Blogging and Seo

Stop wrestling with ineffective blogging

Have you been told time and time again that you should blog? Wondering how blogging makes money? I sure have, on pretty much every marketing and business course I’ve ever done.

You might be lucky that you just happened to create a blog post that ranked highly on Google without really knowing what you did, but are reaping the benefits every month with regular email subscribers. A bit like my guest Greg Faxon’s super converting blog posts.

But you might find yourself in the camp of having created blog posts only to have zero people actually read it and wondering why you’re actually spending time writing them….and so you stop.

Greg Faxon markets his multi 6 figure business without any social media and a whopping 90-95% of his email subscribers came through his blog posts, because he developed an awesome strategy using SEO with Google to create effective high ranking (I’m talking top 3) blog posts.

Greg’s mission is to provide honest sales and marketing training in an industry where it seems like you have to choose between making money and keeping your integrity as a coach.

He helps his clients significantly increase their income without sacrificing their integrity. Greg is the author of Don’t Let the Fear Win: How to Get out of Your Own Way and Grow Your Business…Fast. He has been featured on, Business Insider, and Fizzle. His interview with Seth Godin has been viewed over 53,000 times on YouTube.

In this episode we are talking about the beauty of creating a top-ranking blog post and some of Greg’s favourite SEO tools so that you can learn the strategy of how blogging makes money. Something that brings you new subscribers and leads month after month and year after year.

In this episode Greg is sharing with you all things blogging and SEO.


Links mentioned in this episode:

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Don’t Let the Fear Win: How to Get out of Your Own Way and Grow Your Business…Fast


Here’s a glance at this episode:

[00:04:11] Why coming off social media was an obvious choice and had zero impact on revenue and profitability increased

[00:09:26] Gaining an extra day off a week after leaving social media

[00:10:45] Why nobody’s seeing and reading your blogs now

[00:14:10] The first key to becoming successful with your blogging

[00:18:17] Where you want your blog post to rank and why and using Ubersuggest to improve your blogging performance

[00:23:51] Content upgrades to drive more traffic to your email list

[00:26:05] Systemised blogging to get consistent rankings

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