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[00:01:04] A S P. Now the session is. Free it’s 15 minutes. And all you have to do is head on over to Viv plan. Yes, that’s Viv plan. Right now, pick a day, pick a time that suits you and let’s chat. This episode is a shortie talking all about the top sales saboteur. I see that comes up time and time again for my clients.

[00:01:36] So we are gonna dive in and. Untangle what’s going on here to stop your sales calls, being sabotaged.

[00:01:52] You’re listening to marketing without social media with me, Viv guy, the podcast for people who want more [00:02:00] clarity, connections, and cash in their business, I’ll be sharing with you proven techniques from leading entrepreneurs and experts from across the. To help you to market without social media and to grow your business in a way that actually feels good to you.

[00:02:26] Okay. So what is the number one sales saboor? Well, I absolutely believe it is the story that we tell our. And we have touched on this in a previous episode, which I’ll link to the show notes with Charlotte Carter, um, uh, around sort of self belief and how to hold your self belief when things aren’t going well.

[00:02:50] But what I wanna talk about now is kind of what is the saboteur for our sales. And it’s very much this story we tell ourselves that we [00:03:00] don’t sometimes realize we’re telling our. And this isn’t so much about keeping belief. Okay. This is just in what our in a narrative is go like what that narrative is that’s going on in our brains.

[00:03:14] Okay. That, that is stopping us taking action, because this is ultimately what happens. We tell ourselves the story and it, it stops us taking action. So if we think about how our brains work, what we think, so we always have the thought first. So often you can think that the, we can believe that the feeling comes first.

[00:03:36] Um, and I got, I first learned about this reading, uh, the book, train your brain by day in a while. And I, it just come after a really pivotal, like, traumatic life moment for me. And. And I, I was like, it’s my feelings. And when I read, actually it was, my thoughts were controlling my feelings, which were then controlling my [00:04:00] actions.

[00:04:00] And I was like, it suddenly made sense. I remember weeping over it was, it was really transformational kind of really understanding that. So what we tell ourselves, so our thoughts, our stories, okay. Are affecting our emotions, which is, you know, think about our, our fears, our confidence. Uh, ability to then take action.

[00:04:22] Okay. So it’s a knock on effect everything. It’s a knock on effect. Okay. So I wanted to share a client’s story with you. So I was on a coaching call with one of my clients, uh, a few weeks ago, and she’d submitted some proposals and things to prospective clients before the summer, but her check-in. . And when I spoke to her at the start of the call, I always open my call with like, what’s the big thing you wanna focus on today was she felt she needed to look at her pricing and possibly her offer, which we’d done a lot of work [00:05:00] onto this point.

[00:05:00] Um, so when we got to looking at it and I, I dug into what was going on behind this, she, her words were, well, I think I’m too expensive and maybe I’m not good enough or experienced enough. And you know, this. There’s like a cost of living crisis and all of these, there were so many reasons that came out about why it was too expensive.

[00:05:21] And I said, okay, so has, has, has this person, has this proposal, you know, that you’d submitted? Have they come back to you? Um, or couple of proposals, have they come back to you and said your, your price is too expensive? You said no, but they’ve just not got back to me. So I said, okay, let’s just reframe this because right now you have created a story in your brain that the problem is your pricing.

[00:05:47] When we took a step back from this. Okay. And really kind of looked at it. Here’s what was going on. Okay. They hadn’t got back after her first. Submiss. Now, this is to the [00:06:00] education sector who had broken up for the some holidays. Everyone was off. Okay. They had already pushed back a meet, cuz they were like, we’re so busy at the end of the term.

[00:06:09] So people were off. You don’t know if you were in education, hell, those teachers, those academic, those lecturers, they are running for the door. When the end of term comes, why shouldn’t they, they work damn hard, you know? Um, They had gone. They weren’t there, but in her, uh, so because she’d not had a reply.

[00:06:28] On the back of this, because they’d requested it for her, it was all about her price. And that tells me she wasn’t feeling confident about her pricing. Um, which goes back to my, my episode 36, where I talk about one of the, the key things that is stopping people from saying yes to you was all about one of the key things in the sales part of that was, uh, not feeling confident about your offer.

[00:06:53] It could be a. What you do your deliverables? So there was something there around that, but what we talked [00:07:00] about then was had she number one, had she done any follow. No, she had not followed up at all. She’d not given them a clear call to action as to what actions she wanted them to take that next step AF after receiving her proposal.

[00:07:16] So that’s the first thing. What do you want them to do? Give them an instruction. Okay. Don’t let people have to think, uh, let them know when you’re gonna follow up, if you’re gonna follow up. Okay. Do the follow. You need to follow up more than once. Okay. And that’s not being a pushy, um, shitty spammy person that is a genuine follow up.

[00:07:34] Hey, are you interested? If they’re not, they’ll say they’re not. Okay. Um, people are busy and they, things can slip through the net. Um, Especially, you know, if we we’ve had this, we’ve talked about neurodiverse with, with Abby Rogers on the show, you know, uh, neurodiversity, we’ve had it in our groups. Uh, we had a, a training that we have within one of my, uh, my group program are neurodiversity and you have to be aware that people who [00:08:00] ha are neurodiverse, um, and even neurotypicals like, Stuff.

[00:08:05] If it’s not really kind of a feeling super urgent to you right now in the midst of all the other stuff you’ve got, it’s just gonna fall to the bottom of your, to do pal and you forget. So actually you need to remind people and that comes in the form of, uh, just a follow up reminder. A non-pushy not, doesn’t have to be an IY sales, this SL easy kind of, uh, follow up.

[00:08:23] So that was one of the things. So she hadn’t done a follow up. So that was obviously the, um, The way to start rectifying that problem of not having heard, let’s do some follow up, let’s put a call to action. In, in future, we also looked at the proposal she had submitted, and this was to someone she’d never had a conversation with.

[00:08:42] So she’d never been able to do that full diagnostics. So she was sending in something that may not have. Relevant to them fully relevant. So she had a general sense from their initial inquiry, but I would’ve said, I need to get on a call with you before I can do you a full proposal, because [00:09:00] not only does that help build trust with someone you get to build, dig into and get a real deep dive into what’s really going on.

[00:09:07] Cause sometimes people can say, Hey, this is what’s going on. Just like this client did you know, for, for me, like, Hey, it’s my pricing when actually that wasn’t the problem. Um, you know, so we want to be able to have those conversations to really get to the real truth of what’s going on. So for, for my client, you know, this whole story she told herself was stopping her sales.

[00:09:29] It’s too expensive. So then, because she had it in her brain, it was too expensive. She was never gonna follow up. Cuz that was the action in, you know, she, so she took no action. It was stopping her in her tracks. Okay. She told herself this story, but actually what about if we have a. Process in place. This is where our systems really come in.

[00:09:49] So we know we don’t send a proposal until we’ve had a conversation. We ensure that we diarize two follow ups. We ensure there’s a really clear call to action. So [00:10:00] when we put these protocols in place, these systems, it can really stop us kind of, um, sabotaging our sales, um, process. It can really stop us sabotaging our sales process and that’s what we need to do.

[00:10:17] So the more things we can put into place that eliminate the, the, um, The opportunities for us to come up with stories, cuz we’ve actually put things in place to mitigate that is really going to help. Of course, we’re gonna come up with a squillion, other stories we always do. But again, that is about looking at our, our mindset and our, the way we are.

[00:10:42] We are managing those stories. We want to really think about what is the narrative and how are we addressing that? If we find that we are stopping, taking action, we wanna be D digging into what am I telling myself? And is this. The crooks of the problem, [00:11:00] or is there something else behind this? Is there an action I could have taken that would stop me getting to this point of having this, this narrative, because maybe that’s a step in our process, our standard operating procedure, or is there something else going on here that I need to talk through with someone, but the story is important.

[00:11:18] This is, this is also another reason. I’m a massive advocate for having conversations versus sales pages. Okay. As you grow your business, you know, if you go multimillion kind of pounds or dollars, of course, you’re going to rely on a sales page, cuz you cannot necessarily have a conversation with everyone.

[00:11:37] Although tacky more multi seven figure. Her business owner, everything is through sell by chats and conversations. He has a team that is how they sell, because he has very high ticket programs, but it depends on the price point of your. Your offer. So let’s talk about why conversations, okay. [00:12:00] Conversations are essential in my opinion, when you are in your business.

[00:12:05] Um, you know, when you are earlier on in your business, because once you understand the blocks and objections that are repeatedly coming up, then you can address those on sales pages. You can address those within your content. But understand what’s going on and don’t be fearful of what is coming up because it’s information.

[00:12:25] That information is so valuable because you can then go in and make the relevant tweaks. To either your messaging, your content or whatever it is within that versus allowing that story to come up into your brain, to tell yourself a story and make up a narrative that doesn’t reflect the actual truth.

[00:12:46] Okay. So really think about closing the loop and committing to what you are doing. Okay. Um, remember conversations are the [00:13:00] absolute way. So I hope you have found this episode useful guys. So really do be switched on to what is going on, what story’s happening sometimes, where it’s happening and we are not attuned and not kind of listening.

[00:13:18] But it’s happening and it’s impacting us. And when you can kind of switch on and think what’s, what’s my what’s happening in my brain, what is my brain, what story is being told and how is that affecting my emotions? Is it causing me to feel stressed, anxious, you know, or go from I’m feeling stressed. I’m feeling anxious.

[00:13:34] I’m feeling, uh, despondent. I’m feeling worried, I’m feeling or motivated. Why what’s the thought that’s sitting behind that because that’s impacting your action. Okay. So really think about. And that’s it for this episode. Thank you. So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of marketing without social media today, and feel inspired to take action in your business, whatever that [00:14:00] looks like for you and as always, thank you.

[00:14:03] Thank you. Thank you for tuning into another episode of this podcast. And if you haven’t done so already, please do subscribe to the podcast. So you don’t miss an episode, speak to you soon.


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Our Narrative

Sales Saboteur : the story we tell ourselves

Show Notes

Ever wondered what’s the number 1 sales saboteur?

I absolutely believe that it is the story we tell ourselves!

It is around our self belief and how we hold ourselves when things are not going well, 

In this episode I will talk about how the story we tell ourselves, that we don’t sometimes realize is stopping us taking actions. I will share a story of a client of mine who had encountered this saboteur herself and how it was solved.  

So let’s dive in, untangle what is going on here to stop your sales call being sabotaged.

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