves room for flow and opportunity to move things around depending on how she’s feeling.

Using timers, alarm to remind her to eat, pick up the kids, have a 5 min break, focus on a task at hand, time blocking, Viv likes to celebrate every step she takes as she is intentionally focused in being productive and starting new habits.

Viv speaks about the do’s and don’ts for scaling your business, having all your funnels, automations in place and if scaling your business is the right thing to do at that time.

What defining success means to her, and the greatest advice she has heard in business.

Viv speaks about how profit follows passion and the details are in the process not the results.

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