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[00:00:00] Viv: Welcome back to another episode of marketing without social media. Now, before we dive in, I wanted to let you know that if you are a service based business, thank coaches consultants, therapists who wants to get to $7,000 plus recurring months. Yes. Every month, but needs help with growing your audience.

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[00:01:05] AP. Now the session. Free it’s 15 minutes. And all you have to do is head on over to Viv plan. Yes, that’s Viv plan. Right now, pick a day, pick a time that suits you and let’s chat. How do you keep the belief when you are not seeing the tangible. This is something I’ve wanted to talk about for quite some time, because, oh, it is hard.

[00:01:36] I have been there myself now. What makes it easier for me is this is not my first business. Okay. Uh, I found it really hard in my first business and I see this a lot with clients and, um, other people out there when it’s their first ever time running a business. How do you keep the belief that what you are doing is.

[00:01:59] When [00:02:00] you’re just not seeing new leads coming in new email subscribers, people turning up to your workshops or challenges when you’re not getting new clients, when you are not getting the enrollments. And when you’re just not making the freaking money you need and want to be making to sustain yourself, you are the, your life and your.

[00:02:22] So I am talking to the amazing Charlotte Carter today. I worked with Charlotte two and a half years ago. We met on a group program and I, I worked with her as well. And this woman has been such an instrumental part in my journey, but also watching her business flourish. She has gone from starting her business, uh, in 2019.

[00:02:47] To a multi six figure business in just, well, almost three years, like under three years, which is amazing. So in this episode, [00:03:00] you aren’t gonna learn how to keep the belief when you aren’t seeing the tangible results. Like how do you actually do that? How positive psychology will transform your life and your business and the big one practical actions that you can implement on a daily basis to help you stay in a positive space so that you get the tangible results that you want.

[00:03:25] So let’s dive in.

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[00:03:54] Charlotte: business in a way that

[00:03:55] Viv: actually feels good to you,[00:04:00]

[00:04:07] Charlotte, welcome to the show. I’m so excited to have you hear, um, how are you doing?

[00:04:14] Charlotte: I am all good. Thank you all good. I’m glad to be here. You know, I haven’t been on podcast for a while, babe, so I’m super

[00:04:20] Viv: excited to get back in the game. I know we’ve talked about this for a long while. Haven’t we as well.

[00:04:24] Cause uh, I’ve known Charlotte for quite a while now. Gosh, probably two and a half. If not more, three years, maybe two and a half years. Yes, two. Yeah. Long while, long while. So C. I wanna talk before we get into kind of the, the nitty gritty deep questions today, just give us a bit of your background and story, just to help us kind of see your journey and, and why, you know, we should listen to you today because you’ve been through this, you know, like many entrepreneurs you’ve been through this, you’ve lived this.

[00:04:55] So talk to us about your, your journey when you, maybe weren’t seeing the results [00:05:00] you wanted to be seen in your business and how you kept the faith and the belief and what happened.

[00:05:06] Charlotte: So I, um, thanks for having me on, I’m very excited about this. Um, I first started my business back in October, 2019. Um, and I’d never had, we’d had Matt and I had had a dabbled in a business together before, but nothing like what I’ve got now.

[00:05:24] And, and it came after a massive aha moment in my life where it was like, actually, This is the crux point. I’m not really sure who I am anymore. I’d lost my identity. And I was like, life’s gotta change. Um, I’m gonna take back, um, control of what I really want my future to look like. So I set my business up, um, as a transformational life coach, when I first set out October, 2019 was 60 pound a month on Google ads.

[00:05:50] So I was like, oh, felt like so much money. Within three weeks, I was fully booked. I was, um, hiring out a clinic. I was helping people from age six [00:06:00] to no, no, no upper limit on all sorts of things. And I did that for five months alongside my other job. And then it’s like, this is, this is not what I created. I didn’t create to be flat out.

[00:06:12] in a really intense mental health job and my own business. So I decided March, 2020 that I was gonna Jack in the day job with the regular money to go all in on my business. Um, and that is what I did. And at that time, my husband is a professional musician and at that time lockdown came and swiped his whole business.

[00:06:32] Oh

[00:06:32] Viv: my goodness. Like at that time, when had you left your job at this point, there was no going back to yeah,

[00:06:37] Charlotte: yeah, yeah. Your day. Yeah. So I had handed in my notice it was two weeks for my month. However, I think I’d had to give a month or six weeks or something. It was two weeks till I had to actually definitely, you know, hand in on my laptop and then the whole pandemic came.

[00:06:52] And of course at that stage, we didn’t really know what was coming. Did we? No, we were like two

[00:06:56] Viv: weeks, three weeks. We’ll be fine.

[00:06:58] Charlotte: um, but ma, [00:07:00] uh, works in weddings, uh, he’s professional penis. So he works in weddings, all, all events and you know, so everything was

[00:07:06] Viv: stopped. Wow. So that was a big hit for you. So that

[00:07:11] Charlotte: as a family.

[00:07:12] Yeah. As a family, I was five months into the business brand new. Like we behind me ears to all of this stuff, learning as I go. And I had to, there was no plan B. And

[00:07:24] Viv: was what, cuz you were doing face to face clinic based work for yourself. Weren’t you like in, in person? Did that have to stop then? Did you have to suddenly go online?

[00:07:34] Charlotte: Yeah. Yeah. So in March, when I left my day job, I moved everything online. Okay. And I have built my business now to multi six figures all online.

[00:07:43] Viv: Amazing. Amazing. So tell, talk us through how, when that happened, that, that moment where, you know, Matt’s entire income business just came us stands still. You’d given up the day job, obviously.

[00:07:57] Yes. You were bringing. Revenue from your [00:08:00] business. What did that journey look like then from there to multi six figures, because I know we’ve spoken in the past and you were earning, but you were a plateau and you could not, you couldn’t sort of make that leap. And then suddenly you were in like 10, 15, 20 K plus months, weren’t you?

[00:08:16] So talk us through what happened there, because there’s a lot of people that can really lose faith and kind of think, well, what am I doing wrong? You know, is it ever gonna. Am I doing the right strategy? Have I got the right tactics? How, you know, people say, just follow the process, you know, stay true, you know, obsess over the process.

[00:08:37] And I teach this, you know, really obsess over the process. You can’t control the results, but if you, you can obsess over the process, but how do you actually practically keep that faith when. You know when maybe your income’s not what you need it to be and you kind of think, well, I can’t go on holiday or I can’t buy the kids’ trainers or whatever it might be.

[00:08:55] Can’t pay the mortgage. How do you keep that

[00:08:57] Charlotte: faith? I think one of the [00:09:00] questions that I always invite people to think about is would you actually buy from yourself? Okay. When you putting your stuff out there, you have to be your like own super. You have to put something out there and you have to go, oh my God, it’s brilliant.

[00:09:16] I really, really want it. This is totally what I wanna buy. This is totally gonna help these people for these reasons. And I, if it was me, I would be in, you have to be in that mindset yourself so that you are, whatever it is you’re putting out or whatever price point is a no-brainer to you. Mm-hmm . And when you come from that space in place, and then you, then you are going okay now I’ve just got to attract the people it’s completely different.

[00:09:38] And so the mindset work is all around your own journey around whether you doubt yourself. Yeah. So, and that’s all about people doubting themselves. Yeah.

[00:09:47] Viv: So let’s dive into this because this is a big topic. The doubt is, you know, and I hear people say it all the time, the mindset monkeys have come out to play and yeah.

[00:09:56] And that is a big thing. And you know, it, it, it’s [00:10:00] understandable when you’re looking at your bank balance and you’re thinking I can’t afford to buy this, or blah, blah, blah. You know, you are really doing that positive mindset work and trying to stay true, but then you look at that and you’re like, It can, Nochi on, it can really derail you from being in that positive mindset.

[00:10:16] So yeah. Talk to us about how we, we stay that. How do we maintain that? Because it’s, you know, it’s not an instant, overnight thing in business, you know, it takes time to build that credibility and so on and so forth. So how, yeah. How do you kind of keep in that positive energy positive space? When the reality is

[00:10:35] Charlotte: quite D.

[00:10:37] So part of like how you show up for yourself matters. So, like I say, you’ve gotta back yourself. You’ve gotta be your own super coach and you’ve gotta be able to understand and explore when you are being your own super critic. Okay. So life, uh, throws us all these kind of curve balls many times, but for those of the people that may not know some of the background of how your mind [00:11:00] works is your subconscious mind.

[00:11:02] Gathers all the information from age, not to seven or eight, gathers everything as the whole truth, whether somebody’s been joking with her, whether it’s somebody watch on tele, whether it’s somebody, a teacher said to you and you build your own limiting beliefs through that process, and only through your life of actually challenging them, will you dispel them and overcome them?

[00:11:20] So what happens when you set up a business, especially if you’re new to the entrepreneurial world, you haven’t, some people haven’t done any of this. And they’re like, well, I didn’t know. I was like that. I didn’t know this was gonna come up and I didn’t know I had these money stories and I didn’t know I had this resistance to wealth and I didn’t know that I didn’t feel good enough.

[00:11:35] And so that’s the part that needs to be done. First of all, before you can actually stand in what we call positive psychology terms, or you stand in a flow state where there’s no resistance. Because in that state and where I am now is where you sit in a place where you are like, well, I’m totally anchored into who I am and how I show up and what I do.

[00:11:55] So then I just leave from that place. But actually the journey is really bumpy and it’s [00:12:00] really tough and I totally get it. And I’ve been there many times and it’s anchoring in your belief in yourself and the one shapeable certainty in what you do. Mm-hmm yeah.

[00:12:11] Viv: I love that. Talk to us a little bit more about what is positive psychology then, because there’s people that are gonna be like, what’s she talking about?

[00:12:17] What is, what’s this positive psychology, never heard of it. Dunno what it is. Um, and people can be skeptical, you know, mindset stuff. They’re like, well, do any mindset stuff. Is it really true? Blah, blah, blah. So talk to us about how positive psychology has shifted things for you and also, you know, for your clients, because you are trained in positive.

[00:12:37] Psychology it’s it’s embedded within your, your entire practice now. So talk to us about what it is.

[00:12:43] Charlotte: So I, um, first came about, about positive psychology. I was in a high level mastermind, um, with a lady called Nick pigeons space opened in the states and she brought out her positive psychology training academy.

[00:12:55] And I was one of the first of 30 in the world to go through her training. Um, that was [00:13:00] back in July, 2020. So nearly are you, um, it was a really intense program and I’m trained in it and basically positive psychology is the science of wellbeing and happiness. So whereas psychology is very much a traditional science that looks at what might have gone wrong with people and how we wanna fix things.

[00:13:21] And let’s look at things that they can’t do or that they struggle with positive psychology. It’s very strength based. So it’s, let’s, let’s look at who you are and let’s look at how good you are at these things. And let’s just basically shine a light on. And let’s work for you to be able to embed them into your life.

[00:13:35] Okay. So I come very much. So my positive psychology strength, my top strength is futuristic. So that’s what I lead with. I can see where people wanna go and I can see where they can, where what’s holding in the back of that kind of thing. So once I stepped into. Owning my positive psychology strengths. One of them’s super high energy getting in flow and that kind of thing.

[00:13:55] I’ve got they’re my top ones. I just embed in my business. Now you can then move [00:14:00] yourself through the pillars of positive psychology, which there are six. So the first pillar is about purpose. So it’s about owning, you know, what you in on this world for, what is it that you wanna do? So many people don’t know that mm-hmm and I remember thinking, I don’t know that I just wanna, yeah, I just wanna be happy.

[00:14:17] I just wanna have full and I didn’t know the actual depth of the, of that question. So I teach people how to find their purpose, how to find their passion and how to basically build their business around that. Mm. Um, and, and that’s really apparent with some of the multimillionaires that I work with because there there’s still.

[00:14:32] Some part of looking for the purpose, even though we’ve got a very successful business, it doesn’t necessarily rate to how much cash you’ve got. Everybody will have a certain part of the purpose that they might not have tapped into. Sure. Um, then we look at, um, emotions. Yep. Positive emotions, because it’s a big part.

[00:14:49] It’s how you make all your decisions. Your emotions are the driving force. So when people don’t feel like they’re doubting themselves or unsure, that’s an emotion, you know, you feel rubbish. You feel like you let down, you feel like you’re [00:15:00] not good enough. Feel like you, you might feel worth worthless. All of those kind of things.

[00:15:04] Positive psychology teaches you how to step into the positive, happiness, joy, excitement, you know, owning your stuff more higher vibration emotion. So we work on that even

[00:15:15] Viv: sorry to interject there, but is that even when you’re in that really crappy space of, in a negative motion, like flipping that, cause sometimes that could be really hard to get out of that negative space.

[00:15:25] Can’t it?

[00:15:26] Charlotte: Well, one of the things with positive psychology is you’ve gotta feel the feels. so I’m a huge believer in, we’re not just saying let’s flip it and get positive. We’re saying let’s look at why you feel rubbish. Okay. And let’s look at, what’s led you to feeling rubbish and let’s totally stay there.

[00:15:43] But I always say to people, let’s not unpack your bags. There let’s stay there. Let’s explore it. And then let’s look at how we can get you up step by step. Otherwise what happens, people are coming, like feeling it at the negative, lower emotions, and then they jump to the higher and then they get this, like, I call it the hoki HOA COA effect where the dancing around.

[00:15:59] Yeah, [00:16:00] I’m great now. Or I’m rubbish now. I’m great. Now I’m rubbish now. And I’m like, no, we, we need to understand. Otherwise you’ll keep doing that pattern. We need to understand. Really truly on a more depth of a selling level what’s gone on. So can

[00:16:11] Viv: we just touch on that before we move on to the next pillars?

[00:16:13] So for, for entrepreneurs, you know, the big measure, uh, of like, and, and what will put people in a negative or a happy kind of emotion is very results based. Isn’t it? So it’s. Cash, you know, money, um, success of like launches and things like that. So if somebody’s in that, that low space and you kind of say, okay, we’re acknowledging that you’re in a rubbish place because that launch didn’t go well and you, you’ve not made the money you wanted to make from it.

[00:16:41] You know, nobody, nobody showed up whatever it was, how. Because that’s a practical thing, isn’t it? That has practical day to day implications for them in their business moving forward. So how do you acknowledge that and kind of shift that then to a, a positive space, you know, in terms of what you said about understanding the depth of what’s [00:17:00] behind that?

[00:17:00] Yeah. So you kind of got a rubbish result. What

[00:17:03] Charlotte: would you do? And so you always have to look for the lessons and learnings mm-hmm . So what positive psychology teaches you and how I coach people when I’m using positive psychology as a tool is about let’s look at what you’ve learned from that experience, because every single experience will give you something, otherwise you absolutely.

[00:17:19] Otherwise you will repeat it again. Yeah, absolutely. I’m here again and I’ve retracted the same and nobody’s bought. Unless you understand. So first of all, the question is, how were you a bit, like, I’ve just said, I’ve launched this program and I’ve had COVID so I know it’s never gonna be my greatest, you know, outselling thing that I’ve put out there because I’ve just had COVID in it.

[00:17:37] So I didn’t feel great. Mm-hmm so, uh, but I know that, so I, I know that’s how I was. So you always want to ask yourself the lessons and learnings and some of that. Did have the right email. You, they did have the right audience did have the right price point. Did it feel good? Did it deliver what I needed to do?

[00:17:53] And there will be when you get honest and deep about the answers, there will be stuff that will [00:18:00] uncover yeah. Why you haven’t got what you wanted to get. But sometimes people don’t do that depth of questioning because they’re like they already dropped down to, well, I feel a rubbish. And so maybe it’s me and I’m not good enough, which is a common thread.

[00:18:11] Yeah. An interesting one that

[00:18:13] Viv: came up for me and I was thinking about recently was, you know, this idea. Always and we as entrepreneurs, we have to be open to experimenting and trying and, you know, failing multiple times at things. But again, what, when you’re in the early days of, of your business and you’ve gone all in.

[00:18:29] So like you did, you know, you left your day job, a pandemic hits, so your, your husband’s income went. So obviously, you know, you’re the sole income earn if that is the case suddenly like this, this ability and openness to experi. Yeah, can can kind of, we resent it. We don’t wanna do that because we’re like, I just need a result.

[00:18:51] How do you, yeah. So how do you shift that? How do you kind of deal with that with clients, if that’s coming up for them, this resistance to, because [00:19:00] obviously if they try it, they experiment, they go all in, but then it’s a flop and they’re in this position. Like you work, you know, where they’re, you’re the sole bread

[00:19:09] Charlotte: and what do you do?

[00:19:10] I guess, I guess it’s all on an individual basis, but I would do, if somebody’s in that situation, I’d just go look for, what’s proven to work by, by other people in the industry. What is the proven thing? And if, if they’re somebody that’s either looking at one-to-one work or coaching, I’ll just go let’s, let’s get laser focused on what you one Toones on.

[00:19:26] Let’s just talk directly to them. Let’s get sold out on the one-to-one and that’s how I work with people let’s work on that bit and then let’s work on the other bits. Sure. Because, but, but how the mind works and how the different states of the mind work is you have to do. You know, multiple work, 3, 4, 5, 6 times a day.

[00:19:43] If you wanna get top again, that’s what I had to do back in March, 2020, I had to anchor in my self belief. Every 90 minutes that I can do this.

[00:19:53] Viv: And what did that look like? Was that

[00:19:54] Charlotte: affirmations? What was, that’s like a two at that stage and it’s in develop developed now in my programs now. [00:20:00] But at that stage it was like a, um, two minute, totally, uh, eyes closed visualization of this.

[00:20:06] This is, this is exactly where I’m going. This is, this is what I’m calling in. This is who I need to be to call that in. Um, This is how I feel when they’re do so I always talk about feeling good first before you do anything. So, and also a big question when you’re have in those kind of days is what do I need for myself today?

[00:20:24] Viv: I love that. I love that. Right. Let’s go on to the third pillar of positive psychology.

[00:20:29] Charlotte: Third pillar of positive psychology is relationships. Mm-hmm, the most powerful in my opinion of how I have grown my business and the relationship dynamic with people that were in my world. And then as I’ve grown, the relationships change and that kind of thing, and understanding as you grow your business.

[00:20:45] The relationship with yourself changed, but also this pattern of people coming into your life for a season or reason or a lifetime is very

[00:20:52] true.

[00:20:52] Viv: Well, I love that season reason or lifetime. That is so I love, I’ve never heard it called that, but I, I love it. I love that.

[00:20:59] Charlotte: [00:21:00] I heard, I, I first heard that in my counseling training.

[00:21:03] Um, and, and I was like, wow, I love that. Yeah. So I, I can’t credit. That was one of my counseling coaches had said to me, That’s what that’s part of what, when they were teaching counseling, that’s how they say people.

[00:21:13] Viv: It makes total sense. Like, cause I look at that and people have come and gone in life and I think maybe you see it more certainly as entrepreneurs as well, you know, because people come in and then go and yeah, it’s, it’s so interesting cuz I think sometimes people think I’m a crap person cuz I’ve not maintained those relationships.

[00:21:30] Cause you look around and there’s some people that are like, oh, we’ve all been friends since we are like three and you. You know, and they’ve got massive, massive groups of people that they’ve just acquired over life. And, you know, I, I think this is really interesting actually thinking about connector archetypes, and I was just recording a podcast episode on that, uh, yesterday.

[00:21:47] Um, those people that connectors who never seem to lose people in their network yeah. Versus like other, other. Up like personality and character archetypes, where actually they’re, they are there for the season, the reason or, [00:22:00] or whatever

[00:22:00] Charlotte: it might be. Yeah. Yeah. And one of the things with me with the relationship was quite a big personal journey for me, cuz I was like, oh my goodness.

[00:22:07] I, I really love meeting new people. What’s going on. I just like the new person, new person. So what’s going on there and, and I genuinely do. Yeah. Um, I, I just, I love meeting new people. There’s something about my energy around, I just love exploring where they are and what’s going on with them. And that’s a massive driver.

[00:22:22] So my relationships, there are a lot of people that have been in that sort of season part, because they’ve come in, we’ve had our relationship, however it’s formed and then I’ve carried on and then stayed where they are or whatever reason. So, um, so that’s relationships are some big pillar. Love it. The biggest one being relationship with yourself.

[00:22:40] Yep. The next one is meaning. So that’s a little bit like the purpose one, but it’s about, um, me meaning and about within relationship to yourself. And then what do things mean to you? And a lot of people get lost in, um, thinking that they should be doing things should be doing things that other people [00:23:00] think they should be doing.

[00:23:01] So that’s like what, it’s a bit more like your values and things like that. Okay. Um, then the, uh, next one is accomplishments, which was another big, a big, deep learning for me because I have been on a path of getting, you know, all these different qualifications. Like my thread was, I didn’t feel good enough.

[00:23:19] Um, and I never necessarily celebrate my accomplishment. Because I was like, yeah, I’ve done that. What’s next? Yeah, I’ve done that. What’s next. Um, and part of that, I understood when I learned so much about positive psychology for myself is one of my strengths. And one of my key parts of my personality is love of learning.

[00:23:38] Viv: Yeah. Cuz you are a Maven archetype aren’t you as well. And this is a big thing for me versus like the other archetypes. Um, and guys I’ll reference that, uh, episode in the show notes for you. Um, so the thing with Maven arch. Is, they love learning. They love going really deep. Okay. And so where we might look at them as a different act and go, my God, they’re so [00:24:00] knowledgeable to them.

[00:24:01] They realize that they can just keep learning on that subject. There’s so much more so that they don’t feel accomplished and they don’t feel. That they know enough. And this is a really interesting part. Yeah. It’s a, like, it’s a real pro and positive, obviously the love of learning as, as your architect, but it is kind of one of the things that can be a hindrance that you, you don’t put things out or you, you know, reluctant and you never feel this sense of, of accomplishment because you realize it’s a never ending learning, you know, on a specific subject and there’s so much more you could do and deeper you could.

[00:24:32] Charlotte: And one of the things that in, in terms of that personally is once I accepted that I was basically a lifelong learner and the student in the journey of life, then that was like, well, that, that’s what I’m doing. So that’s part. And, and somebody was asking me, I was at a big social yesterday and somebody was asking me, what do you do to chill out?

[00:24:48] And I’m like, I learned something. Yeah, seriously. I’m like, yeah, because that’s what I did.

[00:24:52] Viv: So you don’t get, get on the so and watch Netflix and eat popcorn. You go and

[00:24:57] Charlotte: learn. Yeah, because it’s my [00:25:00] version and this is what I talk with people like, what’s your version of high performance? What’s your version of success to me, I love that.

[00:25:06] Yeah. So it’s like, it feeds my soul. It feeds my meaning. It allows me to then, you know, and it’s not necessarily always learning business stuff. It’s just that I, I love personal growth, so yeah. I love that. That’s fantastic. And then the last pillar in the, um, positive psychology is all about health. Okay.

[00:25:24] All right. Okay. So health and wellbeing, which is a big, big part, my degrees in health, my background in mental health. So it’s a big part of my journey and it’s a big part that hinders people. So I’ve worked with people, who’ve got invisible conditions, you know, uh, hidden things that people dunno about.

[00:25:39] And also people who’ve got, um, uh, got on the road to burnout. So the Health’s actually been affected by the journey that they’re going on on and entrepreneurial space. So Health’s a big part of my. Are we

[00:25:49] Viv: talking like fitness mindset, uh, diet based or all of

[00:25:53] Charlotte: them? I we’re talking. There’s four pillars in health, four pillars in health and positive psychology sleep movement.[00:26:00]

[00:26:00] Nutrition and rest and restoration. Oh, love it.

[00:26:05] Viv: Yeah. I talk so much about restoration. In fact, I’ve just been recording my, uh, you know, taking time off and how I prepared for it and why it’s so important to have time off and downtime. Um, and that rest, rest and restoration. And I know Michael Hyatt talks about it in, um, In freedom to focus, you know, very much so about like these, the seven key things that you need, uh, and rest and restoration is so underestimated.

[00:26:29] And I think it’s a big thing. I’m sure you see it a lot with, with your, uh, entrepreneurial clients as well. That it’s the thing people are reluctant to do. They feel this obligation, maybe that as entrepreneurs early on in their businesses, first few years, they’ve gotta work all hours.

[00:26:46] Charlotte: And that’s, there’s a lot of guilt.

[00:26:47] People feel a lot of guilt if they’re not on the. Yeah. Why, why

[00:26:51] Viv: is that? What’s that guilt because they’re not reaching the goals that they want. So if they’re not means they feel like they’ve got a push out of what, where does that stem from that

[00:26:59] Charlotte: guilt? [00:27:00] There’s so many limiting beliefs that, that, that, that come with it.

[00:27:03] So a lot of people have the limiting belief. It’s gotta be hard. Okay. Yeah. I’ve gotta work hard for my money. A lot of people is that I’ve gotta put the hours in I’ve it’s gotta be hard and I’ve gotta work the hours. Yeah. Cause it can’t be too easy and I can’t work hot time. Because that’s just not how it’s not gonna happen like that.

[00:27:19] I’ve got a, and there’s also a story around, well, you’ve gotta do that for the first few years and then it’ll get easier. Yeah.

[00:27:24] Viv: I, I I’m the opposite. I always find that with clients, like, do you really have to, you know, that’s the question? Do you

[00:27:29] Charlotte: really well, I say it’s like your true belief, whereas that the story.

[00:27:33] Viv: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that’s a good one. Yeah. True belief or story. Yeah. And it’s, it’s true. I think, you know, there’s, there’s so, you know, and I hear people say, well, you’ve gotta do it. You know, you’ve gotta do that. You’ve gotta do social media. There’s no other choice. And I was chatting to a friend, uh, uh, a friend’s 50th at the weekend and she was saying, you know, she’s she does likes at pottery ceramics.

[00:27:53] She’s amazing. She she’s she’s, you know, global, but she says, well, I’ve gotta be on Instagram. I couldn’t do this [00:28:00] business Fort on Instagram. Like that. And it’s such an interesting thing about the stories we tell ourselves, isn’t it. And those, and you know, is that a belief or is that a story? Um, very interesting.

[00:28:11] I love that. Um, is there anything else you feel you want to cover on this, this topic of positive psychology?

[00:28:20] Charlotte: No. That so positive psychology in a nutshell is. The sites of wellbeing, happiness. So if you wanna know how to unlock your happiness and unlock your wellbeing, which is basically the crux of life, cause who wouldn’t wanna be, feel more happy and feel better, um, then either start looking in the field of positive psychology, um, or start looking at some of the tools that people use within it, cuz there’s loads of tools and you can Google it and there’s both.

[00:28:45] Of free tools that you can get your hands on. If you wanna start learning, it’s a massive topic.

[00:28:49] Viv: Mm. So you’ve really developed as a, a business owner in your, in your offerings. And now you’ve very much, what did you start out as? Tell us back in 2019, what was your kind of choice?

[00:28:59] Charlotte: [00:29:00] 2019? I think I might have started out.

[00:29:02] My business was called Suffolk life coaching clinic. Okay. Because I went, part of my training was put this, put the, where you are, because it was, none of it was online put where you are put that you’re a life coach and put that it to clinics because you are clinically trained. So that was what my business was called.

[00:29:19] And then I think I called myself. I think I called myself just either just the life coach at first of all.

[00:29:23] Viv: Okay. And what are you.

[00:29:26] Charlotte: High I’m high performance coach now.

[00:29:27] Viv: Right. So talk to us about high performance. Why is it important? Cuz high performance is becoming more and more like widely like recognized as something, you know, as a practice and, and things we should be looking at.

[00:29:39] So talk to us about what is high performance, you know,

[00:29:42] Charlotte: what is it. So high performance is like everybody has spans around lots of different versions of that, of what they think it is. So I can only talk about what I claim it’s for me. Um, so high performance for me is when you are working to, when you’re playing to your strengths, when you are in a [00:30:00] space of happiness and joy and wellbeing, and you are basically, uh, truly, um, using strategies where you can be at your peak performance all of the time.

[00:30:12] So what that means on a day to day. Cause people are like, yeah. Okay Charlotte, that’s like, that’s fine. But how, how does that actually look like for me, what that means is that your daily life and your daily habits are optimized so much that you can just like get through everything that you want to get to get through.

[00:30:27] You can fill in, fit in your exercise, your wellbeing, your sleep’s great. Your food’s great. All of those things without any pressure or resistance, but also in a unique way to you, let’s just tot on

[00:30:39] Viv: it. Cause I was thinking about this the other day, I was chatting to somebody recently about a few months ago to recently, um, this thing of, you know, the, your daily habits and routines and rituals to kind of optimize you to make your bed like higher performing person to get you to your goals and your aspirations.

[00:30:59] Being, [00:31:00] you know, for me sometimes. And I, my, my kids are still quite young. I feel like I’m that person with a never ending to-do list. It feels like my day’s just an agenda, you know? Um, and it’s when, you know, I dropped my journal as you know, I, I, you know, she introduced me to journaling two and a half years ago, and it’s been really transformational for me, but it’s something I dropped, I think probably end of last year, this year, Because that along with like daily, my morning exercise and morning hypnosis that she also got me into and things that were part of my morning routine.

[00:31:31] I thought just feel like from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, there’s this agenda and this, this ritual and routine I have to follow to be this high performance person. You know, when you just think, I just don’t want to do it. It all just feels like hard work. And maybe I just wanna get up and.

[00:31:49] I don’t know, watch Netflix. And I, you know, it is a real thing where sometimes it feels, it feels hard and that’s,

[00:31:58] Charlotte: and that’s why I say, [00:32:00] and this is kind of like, I suppose, one of my unique, um, positions with this and my mission is about to help million people celebrate their brilliance using high performance.

[00:32:08] And what I mean by celebrated brilliance is own who you are. And if you like chilling out, watching Netflix, then create that into your. And if you like getting up early and doing stuff, then create that for three days rather than five days actually find your, what I call your balance and blend in it all.

[00:32:25] Yeah. So people think they’ve gotta, you know, get on the treadmill of doing the same thing every day. I don’t talk about that. I’m like, let’s create what works for you, because then you will sustain it. Yeah. And that’s

[00:32:35] Viv: it, you know, because I think I, I, uh, read the morning miracle a few years ago and everyone, you know, is.

[00:32:42] You get the next camp? Don’t you have people going fuck that. I’m not getting to put five o’clock in the morning or four o’clock in the morning to do an hour like ritual. And I was the same. I mean, you know, don’t you, I had like kids that did not sleep when they were tiny up until very recently actually, um, you know, would be up in the night and.

[00:32:58] So for me, I was like getting up at four [00:33:00] o’clock. I just, or five o’clock was really hard. And I did push myself to do it. Cause I was like, I have to do this to be a better entrepreneur. I’m more successful. And I was like that actually, this just feels awful. Um, but then there’s guilt because you’re not doing that.

[00:33:12] And everyone’s like, you have to have these habits, you know, daily routines and habits. And I think as you say, you end up in a position then of guilt and I’m not good enough. I’m not doing enough. And then you start entering that negative space. And for me, like you said, you know, I’m like that I’m gonna work out twice a week now, you know, I move, I walk the dog every day.

[00:33:29] Uh, certainly while I’m dog sitting, I do. And I’ve now blocked into my diary, post dog sitting post travels when he goes back, um, I will. Still be doing my morning walk because I find it really helps me. It gives me head space. It lets me just ground myself for the day. Um, but I don’t have to be like hammering it.

[00:33:46] And the journaling I do in the hypnosis I do every day, because I do find that’s a really good thing and I can do that in bed. I don’t have to get out of a warm bed. yeah. You know, to do it. I don’t even have to be awake for my hypnosis, you know, cause often I start it. If I [00:34:00] wake up for the Lou or something, I hope to pee at 4:00 AM, which often happens.

[00:34:03] I just come back and I think, well, I’m just gonna put my hypnosis on now. Cause I’m awake. And I do, and then I’m asleep and I’m like, ah, oh, there you go. Slept through it. But it works on a subconscious level. So yeah. Yeah, I think, and, and not having this pressure of journaling for like an hour. Well, it has to take Katie, you know, five minute journal, just do that.

[00:34:21] Um, so bringing in these habits,

[00:34:24] Charlotte: I think what happens with so many entrepreneurs is they have either the perfectionist trait or high expectations of the trait, or they’ve read all these things about habits and not necessarily understand some of the science behind actually, why. They work and how to bring them into your life in a way that works for you.

[00:34:37] Yeah. And they start doing them and then they resent them. Cause it’s another thing on the list. And then we go into this like, well, I can’t keep it all up and I never thought it was gonna happen. You know? And I remember conversations I had with people that on one of my programs called mindset for success was like, well, I can’t have it all.

[00:34:51] I can’t have this bit and this bit, and I’d be really good at my health. And then my business will drop or, or I’ll be full on in my business and I’ll be really rubbish mom. And I remember having these conversations, [00:35:00] like you can have it all. We can train your brain to have it all. Yeah. What does have it all actually look and feel like for you?

[00:35:06] Do you see

[00:35:07] Viv: this and that, you know, chatting to someone last week about this, this all in fact, actually my kids dance teacher, who’s phenomenally. Ex professional dancer. She’s just amazing. You look at her and you think, wow. And the stuff she can still do, you know, it’s phenomenal. But she, you know, we were chatting after, after the show cuz she had flowers and all sorts of gifts and she was like, I don’t really love flowers.

[00:35:27] Don’t eat chocolate because if I did, I’d be huge. I don’t drink cuz. Okay. So she’s very much an awe nothing person. I was like, that’s really interesting. And I find a lot of people who are successful in business. Or drawn to business, you know, often have this all on nothing kind of personality and you know, and you see it, don’t you in the peaks and troughs people have, they’re all in giving it all.

[00:35:52] And sometimes that can be burnout as well, but then they kind of go, oh, now I’m dropping off. I’m a bit bored. Or whatever, and, and [00:36:00] I’m totally that person, you know, I am not perfect. I’m an all ORIC person, food wise, terrible exercise, you know, on it, or I’m not on it I’m either on or off. There’s no middle ground usually.

[00:36:09] And that’s been something I’ve really had to work to over the last couple of years since I worked with Charlotte, you know, and it’s always a work in progress for me, but yeah. Um, do you see that a. Oh,

[00:36:19] Charlotte: yeah, I see that. And I kind of like embody that myself, cause that’s always been mine. I’ve always had the all or nothing.

[00:36:25] I think it’s a driver in business. I think it’s a real great strength to have one of the things that I think when people have that kind of thing is let’s find you on this way. Talk about your version and your bespoke journey is let’s find what all or nothing actually looks like for you. Is it a little bit like the waves of life of, yeah, it’s fine for you to blast it.

[00:36:45] And then it’s fine for you to take this downtime and that’s how you like rolling or do we need to find a standard more standard daily, weekly, monthly routine for you where you can an anchor yourself back into what actually feels good. Yeah. So that you don’t go, you know, helpful other and then stop.[00:37:00]

[00:37:00] Viv: Yeah, absolutely. And obviously not great on diet is it to kind of go binge and then be great binge and exercise and everything. So, yeah, I love that. Um, that’s fantastic. I mean, it’s so helpful. So what would be your final kind of piece of advice or tip for people who are struggling to sort of stay in this, this, keeping the belief when they’re just not seeing the results right now?

[00:37:24] What what’s your final piece of, of advice

[00:37:27] Charlotte: or action? So my first, my first bit of action is a first question is do you believe in yourself? Mm-hmm I’d I’d I’d ask. I would intentionally ask yourself that every single day, do you believe in yourself today? Do you believe in yourself in what you’re gonna do today?

[00:37:42] And see what comes up if you have a, a trailer of no, I don’t. Who the hell am I or well, maybe, or I’m not sure. And see what the pattern is. Cause that’s what you want to explore. If you are in that pattern of no, I’m not, you know, who am I then borrow somebody else’s belief. So I remember [00:38:00] first hearing this from one of my marketing coaches and she said, I’ve borrowed somebody else’s belief.

[00:38:03] And I was like, that’s so interesting because what happens intrinsically with motivation, you have intrinsic, which is your motivation. Then you have extrinsic, which is external from somebody else. So if somebody else believes in you and actually says, look, I really think you can do this. That will filter into your intrinsic belief once you hear it more and more, but so many people either hear the opposite that.

[00:38:26] Well, they they’re actually doubting me. So now I doubt myself more. So you’ve gotta surround yourself with the people that believe in you that are gonna lift you up to build your self belief. And then when you’ve got to a place like I have now where I, I can do it all myself, but it’s taken time. Because it was, it, it, it was, it was wobbly for so long and it was related to so many other things for so long.

[00:38:47] Yeah. But once you can anchor it in, then you, then you get to a place where you can conquer the world because you’re like, well, actually I didn’t think I could do that. And now I’ve done that. And then you just take the steps,

[00:38:56] Viv: you know? So that self, self worth, like [00:39:00] do a believe in myself. That was the question.

[00:39:02] Wasn’t it. Do I believe in myself or was that the question or do I believe I can do this? Which one was, do you believe in myself? Do I believe in myself? Is that around. Because I think a lot of people again, will jump to do I possibly confused. Do I believe in myself to do I have faith and confidence in the things I’m actually doing?

[00:39:21] Do you see people mixing the two up and are they linked at all?

[00:39:25] Charlotte: Well, what happens is life Samira, so, and how you show up in one area of your life is how you’re gonna show up in everything. So if you believe in yourself, wholeheartedly is who you are and you might still have learnings and lessons and growth.

[00:39:38] Then that’s the place you want to get to, rather than in this area. I totally believe I’m brilliant in this particular area, but in this area, I’m really not because your life’s holistic. So you’ve gotta be able to get yourself into a place of, yeah. I believe that I’m on the journey to get better as being an entrepreneur.

[00:39:54] And I believe I can learn the steps and I believe I can take the time and the, the confidence [00:40:00] and the, the, the nurturing of myself to be able to. That’s

[00:40:04] Viv: awesome. That’s fantastic. Charlotte, talk to us about how people can connect with you and what you’ve got coming up, uh, later this year. Cause there’s some exciting things happening

[00:40:14] Charlotte: I have.

[00:40:14] Yeah. So, uh, people can connect with me usually on Instagram as the best place. So I’m Charlotte underscore the high performance coach on their, um, all look at my website, Charlotte harder coaching. Um, I’ve got a Facebook group as, as well called the high performance collective. Um, but I usually more often not on, I.

[00:40:32] Thank you ever so much for having me, babe. I’ve loved it. I mean, we love China. Don’t

[00:40:35] Viv: we? We always love China. Yeah. Chatty cafes. thanks Charla. So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that looks like for you and as always thank.

[00:40:55] Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this [00:41:00] podcast. And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an episode, speak to you soon.


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Keeping the belief when you are not seeing the tangible

Show Notes

How do you keep the belief when you are not seeing tangible results? I’ve been there and it IS hard.

When you are not seeing new leads coming in, new email subscribers, people turning up to your workshops or challenges, when you’re not getting new clients, when you are not getting new enrollments and when you are just not making the money you need and want to be making to sustain yourself.

This is especially hard for new biz owners and this is something I’ve wanted to talk about for quite some time now. 

In this episode, I am talking to the amazing Charlotte Carter. Charlotte is a High Performance Coach and she has been such an instrumental part of my journey.

Today you will learn:

  • How do you actually keep the belief when you aren’t seeing tangible results? 
  • How positive psychology will transform your life and your business.
  • The big one practical actions that you can implement on a daily basis to help you stay in a positive space

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Here’s a glance at this episode:

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04:55 Charlotte’s Journey

10:16 How to stay positive when you are not getting tangible results

12:11 What is Positive Psychology and how it can affect mindsetting

14:00 Six Pillars of Positive Psychology

29:00 High Performance and why it is important

37:00 Charlotte’s advice

40:00 Connect with Charlotte

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