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[00:00:00] Before we dive into today’s episode, I wanted to let you know about the $8,000 worth of free resources that you can get your hands on for free for a limited time. Now, this is part of the skyrocket, your biz giveaway, and it’s for business owners, just like you, who are ambitious about accelerating the growth of.

[00:00:22] Now you can sign forward slash Bev. And of course, I’ll put that link below in the show notes. So go on over, grab your bundle with over $8,000 right now. Welcome to another episode of marketing without social media. I’m super excited that you’re here because we’ve got a challenge.

[00:00:46] And in this episode, this is what you’re going to learn. I think. And ways to generate your next 100 leads without social media. The number one mistake to avoid with your lead magnet, how to create a simple, yes, simple plan to achieve your goal of 100 leads in just 30 days and leveraging other people’s audiences to grow your own.

[00:01:15] you’re listening to. Two, without social media with me, they’ve guide the podcast for people who want more clarity, connections, and cash in that business. I’ll be sharing with you, proven techniques for leading entrepreneurs and experts from across the globe to help you to market without social media, come to grow your business.

[00:01:38] At till we feels good.

[00:01:48] So this week, I want to bring you a challenge, a challenge to generate your next 100 leads without posting on social media. If [00:02:00] you’re up for it, if you like the challenge and you want to be part of it, I love you to drop me a private message on Facebook messenger. So just check now, Vive guide or email me.

[00:02:11] Hello, fifth and I’ll pop the links for both messenger and email. In the show notes. Now, if you do a hundred leads with these at present, please do feel free to up that number, give yourself a stretch goal. So if you’re already do to a hundred, make it 200 or 150 300, what could you do if you pushed yourself more?

[00:02:35] I want you to think as well. What would a hundred leads mean to you? What would it mean if you could add a hundred new subscribers to your email list, to your audience? Okay. Cause if you can generate a hundred leads in 30 days, then you can get at least one new client from that. What would that mean to you?

[00:02:58] What would you one new client mean to you this month? Okay. Now there is a workbook to accompany this episode. So head on over to Viv forward slash podcast, L a two that’s L a two. And again, the link is in the show notes. So that’s where they’re going to help you map out and plan your 30 day challenge.

[00:03:21] Okay. So how are we going to build your audience in 30 days without social media? Well, we touched on it last week. We’re going to tap into and borrow other people’s audiences. Why? Because barring audiences is the fastest way to organically grow your audience. Okay. The fastest way to organically grow your audience.

[00:03:47] So what do we need to do? Okay. Before we start approaching other people and asking them to share with their audiences. The first thing we [00:04:00] need to do, and we need to know is what our end goal is. Okay. What are you looking to sell them into ultimately, cause this is the whole thing. So reverse engineering.

[00:04:11] What is the end thing that you want to sell them into? Now you might say, well, why do we even need to think about this? I just need to get them to sign up to my lead magnet, my free resource, my. And then I can start talking about what I do. We want to pre-qualify. We are qualified people at this stage where they’re raising their hands saying, Hey, actually, I’ve got this problem.

[00:04:32] This is totally relevant to me, so that when we bring them into your world, into your email list, into your socials, if you do want to use social still and continue doing that, but when you bring them into your world, we want to know that these are people who already have. A problem, a challenge and that what you do solves it because we’ve connected and communicate that within our opt-in.

[00:04:57] So we need to reverse engineer. We need to start at the end. What is the thing that you ultimately help people with? Okay. The next thing we need to do is we need to create an opt-in that’s of value. Okay. So often people are sharing freebies and opt-ins that they create. Well before they even created their signature system, their offer.

[00:05:23] And that means it is totally misaligned. The messaging is not a relevant to your offer, to what you’re trying to sell people into your opt-in is not a value. Okay. It’s just not, it’s not going to be a value to those people who have got, got said problem. If it is not connected. Okay. And also one of the big things that happens is people create opt-ins freebies, free resources that they kind of think, well, I just have to have something and kind of put something [00:06:00] together and it’s useful.

[00:06:01] It’s got useful information in there. However, what I want you to think is because the marketplace is saturated with, with different opt-ins. What I want you to think about is what would your. Pay money for what would they pay? Let’s say $10, a small nominal fee. Okay. But what would they actually pay for that you are then going to give them for free and why do we want it to be something that they’d be like, oh my gosh, I really, I want that, you know, I’ll pay for that.

[00:06:33] I’ll get my wallet out and my credit card out for that. Why? Because if they would pay for it and you’re going to give it for free, it’s going to be much higher converting. So that’s point number two, the third thing we need to consider is a plus. So, this is what I hear over and over again is people are kind of like, I just want someone to tell me what it’s step number one, number two, number three.

[00:07:02] And so on what order do I need to do things in? And this is what I hear time and again, and this might be you. And if this is you, well, this is, this is my jam. This is what I. Doing. Okay. I love helping people create that step-by-step guide. So, you know, we don’t use our part brain bumped with on wondering what should I be doing today?

[00:07:21] What are the things I need to do to make this happen? We create a process and a structure. So your brain bandwidth can be spent on the important things within your business, whether that’s supporting your one-to-one clients, you know, time with your family in relationship. Time for yourself, you know, use your brain bandwidth on planning your next holiday.

[00:07:43] Other things, not just, oh, what are the things that I need to do to make, like, to bring in leads, to generate leads every month or to make sales up and to convert? You know, we, we want that to be something that is just second nature, because we have a process. So we need a plug. [00:08:00] And I want you to think about this as a recipe.

[00:08:02] Step-by-step, you know, the method, what are the steps that you need to take? If you’ve ever seen the great British bake off? I love this. Okay. When they have that part and I’m not sure what the actual challenge is called, but they get that challenged. Don’t they, where they get told, you know, you need to make 24 chocolate mini rolls.

[00:08:23] Um, that’s what they get told. They need to meet. Um, they get a load of ingredients, but they don’t get told what the method is and how to do it. Okay. Only what they’ve got to create by the end. So, which makes it really, really difficult. We’ve all seen if you’ve watched great British bake off, um, what a disaster it can be if you don’t have the method available.

[00:08:48] Cause you just kind of throw in random things in there and kind of hoping for the best, if it’s not in the right order. And I’m, this is, this is it with marketing. There is an order. We need traffic before we can get leads. And before we can, you know, we need leads before we can get clients and customers and conversions.

[00:09:09] So there is a process, there are steps to take. So traffic, you know, getting people aware of what we do. So we need to map out what we need to do first. Okay. So here’s the next one? If I say right this next 30 days, I’m going to set myself the goal to speak in 10 groups. Okay. What are the steps I need to do?

[00:09:36] So the first thing is step number one. We want something you can do in the next two minutes. Quick, fast action steps. First thing block out time in your calendar. I just want you to literally put that in your calendar. This is time, um, where I’m going to start researching groups. That’s all you need to do.

[00:09:54] Step one, you’ve blocked it in your calendar. You have committed that time. Step two could be something like [00:10:00] identify the criteria. Um, that would mean a group is a good fit for me. Step three, start researching step number. Create a database, compile a database with contact details. Step number five, create a reach out email message that you can customize for the different people.

[00:10:21] You want to connect with. Step five, create copy for the PR person who says yes or the people that say yes to promote my talk. Okay. Or my workshop, whatever it is because when we make it easy for people, okay. They are more willing. To participate. If you say to someone, can I come in and speak and you don’t offer them the copy, they are less likely to promote it.

[00:10:44] Trust me. Okay. You step number six. Okay. Have I got a freebie that I want to share? Have I got my landing page? Okay. I’ve got my thank you. Page setup. Is it optimized? Is it taking them to the next step? What is that next step? When someone lands on my thank you page, do I want to book them on a call? Do I want them to come and chat with me on messenger or something?

[00:11:06] What is that next step you want them to take? So always thinking about what is the next step in that journey? The fourth thing we want to look at are what are the options? What are the actual options for growing your audience? Via boring audiences by via leveraging other people’s audiences. And there are so many K so many options, and I want you to first and foremost, think about what feels good for you.

[00:11:35] Don’t look around and think, well, she’s doing that. She’s just grown her audience by 400 people. If that is not something you would feel comfortable. So you might be an introvert and think, oh, flipping Nora, you know, the thought of going and doing 10 live guest speaking spots is just horrendous for me. I don’t want to do that.

[00:11:58] Okay. Then don’t do [00:12:00] that. There are other options. Do what feels good to you and you might not know what feels good. So use this month as a way to experiment. Okay. To lead into what feels good, what doesn’t feel. Sometimes what you think doesn’t feel good can just be that it’s out of your comfort zone.

[00:12:20] Okay. And the reason things are out of our comfort zone is because, because we’re not used to doing them that they’re unfamiliar to us. Okay. So sometimes it is just a step, you know, that we need to just learn the skills and then actually it becomes more comfortable with. So here are some of the options and I’m kind of going to do these in the orders.

[00:12:44] You know, I’m going to split these into things that you could definitely do in the next 30 days. And once that, unless you you’re, they’re already on your radar, uh, probably gonna fall into 60 to 90 days. Okay. But I’m going to mention them anyway, because you might already have these on your radar and be part of your, your, your, um, plan already.

[00:13:06] Guest speaking guest speaking is great. Now, one thing I would say is if you’re going to guest speak in people’s groups on Facebook, just be really aware and track your data because actually guest speaking in free groups.

[00:13:28] Can really not generate the leads that you’re looking for. You know, audience that the number of views that very low and free groups, I just don’t think bring, bring the quality of leads that you’re looking for all the volume of leads. So I would always say speak in a membership. Okay. Because people are in memberships for.

[00:13:49] They want to learn things that are going to help move them forward. And they are invested, you know, they are paying in a membership or a mastermind for [00:14:00] high quality training and development. So if you can get to speak in a membership, the not is going to bring a higher quality of lead. And it’s also going to bring a higher engagement rate within your, your guests speaking.

[00:14:12] So more views you could also. Uh, guest speak in on people’s social media accounts, you could do an Instagram live with somebody like a joint live. Uh, you could, uh, use, uh, a guest on somebodies YouTube show. You could guest on somebody’s podcast. Although again, just remember this is not always a short term, unless people are, you can approach people.

[00:14:37] Some people will record and publish within a week. Some people might say, well, actually this is not going to be published and released. 6 8, 10 weeks. So just checking, uh, when, if you were approaching and getting yeses and invites for podcasts, if that’s something you want to do, then just consider that.

[00:14:57] Okay. Now, how do you find, um, podcasts too? Two guests on how do you actually find them? Well, a really great way to find podcasts and find businesses that maybe have memberships as well. If you don’t want to use social media to do this is to look at listen notes. Okay. Listen, It’s a website. I’ll pop it in the show notes and you can have a look for, for podcasts on there, um, by popping in keywords.

[00:15:29] Okay. So if you are a wellness. Um, teacher or coach you might put in wellness, you might have a specialism within that wellness. You might have an anxiety specialist. And for example, um, you could type that in and see what podcasts come up that have that as part of their description, or have maybe had people, uh, or have maybe had people on guesting on previous episodes with that topic.

[00:15:57] So have a look in there. [00:16:00] So that’s a really great tip in terms of finding podcasts and then using podcasts to actually find other people with, with memberships or masterminds and stuff. Another option here, ask your existing audience to share your link and your email. Okay. Or your post to your, to your freebie, with their audience.

[00:16:24] So craft posts, craft an email, but say, you know, here’s the thing. If you want, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever it is that your, your freebie is, you know, and what’s the result that you’re speaking to that it’s offering. Um, and then ask people, would you share this with your audience? So you’ve given them the copy and people who like you, your loyal funds will do that.

[00:16:47] Your loyal connections and community. Okay. Next one, partnering partnering is the fastest way to really grow your numbers. And what do I mean by this? So find somebody who is not a competitor, okay. Who shares the same audience and share, swap freebies, you know, share a freebie with their list and let them share those with your list.

[00:17:12] If you have a list, share, it could be a training, it could be a workshop. You could do a joint, something to. So think about what you could do, that’s really going to help grow your audience. Another option, run a free workshop and ask people to promote it. Okay. If you think. Well, I just don’t think people are going to do it.

[00:17:34] You can profit share. So anyone who signs up to your one-to-one services as a result of attending that workshop, signposted by such and such that referrer or referral partner gets a monetary payment like live commission. Okay. It’s not going to be the same amount of percentage as an affiliate because an affiliate is doing everything they are promoting.

[00:17:55] They’re actually getting people to sign up for your final offer. This is someone saying, Hey, go [00:18:00] and check out this workshop, see if you like them. Um, so it’s just kind of recognizing and saying, thank you for sharing, you know, so a small payment, or you could send them a gift, you know, it doesn’t have to be money.

[00:18:12] Think about what would feel good. Networking. Now we’ve got a whole episode coming on, networking, uh, soon from Chris rabbit of Meow networking. And you’re going to love hearing all about that, but networking is a great way. If you’re thinking I’m really struggling to get people, networking can be fantastic and open up so many doors for you.

[00:18:35] Um, if you’re interested in, you want to find out more about networking when, um, when Chris is episode airs, uh, in the next couple of. There is a free gift in that. Chris is giving you free access to the Meow network. There’s a free code in there. So look out for that. If networking is something that you want to do and you’re thinking, but I don’t want to have to pay for it.

[00:18:56] Well, I said Chris has kindly gifted anyone who listens to the show, uh, free access to try out Meow networking. So they asked some of the more immediate things I would say, go and try those. Think about what you could do. In the next 30 days. And you might say, well, I already do guest speaking. Okay. If you’re doing some guest speaking, what did it look like?

[00:19:18] If you doubled down on that, what would it look like? If you 10 times your efforts on that? What results could it bring? So think about what you’re doing now that has, you know, is working or has. That maybe you’ve not been doing consistently. What would it look like if you did more of it, if you doubled down and committed to that.

[00:19:38] So there are some of the things that you could do now. What are some of the longer things that maybe they’re not going to fit within 30 days? You could think about a joint venture, but it’s usually, unless you’ve already got someone there right now and you might have. Then, you know, it’s, it’s probably gonna take longer than 30 days, but you might have someone you’ve already been chatting to about doing a joint venture and you just haven’t actually acted on it.[00:20:00]

[00:20:00] So maybe you could get that together in the next two weeks, if you want to commit to that, Summit’s okay. Reach out to your networks. Find out whether a summit is looking for guest speakers, bundles. I talked about bundles last week, the same w w reach out to your network to kind of find out if there are bundles, if not Bronwyn.

[00:20:22] So these are some of the ways to actually grow your audience. Now I want you to do hold your horses, hang fire before you kind of thing. I’m going to do all of those. That’s awesome. So enthusiastic hats off to you, but I want you to pick just two to three things and go all in on that. Okay. So if say I’m going to do guest speaking.

[00:20:44] Okay. Um, and I, I’m going to ask my existing audience to share. My freebie. Okay. That’s two things. Great. Okay. I just want you to go all in on those. I want you to look at what’s working now first and foremost and think of what would it look like if I, if I doubled down my efforts and energies on that.

[00:21:05] Okay. If I 10 times that okay. Remember to generate leads. Okay. Which generates clients we need to bring in more traffic. That is it. That is the step-by-step process. Traffic. Clients or customers. I want you to experiment and discover what works for you, because if you can get this nailed, okay, you will have such an easy time within your business.

[00:21:35] It will stop feeling hard. You will stop waiting, you know, at three o’clock in the morning with sweats. Oh my gosh. You know where my where’s my next client coming from. Okay, because you know, you know what works and then once you know what works, you can systemize it. You can create a repeatable process and ask yourself what would happen.

[00:21:54] If I committed to spending just 30 to 60 minutes a day, working on lead [00:22:00] generation, researching, reaching out, creating some freestyle. You would find the momentum. Okay. When you start seeing those results, when you start seeing the leads come in, it really does kind of light a fire under your ass so that you kind of are more motivated to do things.

[00:22:19] But in this first instance, if this is not something you have been doing. And then we kind of really need to make that commitment. So if you’re in, if you are up for this challenge, then drop me an email, drop me a message. The link, as I said is in the show notes, just email me now. Hello at dot com and just shout, you know, say I am in for the a hundred leads in 30 days, challenge I’m in and I’m committing to tell me what you’re committing to do, and I will hold you accountable.

[00:22:53] Thank you so much for listening as always. I love that you’re here. Um, and I love, love, love that you tuning into another episode. I will catch up with you next week and have a great week until. So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you.

[00:23:22] And as always, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this podcast. And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an episode, speak to you soon. .

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