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[00:01:51] Actually feels good to you.[00:02:00]

[00:02:02] Anna Parker Naples. Welcome to the show. I am so excited to have you

[00:02:07] Anna: here. Me too. And I think, I think there’s gonna be some energy in the room for those of you listening today. Cause Viv and I both get very passionate about whatever we’re talking about. So yes we do. Hopefully we can just keep the pace quiet enough.

[00:02:20] And. Slow enough that you understand, as we talk quickly about things we love, absolutely.

[00:02:24] Viv: Absolutely. And there will be a transcript. So if you’re struggling to hear what we say as we get really into it, you can always go and read what we’re saying as well. So Anna, obviously, you know, the queen of podcasts in my eyes, you know, everything I’ve learned about podcasting has come come from you and your trainings.

[00:02:40] And I, I really wanted to get you on the show because there are some. Things that I wanted to really dig into, hear that people come to me and I hear kind of starting to hear time and time again. So I thought, well, let’s kind of put some of these, these things to bed today, but I’ve got a few other questions as well.

[00:02:55] So let’s talk first and foremost about why [00:03:00] podcasts in the first, why guests on podcasts? Let’s talk about that in the first place.

[00:03:04] Anna: Why guest on podcasts. Okay. So. Visibility in your business is absolutely crucial. And that can be manifold, manifold. I don’t quite know how you say the word, but you get my, get my intentions.

[00:03:17] It’s not just about being on social media and posting 25 million times a day. It is about being known in your field. It is about. Being at the events that are going on in real person in real life, it is being potentially a speaker in those events. It’s about writing a, a blogging and having a book about your area, area of expertise, all of these things together help with your credibility, but there’s a secret superpower that not enough people are using intentionally and that’s podcasting and guesting works.

[00:03:48] When it’s strategic guessing does not work when you don’t think through why you are actually going on to speak to somebody. And I think early stage in business or early stage in [00:04:00] podcast, guessing people are so like, oh, they asked me on their show or they accepted me. I wanted, there’s a laughter of recognition there.

[00:04:08] And they get on and they have a lovely chit chat, but there’s nothing strategic about it. Yeah. Now I’m not saying that that strategy has to be a really boring, dry conversation. And in fact, it shouldn’t ever be a boring, dry conversation, but you always have to think about what’s the offer behind. What you’re talking about and not going on and outwardly selling on someone else’s platform that doesn’t, that’s not cool.

[00:04:30] I’ve actually literally had early days, someone who came on my show and read out her price list. Oh no. She was an NLP practitioner as well, which was what at the time is the thing. One of my main bread and buses. Yep. That was horrendous. So don’t do that. but you do need to think about, am I actually talking about the thing yeah.

[00:04:50] That I actually do in my business. Am I actually raising my credibility here? Or am I just overexcited in having a gushy conversation? Yeah, I think [00:05:00] actually when you can meet those two in the middle. Then it’s really powerful.

[00:05:04] Viv: Yeah. And I’m just gonna interject there and say, I totally was that person when I started, I was like, oh, you know, totally.

[00:05:08] Oh my God, they want me, they want me and I, you know me, I can talk for England. And it, there was, there wasn’t necessarily the strategy behind this, but we talk about it. So often on the show, you know, reverse engineer, you know, your main core offer back down, and then find your talk topic from there. Really, you know, the thing that you wanna talk about

[00:05:25] Anna: and that when it comes to podcast guessing that’s really important.

[00:05:29] Yeah. So. Google podcasts, which Google used to have Google play, which was rubbish for podcast, but they kind of rebranded a year or so ago. And they have this clever technology that even if there’s no show notes, Google podcasts can now read your material. And if you have consistent phrases or. Keyword, whether they’re long form or short form, guess what you rank on Google for it.

[00:05:53] And that can be your personal brand. That could be your business. That could be whatever people are searching for. And when people search on a [00:06:00] desktop. Now, if you are searching on Google, on desktop, and there is an episode that is really, really close to the thing that the person has looked for, the very first thing that comes up is a box.

[00:06:13] I think it’s rectangular, but I was drawing a square with my fingers in the air. there is, there will be four or five boxes of recommended podcasts and podcast specific podcast episodes. Okay. That comes before the sponsored ads and before all of the people ranking on page one. That’s awesome. Isn’t it? So that’s kind of cool.

[00:06:35] And that doesn’t necessarily have to be your show. Mm-hmm . That could be when you’ve been on somebody else’s podcast, but you’ve convinced them. To use your keywords. That’s really, you can probably convince them to use your keywords. If you are not obvious about it. And you lead with this might be a really great title of your audience.

[00:06:52] Mm-hmm because a podcast host actually doesn’t wanna have to stop and think about all of it. Now, Viv is nothing very, very hard with a shock. I [00:07:00] agree face. So first of all, that’s how it can work from a guesting perspective. Second of all the people who are listening to the host show when you are a guest.

[00:07:11] Yes. Guess what? They’re interested in, what you have to say. And they like podcasts. So this strategy of guesting works best when it goes hand in hand with having your own show. And that own show has to be strategic and intentional. Now, the reason it works well is because when you are a guest on someone else’s podcast and they have used your name in the title, which they might, they might not.

[00:07:35] But if they have your podcast will come up as a next recommended, listen in whichever app they are listening in. So how do you get in front of somebody else’s audience? By getting in front of their audience and bringing them over to yours. So I would say stop thinking about podcast guesting as the way you are gonna get a direct lead, because that’s actually [00:08:00] quite rare.

[00:08:00] It happens, but it’s quite rare what you are actually trying to do with a podcast is entice people over. Next door to your podcast so that they can enjoy having a cup of tea before they decide they want to move in. I dunno where that analogy came from, but I quite like it. Now. I like that. That’s just inviting someone to a cup tea in your garden before they become a lodger.

[00:08:25] So stop thinking you are looking for that direct sale off someone else’s show isn’t. You are. You’re not at all. What you’re doing is raising your status. You’re sharing your stories. You’re positioning yourself as an expert and you’re enticing them over. So the missing bit is if you don’t have a show, Where are you sending them?

[00:08:47] And in the same way that people kind of blur, you can find me here kind blur in terms of their, uh Verage. I dunno why that word come into my head. I’m full of all of it. Don’t even know if that’s [00:09:00] I’m rolling with. Sounds good. At the end when you asked, where should we find you? You don’t want say LinkedIn and Twitter and email me and do this and do that.

[00:09:11] And because people do nothing. So you want to have a clear, or I might let you have specific call to actions and you are not. So I’m gonna repeat, you are not going on someone else’s show to get business. So stop thinking about it in those terms. The other interesting thing about guesting is why are you doing it?

[00:09:36] So I’ve just, just before I nipped on to Viv to do this interview, I was on an interview with somebody I’ve never met before, and we have similar aligned, um, messages, but I would never, ever in a million years have made room in my very busy diary for an hour’s time with someone I didn’t know, except if they had a podcast with an audience I wanted to get in front of [00:10:00] on that big call.

[00:10:02] We did a 20 minute, 20 minute interview, 20 minutes before. Great matter. After, and then we have passed business to each other. We I’ve potentially got a client for, uh, two of our offers. Um, and I’ve had a lovely time and made a great connection. That is also what you’re doing with podcast guesting. So are you getting in front of the people you want to get in front of, in terms of the audience and are you considering the hidden return on investment, which is actually the relationship between the guests and the host and not that relationship, not being, I’m gonna spam you all over all our social medias for the rest of the, your life.

[00:10:42] That’s not it. Mm. Are you actually having a conversation? Yeah. Are you actually. Yeah. And if you can do that and you can bring them some leads or you can bring them some, the connections you become someone much more. Well thought of, and someone much more

[00:10:57] Viv: memorable that has been the most valuable [00:11:00] part of podcasting guessing for me is, is those partnerships and, and collaborations and connections.

[00:11:05] And, you know, we’ve got, I’ve got something going on in some with someone who we did a podcast kind of swaps these cuz our audiences are so aligned. We, we, we recorded. Yeah. Uh, and that’s great, you know, and there, there are so many opportunities as you say, I think people go on and, and they are really focused on.

[00:11:21] Guessing on podcasts, you know, especially early days when they don’t have their own podcast, um, to generate leads, to grow their email list. And it’s just not that strategy guys. And I think that’s something I that’s why I want it down on the show to say, it’s not just me saying this, you know, we’ve got Anna who is the lead in like podcasting world and industry.

[00:11:40] She’s the authority here saying, you know, it’s not the way to build your email list on its own. Okay. It’s really not. Yeah. It,

[00:11:48] Anna: it, it can. It’s not your primary intention. No. And often when people say, oh, I’m just not getting the leads they’ve [00:12:00] been on. Maybe let’s say 10 podcasts. I podcast on someone else’s show probably four or five times a week, every single week.

[00:12:11] And that’s a slow week. So, and that for me is because I know the power of it and the power of it is not because I’m expecting someone to join my list. They might, but that’s not it. The other thing is I know that you are really passionate about helping people not just rely on social media. Yes. And I I’d really like us to dig into this a little bit.

[00:12:33] Yes. Cause think it’s really important. I sometimes can’t be bothered to wash my hair, put my makeup on, put my clothes on . Um, and I have today cuz Viv is live with me on video, but with your own podcast, You can stand in your own authority in the nutty. And again, that’s something I didn’t think I was gonna [00:13:00] say today.

[00:13:00] I love this image. you can write. So I, I have my little studio, my little record. It used to be my airing cup. It now looks very flashy. It gets really hot in here, but I don’t have to be like full face on to still get something really important to me out into the world. A case in point with this is that. I mean, I have several podcasts.

[00:13:23] My main one is entrepreneurs get visible. That’s where I talk about all things, entrepreneurship, visibility, which again, I think is hugely important. And it’s where if I’m gonna share something that’s a little bit wonky in my life or my business, I’m probably gonna do it there rather than going and doing alive.

[00:13:41] I had a really, really Rocky year last year, but I kept podcasting and that was not always hard. That was not always easy to do. When you’re not really feeling it, but I decided that I would actually share some of what I was going through, but not giving away things that were private to my family, because I think keeping those [00:14:00] things separate is important.

[00:14:02] Now, interestingly those episodes, because I didn’t necessarily come from this perfect polished place. And I was really, and, and I think anyone who listens to those episodes would know I was not in a great place. You can hear it in my voice. We can hear, we hear and feel things about people through their voice.

[00:14:19] I had so many people reach out to me who I did not know, listened to my podcast with a personal voice note because I’d given them the invitation. And the reason they felt that they could was because I had let down the, Hey, my I’m, you know, I’m a confident woman. I’m very ambitious. And sometimes that can be quite off putting to some people, but letting down that facade, that’s not even a facade.

[00:14:49] It’s the way I generally am. But letting people see that as a chin in my armor right now allowed them to reach out to me. Guess how many of those have ended up buying from [00:15:00] me or applying to work with us? Quite a few. Oh yeah. Yeah. Right. So stop being perfect. And if you. Don’t wanna put your face out there or don’t want to be relying on having to be on social media.

[00:15:17] This is a great way to do it, but your podcast has to be intentional. It has to be, you have to have not just rushed in just because you’ve decided to do a podcast. You have to stop and think what’s this for who is it for? What do they really need to hear? And what parts of me are maybe a little bit close to, where am I comfortable?

[00:15:36] Can I share? Yeah. And actually nobody really wants to listen to the shiny, shiny stuff all the time. What we really like listening to is tales from battlefield. Okay. So there’s a couple of things in that. One is about storytelling. We’re really brought into story and our brains are literally, how is this person like me?

[00:15:57] We decide to do business with people we think are like [00:16:00] us, or are a few steps along if only we could get there. Yeah. And incidentally, often as business owners, we’re trying to help people who are a little bit behind us. Mm-hmm . So if your podcast can act as this kind of way to meet in the middle, then it becomes really powerful.

[00:16:17] So having a podcast that is a, a weekly or a regular drop podcast, becomes a way to start, start and continue that conversation with people. Albeit one side. Yeah,

[00:16:32] Viv: I love it. I mean, the amount of times I get on calls with people, you know, and. And that, you know, they say, oh, I listen to your podcast. I love this episode.

[00:16:41] And you don’t realize, you know, the power it’s having. Yeah. Yeah. And for me, it really comes in the, the nurture part of my buyer’s journey. Yeah. You know, without realizing it almost, but it’s, it’s there to people that I weren’t wasn’t aware were on, um, kind of in my world. Uh, and that’s really powerful when you think that the reason.

[00:16:59] Booking in [00:17:00] this call and converting, you know, from just being a, a stranger, a follower on my email list. Yep. Is, is because something, something in, in a specific episode has just given them that, that, yeah.

[00:17:13] Anna: And I really believe that many of us who choose to come into podcast, many of us who are coaches, consultants, expert, actually, we want to make a difference.

[00:17:20] Yeah. I genuinely believe this or the ones that I want to follow are mm-hmm . And what I love about podcasting is that we can have global, epic, amazing top charting reach fast if you do it properly. Yeah. But really what you’re doing is you’re speaking to one person at a time because they’re out jogging or they’re walking their dog, or I dunno, they’re stuck at home ill on the sofa or they’re cooking the dinner and trying to ignore the kids.

[00:17:49] is that just me? No. Um, and. Particularly in business and motivational spaces. Often we might have heard the messages before they [00:18:00] haven’t hit home in quite the same way. We haven’t connected in the, with the message in quite that same way or something very specific is happening in our life right then. And we hear someone actually addressing it coming from that place of I’ve been in the trenches and I got through it.

[00:18:17] And that for me is actually what we are doing. So podcasts aren’t about, or should I say traditional podcasting, weekly podcasts, or however, if you’re running it in series, that’s not what they’re about, but when they’re done properly and they’re done well, you are very memorable in someone’s eyes. They are status elevating people, sit up and notice when you have a podcast that you are consistent with.

[00:18:44] Consistency is really important. Yeah. Because, although in the online spaces or business spaces, it can seem like suddenly every man and his donkey’s got a podcast, actually, it’s very few, very few. We’re just a sort of in this vacuum of it happening [00:19:00] around us. And so this is, this is a way you can, you can stand out without having to be on social media now.

[00:19:07] In what we do in my company, we are really careful with how we create the podcast. What they’re called, what each episode is called, some of the tagging meta tagging mm-hmm and Bo boring, boring things behind the scenes with the podcasts boring. So boring , but they are the things that make you findable such and discoverable.

[00:19:28] And the amount of times that we’ve had clients come through, who have found me through Google, Looking for something random, come into the podcast, binge listen to 10 or 20 episodes, then come into a Facebook group and then actually decided enough of this. I’ll either just purchase the course or I’ll get on a call.

[00:19:48] Mm-hmm it happens so often. We actually, we actually have some secret podcasts that we don’t, it’s part of, um, my quite innovative way of podcasts. It’s called podcast sales [00:20:00] funnel, and we haven’t publicly launched them because I wanted to see how they would do when we didn’t do that. But the way that we’ve set them up online is that they could be found because their searched, that’s not even a phrase.

[00:20:14] What I mean search. And we had someone within three days of one of those shows going out that we did not launch. We did not go for a, Hey, this is a top chart. We didn’t do that. That came into our email system because of how we’d set that podcast up. They found it on apple. But because all we talked about was guide, go to this link, go to this link, go to this link.

[00:20:34] And they ended up booking a call on the fifth email that we sent them out of 10, which was part of this funnel strategy. We had a 15 minute phone call and we closed a 10 K offer. Wow. Now that’s awesome. This person, and I had no connections in common. We were not connected on LinkedIn. She’s not on Facebook.

[00:20:54] We weren’t. We had, no, we cannot see any mutual connections, but she [00:21:00] trusted me because she’d listened to this 10 part podcast series about my offer, about why my offer matters to me. Why I just to them client testimonials, all these things, and then seeing that my emails really matched up my voice. Really?

[00:21:13] It was, there was no. It was the same. Interestingly, unbeknownst to me, after she’d booked the call, she then went over to one of my other main, weekly traditional podcasts and literally binged. She had listened to 32 episodes by the time the call came around. So she felt like she knew me. I’d never met her.

[00:21:32] But I didn’t have to do the work of, Hey, this is, this is how we help because she already knew it. So coming

[00:21:38] Viv: qualified already. Yeah. Yeah. What do you think? Um, so I I’ve, I’ve heard, I’ve heard, I think, uh, Amy Porterfield and Jenna Kucher did an episode and they were talking about, you know, how podcasting is different from so many other sort of, uh, marketing channels in that it’s more intimate because you’re letting people.

[00:21:57] Into your homes really. And it’s, it’s different [00:22:00] to which you kind of are when you’re sat on Facebook, I guess, and things on mobile phones, but they were saying it’s quite a different sort of relationship. And what do you think about that? What are your

[00:22:09] Anna: it’s because it’s highly possible. Mm there’s a, there are a couple of things that, about that.

[00:22:14] So one is that audio can reach parts, video, and social content can never reach because if I’m out for a. I’m not watching a YouTube video, I’m walking my dog, or if I’m, I don’t know, whatever I am listening to audio. I, I’m not watching a video. I think from a, I mean, I’m an NLP background, new linguistic programming, and really thinking about how we talk to the subconscious, because it can become a background activity.

[00:22:46] Our, our subconscious is actually taking in the material without us noticing. So even if you think, oh, I didn’t hear what that bit was. Your brain knows it it’s literally stored up there. The other part is that I believe in [00:23:00] communication that when our words, it are only 7% of the communication. Yeah. And we do not have our eyes on nose or whatever, touch to rely on.

[00:23:10] We’re literally just listen, listening. Well, 93% of the communication then becomes nonverbal mm-hmm . So that is in your hesitancy, the pitch, the Tamra, the, the belly laughs the awkwardness, the pauses, the breath. And that’s really where we feel like we know someone. Yeah. Yeah. So a lot of people, when they start podcasting are desperate to make it sound as polished as possible.

[00:23:37] My podcast, we keep pretty normal. If I’m talking quickly, we don’t slow it down. We don’t stick breaths in there that weren’t real. If, if my voice is low that day, because actually there’s something quite deep going on. We don’t balance that out. We balance the tracks, but we don’t balance that so that my voice is diff uh, and it’s little things like that.

[00:23:59] Just that’s [00:24:00] why podcasts are powerful. Yeah. I love

[00:24:02] Viv: that. What is the number one mistake that you see people make with guesting on podcasts gushing. Oh, okay.

[00:24:14] Anna: Yeah. So you can have a great conversation, but if you are not,

[00:24:22] if you’re not really thinking through what you’re gonna say and. Because you actually lack confidence in your own expertise. Yeah. Um, that’s really difficult. And I would also say, and I, I, I have to catch myself with this as well. So I always teach for a, you know, I don’t get this right myself going onto somebody else’s show very little awareness of who they’re talking to and why and bordering on pitching mm-hmm really D.

[00:24:54] Sh no. Yeah, because the audience likes that podcast because they like the host. Yeah. [00:25:00] So the host is always the most influential person in the room.

[00:25:06] Viv: Yeah, absolutely. That’s so interesting. The gushing thing really interesting. Really interesting. Yeah. Yeah. Um, we we’re yeah, probably sort of different in our views.

[00:25:16] Like I definitely understand the gushing, but for me, like I think a lot of people that I work with their message is so unclear. They don’t know really how to articulate it in a clear way. So. For me. I see that because that’s, they like that clarity. So they can’t articulate it very well.

[00:25:34] Anna: One of the, yeah, one of the most amazing things about, um, about why we love podcasts is the storytelling.

[00:25:41] So maybe if you don’t feel like you’ve got the clarity around the offer yet, but you can bring up case studies or personal stories of what you have been through that relate to your offer. Then that’s how people kind of go, oh, So think about the stories. If you can’t [00:26:00] get, you know, the dreaded LinkedIn bio.

[00:26:04] Sentence, right? Yeah. It’s not about that. It’s about much more who you are. Yeah.

[00:26:09] Viv: Um, Todd, Hargraves teaches this in his point of view marketing. I think it is in, he, in his, his book as well. And we’ve had Todd on the show and he says, you know, when you’re kind of coming up with your, your niche or maybe it’s when in his niche, I can’t remember guys, I’ll check it out.

[00:26:24] And, uh, I’ll just reference which page it is in which book, uh, in the show notes. But yeah, tad talks about. Not just sort of saying, here’s what I do and here’s how I do it, but here are three different stories I can share. Right. People relate to stories and they,

[00:26:40] Anna: so interestingly, I come from an, an NLP and hypnosis background.

[00:26:44] So in hypnosis, the way hypnosis really works, really works is often through stories that are implanted and the stories. I didn’t know, I was gonna tell you this today, but often once we’ve done the, you know, you are walking down some steps and we’ve got you [00:27:00] under often in a really good hypnosis audio and in a really good talk on stage keynote talk, you would have an opening story that then closes the store, closes the show.

[00:27:14] If you like, then you would have another story. But you are you, don’t not. So you start a story, you start a second story. You get to the point of your message. You close story two close story one, and you have this wonderful umbrella type arc of story loops that your brain has gone. I’ve gotta keep listening.

[00:27:35] I’ve gotta keep listening. How does that close? How does that close what’s in it for me? How does it close? So interesting. That’s

[00:27:41] Viv: really interesting. I love that. So there go guys, have a look into that for, uh, but if he’s starting out, let’s just go with one story, but I love that idea. That is so. Um, okay. So we’ve talked obviously about the, be benefits of having your own podcast as that really great kind of mm-hmm um, bringing people in, [00:28:00] cuz they’re gonna see that come up next.

[00:28:02] Here’s the big question. When do you start? When should you start your own podcast or consider it because obviously three years ago. yeah, I know. You’re gonna say do it, do it yesterday, but obviously there is a time commitment as a solo printer. Maybe if you don’t E even if you don’t have a VA yet, you know, you might be like, oh, I’m not quite there in terms of being able to outsource.

[00:28:22] So I’m aware there’s gonna be a time

[00:28:24] Anna: commitment. So there is a time commitment. It doesn’t have to be as much as you think mm-hmm . In three years from now. Every man and his dog is gonna have a podcast. Every business website is going to have a podcast. And at that point you can’t make any splash. You are like way behind the curve.

[00:28:42] And right now, although it seems like most people are starting a podcast. It isn’t true. Most people start and then have pod fade where they basically get terribly excited for three episodes and disappear or to do eight episodes and then forget to promote it. And then they go on holiday and then they [00:29:00] D.

[00:29:00] They might as well have not bothered, frankly, like that’s just such a waste of your time. So I would say when you are serious about elevating your status and you know, at least one of your core offers and who it’s for that is the time to start. But one of the biggest mistakes and I am actually guilty of this with my very first show, five years ago, what you don’t wanna do is start it completely on a whim.

[00:29:30] Have your podcast live, that you’ve recorded from a mobile phone and it’s live on anchor within 24 hours. And you are a podcaster, but you haven’t got a clue. What you’re doing, what you need to do is step back and plan it out. What is this for? How does this fit with the business so that it. I never know if it’s integral or integral, whichever one of those words is the correct term.

[00:29:54] You make it a core part of your business function. The other thing. Biggest mistake. [00:30:00] And this is the one I absolutely did is waiting to see if the podcast is going to be successful before telling anybody that it exists. Oh, no. So guess what happens if you don’t tell anybody that your podcast exists, they don’t magically run from the Hills to check if your podcast is live, particularly if they’ve never heard of you.

[00:30:22] So I always come from this with. Don’t do it the way I did when I was clueless, because there’s no point, um, when you get your podcast launch strategy, right? You can hit the top charts with a very small audience. Once you have a top 50 top 20 podcast in a category or subcategory somewhere around the world, doesn’t even have to be in the UK.

[00:30:43] You have that accolade forever. Doesn’t matter that it’s gone down. It’s normal to go down. But you had it, it’s a little bit like Mr. Bla, which is what I always say about, we know he was number one, we , um, and, um, Yeah, that’s that’s [00:31:00] whole other Mr. Bo story going in my head. I,

[00:31:02] Viv: I remember sending you a, a screenshot actually after mine launch going, is this good?

[00:31:06] Cause I was like, is this right? This was like number one in the UK marketing chart. So I was like, cause I, it was my 40th birthday weekend. It just amazing when apple actually, you know, released it and it’s got that thing of going, oh, this is the worst timing possible, but Hey, ho let’s, let’s roll with it.

[00:31:19] So I didn’t check anything. And then I checked back and I was like, oh wow. And as you say, you know, it’s that accolade now forever. Isn’t it. Right. Um, Yeah, absolutely. Um, and guys, if you’re thinking of doing a podcast, I’m just gonna say, Anna, does, she has an amazing training that you can do, and it’s got everything from planning, your podcast to launching, and then beyond that as well, because there is a beyond.

[00:31:41] And I think so often people focus on to the point of launch and forget what to do afterwards. Yeah. And you know, as you, as Anna said as well, it’s, there are so many podcasts out there, but actually there are. There are a lot that aren’t live. They’re not active they’re they kind of,

[00:31:57] Anna: oh, they’re rubbish, frankly.

[00:31:59] Viv: Uh, [00:32:00] yeah, so, you know, if you want a podcast and you’re gonna keep going with this podcast, there’s still so much you can do absolutely

[00:32:05] Anna: beyond, you know, and, and I think it’s that growth element is important because when your podcast is out there and you’ve been doing it for a year, 18 months, it’s not the new shiny thing.

[00:32:18] And it can get a bit forgotten and maybe you are not in love with it the way that you. But your audience still are, there are still, even if you don’t have a huge show, couple of hundred people turning up maybe every week. Well, if you don’t make it good for them, what’s the point. Yeah. So when you are, what we do in my business is we look back at my podcast every six to 12 months.

[00:32:43] What’s exciting. Moving it forward. Can we promote it in a different way? And, and instantly the way people are promoting podcasts now, so many people are doing exactly the same thing, so it becomes unseen. Mm. And so you need to constantly be thinking, what, what can I do to [00:33:00] make it different? What can I do to create content episodes that people are actually interested in?

[00:33:05] Um, but when you get it right, it builds your business. It builds your business. Yeah. Without a

[00:33:13] Viv: doubt. absolutely. Absolutely. That’s fantastic. Um, so as I said, you know, I’ll link everything we’ve mentioned in the show notes. So Anna, where is the, what’s the best resource people can get from you? Cuz you have so many amazing resources where where’s, where would you sign those

[00:33:30] Anna: people to?

[00:33:30] So first of all, My podcast entre, my main one entrepreneurs get visible is probably around somewhere where you’re listening to Viv. So go check that out if you’re interested generally in entrepreneurship, but I want to give you a little, little gift. Uh, I have a book called podcast with impacts, which when I wrote it, I really, really wanted to create a book that wasn’t just one of those lead magnets, just to get you to do.

[00:33:53] It’s not that. It’s a proper book that tells you how to do it. [00:34:00] So I’m going to give you a link to that, which is And my intention with that book is to help leaders or emerging leaders get their messages out there so that we can change lives. One person at a time. I love.

[00:34:19] Viv: Leaders changing lives one person at a time.

[00:34:21] That’s fantastic. Um, Anna, thank you so so much. Uh, and as I said, guys, I will, I will reference everything in the show notes for you that we’ve talked about today. So you can go and grab those links. Um, and definitely check Anna’s podcast out guys. This is, this is the, the, the person who has really helped me on my entire podcasting journey.

[00:34:40] So she is, she is the authority. She has many. Uh, famous names out there in the entrepreneurial world who you will recognize as multi seven and eight figure entrepreneurs. And she is the, the podcast, um, ho not host. What’s the word I’m

[00:34:56] Anna: looking for? Yeah. So we do, we have some amazing clients, people [00:35:00] with tiny audiences, people with massive audiences.

[00:35:02] Yeah. The ones with the massive audiences say that working on the consultancy of the podcast. Most, and then the visibility strategy beyond it to launch it was the best thing they ever did for their business. Oh, amazing.

[00:35:14] Viv: Amazing, amazing, amazing. Yeah, that’s fantastic. Uh, and you can see testimonials from these guys on, on Anna’s website as well.

[00:35:21] So yes, cuz your agency manages their, their podcast. Doesn’t it. So fantastic. Thank you so much for being a guest on the show today. It’s been awesome. Speaking to you.

[00:35:31] Anna: Yeah. Great. See you today. Viv. Take care. Thank.

[00:35:34] Viv: So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you.

[00:35:47] And as always, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this podcast. And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an [00:36:00] episode, speak to you soon.

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Guesting on Podcasts

Bringing leads through Podcasting with Anna Parker-Naples

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As entrepreneurs our goal is to become highly effective at what we do in business. We do this so that we can become effective at marketing so that we can have a sustainable and profitable business, bring in consistent leads (which is the lifeblood of our biz!!) and do more of what we love in business!

However, the big challenge of most biz owners right now is lead generation. Getting new people to:

  1. Become aware of you 
  2. Be interested enough to sign up to hear from you every week.

Here’s why it’s a struggle:

  1. They are generally using someone else’s strategy and tactics (someone who could be a whole different archetype) that may not work for their natural ability.
  2. Their messaging isn’t clear. You confuse you loose.
  3. They haven’t gone into what they are doing with a clear plan (strategy) of what they want to get out of it.

In this episode I’m joined be my podcast mentor and producer of a mahoooosive volume of number 1 ranking, famous podcasts out there (with her podcast production agency) Anna Parker Naples.

We’re talking all about why podcasting might not be bringing you in the leads that you expected.

It’s a big thing I hear time and again from people hopping on calls with me.

“Guesting on podcasts isn’t bringing in the leads.”

Why is that?

Today you will learn:

>> Why podcasting isn’t bringing you leads in

>> The most effective way to grow your audience with podcast guesting

>> How to create a Call to Action (CTA) that’s effective

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02:55 Why guest on podcasts and how does it affect lead generation?

21:38 Podcast as a form of marketing channel

24:02 The number 1 mistake to do when you are a guest in podcast

28:02 When do you start podcasting?

33:13 Connect with Anna

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